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1 (8) "Oglu" in an interview with "Sky News:" Egypt "brains of the Arabs," and the people m

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Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu
The seventh day
Said Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmed Dawood Augloan Egyptian people made a great revolution in advance congratulations to him, and added Auglovy an interview with the channel "Sky News" Arab It is not intended only revolutionized the field of editing, which turned into a global brand for the expression of the human conscience, but there is a revolution the task of not less importance of a presidential election with integrity and transparency, and the election of the President of Egyptian and then he came to power in a smooth and easy, pointing out that this in itself is a revolution and a success story.

He said Turkish Foreign Minister, "What happened in Egypt repeated in a different, and in other circumstances in Tunisia, in Libya, also started in the course of the election, but the important thing to happen in Egypt to tell them" brain Arabs "mother world, the incubator of Arab Without that Egypt lives from the violence of what happened in Syria was able to exceed Olibia stage, and to be elected president and I congratulate the Egyptians, and Egyptians wish to live this joy and pride in themselves.
He said Ihsanoglu that Egyptian elections will not be the end, no beginning of the end, but the end of the beginning, this election is the beginning of the road and the road is still long, pointing out that the most important thing at this stage is to reassure the politicians of the people, of all sects and denominations, until the elections, the all belong to political parties, and at the end of the election and elect a government, the government becomes the Government of everyone, and the Egyptian President is the President of all Egyptians.

And the price Ihsanoglu messages sent by the President berth immediately after his election, and hoped that the steps of the operation in this direction also, and in the context he said that the Muslim Brotherhood is a group that has its roots in the region as a movement of religious and social, but political party is something else entirely different, and considered that the Freedom Party and justice has to act rationally and logically and to address and embrace all the Egyptian people of all classes and sects, stressing that this is very important.

The Ihsanoglu confidence in the Egyptian people, saying, "It's an ancient civilization, is not important of which is chosen by the people of Egypt, the important thing is to maintain this mechanism and fair elections, it does not succeed in his mission to go and people elect others, the important thing is that people are confident in the system and in the transparency of the system , and the process of sharing power in transparency will continue, and I believe that the leaders of the ruling Justice and Development is aware of the importance of giving this message and this guarantee to the people, and our conversation with the party always be in this frame, and I'm sure that democracy will bring stability and prosperity for Egypt and its people. "

He came to the that he met with President marina and top leaders passed a political across the political spectrum and all these visits to the consultation only, and the Egyptians are Aladry the interests of their country, we in Turkey are ready to do anything in order to support Egypt and its people has sent Me Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and told me to sign a blank to anything required by the Egyptian people or their government.

On the other hand touched the dialogue to the Geneva meeting and the Syrian opposition, pointing out that Turkey attended the Geneva meeting as a neighbor of Syria and the longest land border with them.
He said Ihsanoglu, that in this kind of meetings which involve the parties to the great controversy in the views, looking all about compatibility, not the predominance of opinion over another, it did not work the Security Council earlier in achieving consensus on the crucial decision, and in Geneva there were two parties, we were We, the Arab League in the party who asserts the need to take a firm stand against the regime and the forces of Syria, who uses violence against his own people, and move to stop the bloodshed in Syria, and in the other end there were Russia and China Tfeztan on this trend.

He added that there are points and important results came out of the meeting, including the major powers, the five met with the regional countries, and this is an acknowledgment that the Syrian issue is a matter for our own first, and not an issue which exists in the parties members of the Security Council and negotiate them according to their interests, so it was important to the formation of this land, which linking regional powers upon the active and influential in this file.

He added that the debate was long and difficult sometimes rose a debate and in other times dominated consensus, saying that the final communique was issued was not who we wish well, but it carries a lot of important things, foremost among the transitional phase is the phase change, Russia and China were against the word "Change" so I think that this sentence is the most important sentence in the statement because it shows that the transition must be to see a change and an end to the status quo, and when we agree that the transition requires a change, it means we have come to believe that the system currently, unfit to rule and without the legitimacy of , if the system is able to judge the current project and why to talk about transition and change? Therefore, this statement makes it clear that Russia and China have arrived to this conviction and this is important, then it is in the next phase there will be a transitional government with full powers, and this government will be formed through mutual accommodation and this means that anyone opposed by the opposition, it will not participate in the government , and this is very important also, so I say that we in Turkey and the Arab League and Arab countries that took part, such as Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, France, America and Britain did not give up never the principle of transition and change, and this is where we are at the present stage, but this does not mean that the pressure on The Syrian regime will decrease or be afraid, we are today witnessing the meeting of the unification of the opposition, and I think that the opposition has come a long way on this road in a social Istanbul and Cairo, and Friday will host the Paris meeting of the Friends of Syria next, and during this meeting in Paris, there will be a strong message new to each of the stands against change in Syria. This is what we understand from the statement of Geneva, and this is what we agreed upon.

With regard to the relationship of President Bashar al-Assad with the government, said Ihsanoglu, they discussed this topic a lot and in-depth and pointing out that the Turkish delegation to ask this question specifically, and all attendees were in agreement that the Syrians and the only ones who decide the Christkmanm, can not Bashar al-Assad that he decides who will govern Syria He stressed his confidence in understanding and a good selection of the Syrian people, the transitional government will holds all the powers undiminished, and this is very important, of course here does not search for the fate of Bashar al-Assad is foggy about this, but in case of formation of this government it will not accept that be above any power or authority, if we accept the deal with the higher authority of the government Fsnkhal then view the item as a full-fledged, and can not consistently accept the authority of Bashar al-Assad after the formation of this government.

And the tension on the Syrian border, the Turkish foreign minister said, "We did not want in the outbreak of war in our region we do not want this at all, but on the contrary, As you know, we have strived over the past years to improve our relations with our neighbors, including Turkey, the strained relations today between Turkey and Syria are not We are responsible for, the official is a system that uses violence and murder against his own people to the point of force 35 thousand Syrian to seek refuge in our country and thousands of others displaced, displaced in Syria, that killed nearly twenty thousand Syrian, and the loss of like them, and the arrest of more than one hundred thousand citizens, at the hands of the Syrian regime is Syria can not stand silent in front of him, we stood with the rights of the Syrian people, we do not want war but at the same time we can not allow the continuation of these massacres, in addition to that, and besides the injustice of the system to his people it was a crime again against Turkey, this time When our aircraft shot down without any prior notice in the international atmosphere, and this crime will not pass without punishment. "

He added that he does not have to believe one that this crime may go unpunished, but after this incident, we acted calmly and with composure, and at the same time we changed the rules of engagement on the border with Syria, and we consider any movement of Syrian military near the border a direct threat to us and to our security, Any helicopter or military vehicle Syria will approach the border, threatening our security, the aircraft will respond to them in an appropriate manner, I therefore warn those who want to engage in any adventure on the border.
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"Oglu" in an interview with "Sky News:" Egypt "brains of the Arabs<" and the people m

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