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1 (8) President will not interfere in the selection of Patriarch 118 .. The Copts do not

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The delegation
President will not interfere in the selection of Patriarch 118 .. The Copts do not worry about Mercy
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Shaaban Abdel Wahab
Tuesday, July 3, 2012 10:27

Passed the first phase of the papal elections offer candidates for the succession of Pope Shenouda III Borachm voice eased the conflict, which was preached by some quarters close to the Holy See and the Holy Synod has succeeded in containing the underlying differences between senior bishops in the early stage Jump Canon.

Copts sensitive steps the committee supervising the elections, which take the papal hand to fill a vacuum left by Pope Shenouda III, in light of the rise of political remarkable for Islamic relentlessly ascend d. Mohammed Mursi, the throne of judgment. Over the periods of three similar figures church leaders with the head of state took place after the 1952 revolution that period that I meditated in the socialist according to the direction of President Gamal Abdel Nasser was Saint Cyril the then head of the Coptic Church quiet, ascetic away from politics and with turning compass of political life in Egypt and the arrival of President Sadat came Pope Shenouda III, in line stage quiet in line with the system at the beginning of his term and an opponent solid out of the Church from its traditional role as confrontational as it was Sadat's last years of his With the advent of the ousted president Mubarak cringe Pope Shenouda to calm consistent with a new stage passed over the 30 years of sharp polarization and confrontation soft.
The difference in the current scene that the next pope will come in the wake of a popular revolution gave an opportunity for the Islamists to get a majority of parliamentary and presidential elections produced a president belonged intellectually the Brotherhood, which means a fundamental change in the Egyptian case oblige the Copts choose Patriarch next with special guarantees to at least the continuation of social peace and to maintain the role of the national church.
Counsel emphasized fair Solomon founding committee member of the Nominations Committee and the Constitution of the papacy and the Legal Counsel of the church that ideologically settled for over 2000 years, while its policy variables. And refused to Solomon discredit the draw and called the structural question of where to return to the history of Patriarchs.
We met with the Legal Adviser of the church and put in front of what is going on in the street from the Egyptian Coptic and questions about personal fears and the next Pope of the Coptic President Mohamed Morsi, calculated on the Islamic movement and the fact that the conflict between the bishops to the papal seat. This was the dialogue:
<Do you feel concerned about the Copts and the presence of President of the Republic b Islamic reference? What about the dialectic Vice President Coptic?.
- Copts part of this country and there is no cause for concern in light of commitments to respect the Constitution and the law and citizenship was given us to care about something important in the future.
<How do you form a founding committee for the formulation of the Constitution? And how to get out of this tunnel?.
- For the majority to do what you see only the formation of Constituent Constitution Church and coordinate with the Al-Azhar Al-Sharif in their positions and the formation of the former Commission on the Constitution crack in the whole country and we hope a compromise in the Constitution includes all spectrums of society.
<Why the church withdrew from the founding Constitution formed in the first, although their representation?.
- What happened in the previous formation of the committee raised doubts in the commitment of the majority b Azhar document if they intend to adhere to the check did well in the composition and is now required to reassure the majority of the minority.
<Is it possible to intervene in the selection of President new Patriarch? Or in the sense explained: Was the military intervention of the Council to impose a particular bishop?.
- The next president will not intervene in the elections papal Council and the military did not intervene because there was no doubt in their desire to hand over power.
> How can read the future of the relationship between church and state in light of the current variable and the presence of an elected president from the people?.
- A stable relationship with the state of the Church 2000 years ago and ruled by the Patriarch and all the peaceful coexistence comes appropriate for his age.
'What the Egyptians lost in the transition, according to your vision?.
- The Egyptians lost ElBaradei as a presidential candidate as the purest of the fit for the presidency and the Egyptians elected a clear and frank, faithful and true.
<Go back to papal elections .. How things are going in the Nominations Committee? What is the nature of the conflict on the succession Pope Shenouda between the bishops?.
- With respect to the committee supervising the elections, the Papal Committee shall examine the credentials of candidates and Sadftna legal issues are complex, including the right to vote for journalists abroad to the term agents of Sharia contained Regulations do not exist and Vsrnaha Balblde as notaries and we have to deal Aabarchiat diaspora home and treatment will reach the number of votes in the schedules of the constraint to 4 thousand this as the Orthodox Church in the world are participating in the elections of its members.
<What about the conflict between the bishops .. Specifically the so-called conflict Bishop Bishoy - Bishop Ioannis?.
- There is no conflict between the Archbishop and Bishop Bishoy rational and not confrontational and there is in the fronts of the Holy Synod and are committed to the decisions of Pope Shenouda.
<Some trends call into question a structural lottery is chosen by the patriarch, according to them .. How would you explain that?.
- Draw a structure consistent with the canon law, and questioned by inviting him to review the history of the Patriarchs.
<Do you agree with the approach that Patriarch next would be more stringent?.
- Next pope will act according to the two ideological, political and ideologically settled for over 2000 years but politically it may variables and the policy does not take into account the interests of the parish have no value and the Patriarch next will work with the people and where militancy Sicdd.
<Still the issue of candidacy Bishops Alaeparchiat of papal controversial, why has not resolved the Holy Synod and the Nominations Committee this?.
- Has not made an explicit decision to prevent bishops Alaeparchiat from running because the regulation did not prevent this and it is now be up for conscience for candidates papal Alaeparchiat of Bishops and the Old Net it is haram Mitrhhac.
<How is the election campaign for papal candidates after the announcement of the preliminary list of candidates?.
- The election campaign of candidates for the succession of Pope Shenouda banned within churches, and to communicate to them from abroad.
> In your opinion, what are the specifications required in Next Pope? What are the main challenges?.
- There are characters rarely grants to time ideals can not be repeated, including the pope This comes because he spent his youth in light of the 1919 revolution and influenced by renaissance literary, scientific and enlightenment that accompanied this era alongside his interest in Arabic, even in his choice of the Order did not closes on itself, but sailed in the science of religion, I do not think that is available these qualities in a candidate papacy now As for the challenges ahead, the new Patriarch I think that the most important of all is to walk on the Line National Egyptian Arab drawn by Pope Shenouda who considered himself the pope Arabs A worried the Palestinian cause problems such as the main concern of churches in Egypt.
<How is the question of appeals to papal candidates and when is the inauguration Patriarch?.
- Made appeals to the candidates for papal for Commission examination and appeals was the candidate for notoriety and its relationship to bad monks during monasticism or appeal in all matters relating Bohlith or not proficiency for English added part of the conditions.
<And when is the inauguration Next Pope?.
- Being limited to papers from them the right to vote and prepare schedules of registration and can be installed new Patriarch in early September.
> The last meeting of Pope Shenouda with d. Mohammed Badi leader of the Brotherhood of Muslims, do you run on an agreement between them Constituent Constitution or the presidential election?.
- Did not attend the meeting, I do not know what their house all what I do know that the health of Pope were not allow to speak and time was worried sectarian polarization in the elections and during elections, a parliament asked the people: I belong to any party? .. Individual pope, saying you like Avatar man said to him: I mean my voice has led to the party of freedom and justice, the Pope answered Yes .. If he keeps obliging best .
<Why did not support the Revolution the church from the first day and waited to step down after?.
- The church did not fight the revolution and the pope was expected before 7 years and was very sad what happened before and after the events of all sectarian strife was analyzing the scene, saying the hands of the security of the state behind the incident and our people, not like this.


President will not interfere in the selection of Patriarch 118 >> The Copts do not

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