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1 (8) Months 10 Coptic businessmen speak for summary: 2/2 will not be our business will n

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Months 10 Coptic businessmen speak for summary: 2/2 will not be our business will not keep silent about injustice and oppression
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Board since President Mohamed Morsi, the seat of government in Egypt .. Aenqta and talk to the fate of the Copts in the tide of the Muslim Brotherhood and the fear of turning Egypt to the State "Khomeinism" brutalize each of the opposed opinion and belief opposers .. Despite the lofty pronouncements of some of the messages here, "tranquility" and there is no fear of the new president .. Keep the wealth "Coptic" is an important factor in this "dilemma" According to unofficial estimates Copts wealth of not less than 50% of the volume of the Egyptian economy .. To be sure, to get close to those who made it more like someone who throws himself into the "doom" in light of the magnitude and diversity of these investments, which means escaping the demolition of a whole country .. Copts in Egypt are divided in terms of wealth into two main groups, the first layer is the connection with other billionaires millionaires slice .. Initial segment has the largest percentage and distributed the wealth of its members to cover all activities in Egypt, almost, where they work in the automotive industry, insurance, banks, restaurants, hotels, tourist villages, communications, construction, and entering into a partnership with multinational companies. The second tranche - millionaires - works as its members in small and medium industries such as consumer industries and import-export companies and units of transport, printing and packaging .. In the first tranche there two families do not know how specialization are family Ghabbour and the Sawiris family, as directed investments Al Ghabbour strongly to the automotive industry as they have Agencies General Motors, Hyundai and Mercedes trucks and take over their companies assembling buses, minibuses and trailers and other heavy vehicles, and for the family of other investments in the sectors of tourism, trade and distribution, insurance, and agencies of foreign, agriculture and exports, in turn multiply investments Al Sawiris in construction, telecommunications, tourism, restaurants, heavy industry, cement and undertake capital investment in the areas of real estate development and light manufacturing, distribution, and agencies of foreign. Other families tend to specialize Faúlh Ghali working in the field of floating hotels, and non-floating, while Al Hani Rizk chose to manufacture food products and the family of a fence prefer to tourism and trade while working family Jabra in tourism, hospitality and active group Birzi in the foreign trade sector, export, while it took the family of Job in contracting.

"Ghabbour" .. Companies intercontinental

Started a family Ghabbour its business in the era of the revolution of July, where she specialized in the trade of auto parts and engineering equipment and expanded its activities significantly when the state began to take import policy without a currency conversion at this stage took over the family buy a savings of Egyptians abroad to finance trade in cars and spare parts, machinery, raw materials and production requirements In 1982, began its industrial participation in the establishment of a factory General Motors Egypt, who collects cars shipping small and the same year almost started Adventures Munir Ghabbour tourism to contribute to the company owner of the Sonesta Hotel in Nasr City and was initially under the management of Hyatt Regency then moved to Sonesta . And includes Corporation Ghabbour 17 companies handles Mounir Ghabbour presidency four of them and take over the company's wide range of activities they are authorized dealer for trucks Renault French and Under Parts American Motors American and Henakok Korean and M er the German, as well as company to export food, especially garlic powder, fresh vegetables, and then founded the family company Pharaonic Insurance Company for 14 years almost. Other companies of the group is AFICO for the manufacture of filters for automobiles and is headed by Talaat Ghabbour in Tenth of Ramadan City and the "Egyptian to manufacture and transport and is headed by Karim Ghabbour and take over manufacture of minibuses and transport light and heavy, and formed a group Ghabbour company for real estate investments and is headed by Raouf Kamal Ghabbour, and established The group is also a company specialized in international trade for industrial products as Sadco Trade and distribution, and holds the presidency sincere faith Ghabbour also founded the group and unit Prima Engineering Industries was founded as a company help for the same purpose as Vicky Industries components and means of transport in Sadat City, and the group established another company Saqqara is the owner of the Tourism Hotel Sonesta Nasr City and chaired by Baher Mounir Ghabbour ..

Sawiris family the richest in Egypt

It is no different a lot for a family, "Severus," which is the richest in Egypt in terms of the volume of investments, through the Orascom Group, which sold the family recently most of its stake in nearly 7 billion dollars and vary its investments in strategic sectors in the forefront of the telecommunications sector, fertilizer, and contracting, and the media, and is a man businessman Naguib, Samih Sawiris guests permanent on list Forbes world of senior man in the world as the company has Agencies worldwide, such as Hewlett Aacard and Hypo Termax and Power Konfrajabn all U.S. and handles the import and distribution of generator sets industry.

Ghali family owns more than 35 companies on the tourist

The group Ghali Vt_khasst in tourism investments and has more than 35 companies spread over three wings, the first handles his leadership Magdi Ghali, who founded four companies, namely the Egyptian-European hotel operator in 1980, then Egyptian berths river and tourism services in 1993 and the International Bureau of Trade and MJ Travel in 1982 that owns and operates a floating hotels, and formed the group company of the guard and security. Second wing handles his Raouf Boutros-Ghali, who founded the company Habi Tourism in 1962 and take over the business tourist primary, such as ticketing and transport services tourists, and the third wing he may massive investments in the same sector, including floating hotel Aswan, in addition to the company Sultana the Egyptian-Italian which specializes in production of ice cream and desserts East, and there are floating hotel Vlobacer owned by Samuel Zaki Ghali also founded Samir Ghali, two in Alexandria, the first bearing his name and works in the field of import and export and the second for the manufacture of biscuits, also founded the depositary of intellectual Ghali company for housing and real estate, and established a single Safwat Ghali with the participation of Ihab Safwat Ghali factory women's accessories, and the Nazim Shafiq Ghali established the chemical plant in the gardens of the dome, also founded Sami Ghali Anis Office Mizon Carlo Fiori for luxury furniture.

Adly Ayoub .. Emperor Electronics

Facility Adly Ayoub remained one of the most important construction companies until the early seventies, but the founder and his sons turned then to the diversification of going into business to include industry, agriculture, and the group has many companies handles George Adly presidency, three of which are the International Electrical and Electronics Industries and the company Ketrogeorg Contractors Electromechanical Finally Ketrogeorg International Industries e .. The rest of the Al-Ayoub is dispersed over many other companies KAMCO for import, export and Amoco for Industry and Commerce Department Safwat Ayoub, and the company's agricultural extracts vital and organic Yabu and are taken over Ayoub Adly Ayoub, as is also the company Remco for the establishment of tourist villages.

"Jabra" of coffee to tourism

The family Jabra seems to have discovered the same in tourism after the specialized long in the trade coffee and founded his company Ben Rania and Brasilia Aatako and Arab traders, but family Jabra did not start from scratch, where he was a company founded by Dean Family Fayek Halim Gabra in 1964 and became a professional trade, distribution and coffee to tourism, where she founded the company Pyramids Tours in 1972 and headed by two brothers Fayek, Hilmi Jabra then established two brothers Pramedz for Nile cruises and took over the company's recent management of many of Nile cruise, and also established the same company hotel three pyramids in the Cairo not only that, but the brothers founded the company countryside Vakats Tourism and the company the blue Gulf for investment in tourism, which owns and operates a hotel in Sharm El Sheikh Sharm Sinti.

"Fence" .. Family does not recognize specialization

The family of a fence does not recognize specialization one and invested their money in industry, tourism, commerce and distributed presidency companies among children, where he Naji Eli fence 3 companies is the institution of chemical and commercial fencing to chemicals on the tenth of Ramadan, the third company is Maddenx drafting and printing In the area of ​​production chemical take over my fence factory management bears her name and has export activity of the Arab markets, the hotel fence Pramedz Verosh good fence It will also Rami fence companies for tourism and limousine.

"Birzi" .. Leading food industry

May not have heard of the Egyptians for Henry Aziz Birzi but South Africa heard his name a lot when he took the leadership of a group of Egyptian investors to buy the group Coca-Cola about U.S. $ 55 million this news was relayed by his own Frederick de Klerk Deputy President of South Africa at that time during his visit to Cairo in 13 years ago and that they have in Egypt, many companies such as Tknuyak of the products of modern packaging and exports its production to many Arab and foreign countries and the company Dijma Trading, engaged group Birzi in the Routuriak Egypt to print packaging materials .. The Edita, owned by businessman Nabih Birzi and run by his son, architect Hani Birzi a major company in the food market, as it holds the company's 60% of the market for Bakery or Alchoroason in Egypt, and the group has contributions from several other areas including Project Developer industrial area Polaris in October, the Group owns two factories one in October and the other did not begin production after area of ​​Beni Suef. Not limited to contributions of the group within the industrial sector, where the intervention as a contributor to a number of tourism projects through ownership of one of the most famous floats Nile known as the Basha 1901, as well as contributions to the group in the hotel JW Marriott New Cairo.

"Tea" sits on the throne of iron in the State of the Copts

In iron and steel sector highlights the names of the family of tea, which has one of the largest iron and steel plants in Egypt factory tea of steel, it is known that the plant is ranked second in terms of market share in the market for iron after a group of companies Izz, and the percentage of tea in the market to more than 20% ..

Basile, President of the Millionaires

The category of millionaires comes on top of Sarwat Basile and Sami Saad, Magdi Samman, Samir W. .. Basile is concentrated his activity in the pharmaceutical sector, where he was head of Pfizer Inc. is one of the foreign companies that allowed President Gamal Abdel Nasser to work and left without nationalization, harassment, provided that produce drugs at the Egyptian market and succeeded Basile to break ranks when he created his own company Epic Amoun Pharmaceutical Industries In 1989 The company has two branches, one for the production of human medicines, and the second branch of veterinary products has Basile to sell this company to a U.S. company at the price reached to 4 billion pounds and has seen the contract, Dr. Ahmed Nazif, former prime minister and jailed in connection with a number of issues to turn after Amon to the holding company for financial investments In January 2011 the family returned Basile to the pharmaceutical sector once again through the acquisition of the group to more than 68% of the shares of the company Gaby drug. Basile does not work alone, but works in partnership with his brothers and relatives and have the company of international trade on behalf of Alvakim .. In the same way walking Sami Faltas and his family has specialized in the chemical industry and for the family units Antajitan for the production of dyes and pigments industry, and also have a third company on behalf of the United Chemical Industries Botox, producing fertilizers, industrial and oxides of synthetic and a fourth company on behalf of Alexandria Dyeing & Finishing, founded by Alfred Ayad Faltas .. There is also a businessman, Ayad Faltas, who is board member of Chamber of ****llurgical Industries Federation of Industries, and has Faltas company Matad Helwan for rolling ****l region of October, the company brings together side by side with a number of rolling mills existing and known in the market which comes factory Qandil led by . The building materials sector comes businessman Raouf George, who now heads the Export Council for Building Materials in the list of men going into business Copts are well known in the industrial sector, and has George and one of the most famous factories export marble Marmonal Marble, and is the factory one of the 10 largest factories in Egypt to manufacture and export products Marble .. Businessman Coptic famous Sami Saad was director of the National Bank, resigned and then Adanaspor Alogro Business any agricultural production-oriented manufacturing, but that this type of activity did not accommodate his ambitions or his abilities and talents, so progress in the field of industry in the two directions, first purchased power of attorney Schweppes and return it to the market again, and the second being able to obtain the privilege of assembling Mercedes cars with the Mercedes-Benz hesitate a lot before such experiments in third world countries. Not only did the Sami Saad, so it created the giant companies for contracting with a capital under the name of sorcerer Crete Egypt for the development of Sahl Hasheesh, as well as Agencies of carbonated drinks. And on the same path forward Samir Samman, an accelerated pace, but stick to tourism, specifically owning and managing hotels and has a network of companies taking established by himself or in partnership with others and most famous hotel units Bryazdnt and House of Horus and Concord He also has a long list of floating hotels, is Nile Arances and Nile Plaza and Nile Amirior Symphony and Nile .. Hesitate Wadih Saad between activities and then formulate a leg in the tourism sector and a leg in the banking sector and securities to him in the first sector of the Egyptian Company for Touristic a facility unique in terms of the quality of the shareholders and the company contribute to the Foundation for International Development of the World Bank in addition to fund the European market. In the area of ​​exchange has the Egyptian Company for Investment and Finance and seems to discover the Ibusumh early, an area very magic and beauty overlooking the Gulf of Aqaba and get ready for investment by a company called Ibusumh of development, also founded the Orient Exchange, and in the Gaza Alogro Business shave Moses Solomon Vrije and his family, which owns 12 stations for poultry farming, including four stations for mothers and grandparents raising their production exported to Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and the company has eight plants for breeding and rearing mothers, added to the two plants that feed and a workshop for maintenance .. The businessman Louis Bishara, one of the men going into business leader in the textile industries, where he owns a factory great for garments Region X of the Ramadan, the same applies to the businessman Ramses Youssef Attia, one of the most prominent workers in the same sector through his factory famous for the production of blankets. And highlights the name of the businessman Maged George Secretary in the list of business known in the manufacture of cosmetics, and is the Secretary who is the Division of cosmetics Chamber of Pharmaceutical Industries and one of the senior staff in the market for products through the factory Mamiba Egypt, while coming businessman Ihab Dreass current President of the Council of the furniture export industry known as one of the men in the sector of furniture, where he owns one of the most famous furniture factories, known in the market, a factory La Roche. Generally tends millionaires Copts to the launch of Business, rarely any who needs to experience a unique non-competitive in this area see Mounir Albert Shahfah, who heads the Shahfah Brothers specialized in the export of waste cattle and has a company engaged in draining the intestines of cattle for the production of materials used in manufacturing yarns medical operations The surgical Shahfah specializes in the manufacture of glue from the hooves of cattle and animals. The Nair and Michael Weiss Vi_khass in the production of clothing and medical up its production of Portugal, Germany, Greece and Jordan. In the area of ​​tourist restaurants still reconcile Bibawi retains ownership of the restaurant Swissair since 1975, one of the restaurants that lays golden eggs. It also activates the millionaires in the trade sector, distribution and commercial agencies were saved when the foundations of Al Ahram for Industry and Commerce, and Majdi Adel Zaki, Essam Fouad Alexander, who possess firm Clarion Powred International Agencies and supplies business, and the company of his brother as Carrion Egypt International for electronic devices. Are competing for the Copts strongly in the market for the production, export and distribution of ready-made clothes and they have hundreds of large and small companies alike, but the company of millionaires has advantages especially in terms of capital and foreign relations, and on the same level of attention activates the millionaires of the Copts in chemical industries are concentrated most of the factories and production units in the new cities especially the Tenth of Ramadan and Sixth of October, and others.

Although messages tranquility launched by President-elect Mohamed Morsi business Copts and call for them to increase their investments in Egypt and its emphasis on equality between the masses of the communities of Egypt and stick to city that the democratic state to ensure that the rights of citizenship for all, the spread of rumors that the establishment of a number of businessmen Copts to liquidate their investments in Egypt and transfer their money out of fear of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamists created a sensation among the masses of the Copts.

Summary I asked the celebrity business Copts their thinking on immigration and the liquidation of their business in Egypt upside they do not think of any way to migrate to arguing that their capital and national and represent the backbone of the Egyptian economy and expressed optimism that Egypt is undergoing a renaissance of major economic in the coming period.

They stressed that they live in a state of ***** in anticipation of the new president of economic trends in order to increase their investments.

The Sawiris family and Ghabbour and Gali has confirmed that they will not leave Egypt will not describe their investments .. They emphasized that their investments because Egypt remains the property of all and can not distinguish any governor that range and that the lesson for other work and devotion to the country.

The satisfaction appealed to the businessman that he is not thinking at all to leave Egypt after the victory of Dr. Mohamed Morsi, presidential elections, pointing out that all the rumors about the migration of business Copts of Egypt for fear of Islamists are only rumors and ****less just because the business Copts and the national first-class and national investments and we are sitting on the hearts of Islamic Bastosmaratna whatever they do.

He appealed that investments Coptic representing one third of the Egyptian economy and in case of liquidation of such investments and transfer to the outside will develop the Egyptian economy suffered a setback major which is understood by the Muslim Brotherhood is well especially they are in the process of self-assertion after it had achieved their dream of access to the presidential seat with evidence that President-elect Mohamed Morsi, the call business to increase their investments Copts in Egypt to promote the economic development and advance forward.

He appealed to the Muslim Brotherhood in dire need of today to the Coptic businessmen they can not legislate contrary harm Bastosmaratna will be given all facilities to assert themselves and to emphasize to everyone that they better manage the affairs of the country.

He appealed to businessmen Copts will not give up one day for service of their country, even if it was revealed the other face of the Muslim Brotherhood as we used them we are aware of the extent of hatred of the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist groups to us, but we are steadfast, because in our economic strength, which serves the interests of the Muslim Brotherhood in one form or another.

And the fear business Copts from any discrimination potential in the State dealing with investors Copts said, over the past years we have suffered from such discrimination and harassment on our investments and though we've endured not Nnksr, adding that if the Brotherhood considered the Coptic people of edema and to pay tribute will never get closer than our investment in any The way Think about that will not allow them.


Months 10 Coptic businessmen speak for summary: 2L2 will not be our business will n

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