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Q (25) «Does not have immunity» .. «People in the heart of the heart, O Church» (Critical An

(critical, church», have, heart, immunity», «does, «people

In his first World events within the second session of the Festival of Luxor Egyptian and European cinema , opened the film « does not have immunity » third movies young director Amr Salama , the new session , before the days of commercial display of retailing Egyptian during the current week of January.

« Does not have immunity » in colloquial Egyptian means without embarrassment or excuse me , the title is consistent organically with the ******* of the film as if the filmmaker wants to say to the fans (sorry, but we do so on) , and despite what could Nsgelh observations dramatic or artistic experiment , but they remain within the framework of experiments that are not ashamed of telling the truth that we live in our society, which is all that we are a classless society and a racist and discriminatory and unfair .

Take « safety » in his new approach a film that combines three elements : the first is the narrator Knowing which tells the story of Hani Christian child - nicknamed in his school of government (b does not have immunity ) - a champion of the experiment and the axis of the crisis , so a child who forced him physical conditions for his family because the move of an international school in a specific layer to a state school represent the bottom of society to come into contact with layers inferiority experiencing difficulty in accepting those who are different about them.

The second element is the Hyper Reality which is above the realist , a technique that combines irony and humor and is snapshots and overtones em**** the thoughts and feelings of the characters esoteric details of the positions are cartoon exaggerated if embodies the director feeling Hani that bucket of cold water was focused when he says a teacher « Thank God we are all here Muslims » , because he fears at that moment to announce his religion for fear of the oppression of others, or to accompany him locked his colleague in the classroom on a tour inside the school to show him the separation « Aledma blue » any Christian students , a place rancid visually dusty surrounded by cobwebs , in a sign that it is important to distinguish between them and the Muslim Students , which is a sign coming from some mosses social and cultural in Egyptian society , here embodied by the director in the form of this classroom dreary , knowing that realistically there is no so-called separation of Christians in any public school or non-governmental , but the desire of the director in the expression of sectarian discrimination in the context of ultra- realistic .

The third element is the realism Ltd. , which represents Almilodrama side in the movie , The Elements of Style , which is less powerful, because it is at times seemingly contradictory and confusing with respect to dealing with the style of the narrator -Alim and ultra- realistic narrative .

In fact, the crisis of the film stylistic basically lies in contrast to the elements of storytelling between the real and above realistic , Valrawi -Alim , who provided the voice of the artist Ahmed Helmi his style light shade and tone that bring the story like Hadota bedtime for children appear to be consistent with significantly element ultra- realistic , but has since shut completely when the narrative begins committed to realism , but remains silent for many scenes « realistic » , because the real deal with some of the details restores the mind of the spectator to the extent of non- logical things and the degree of illusion accept them.

It is difficult to accept the basic idea for the film in the context of a realistic purely because it is almost impossible to remain a student at a public school in a society such as Egypt suffers from sectarian discrimination that remain religion hidden from his teachers and the school administration that deal with personal data and birth certificates in everything but in the context of over realism could become this relatively receptive , although it needs to be more of an effort that was not his way out , unfortunately, to convince us that the child could be in store for his religion even for teachers .

It is not enough one scene in which the teacher asks for the name of each student by name and only duo , is not enough to provide a step Hani hide his religion without persecution of any prior regards that issue specifically !

Indeed, the director has to delay the scene preview Hani to separate « four feather » until late in the school, and to justify it why did not level with his colleague in the classroom so as not to lose his friendship , and was the first to come this scene is relatively advanced , in order to realize why hide Hani 's religion , especially as it is not subjected to discrimination even declared by the teachers , but on the contrary, most of them expressed astonishment class of the existence of this innocent child clean different in the swamp of garbage , which is euphemistically called government schools .

If we are to build a virtual world ****d on the position depends on the secret or misunderstanding ( Kakhva Hani religion out of fear of discrimination or persecution ) we should make a greater effort in delude the viewer that this world there is a strong case for its existence but merely passed a note transient or rely on the ideas of recipients prior informed sectarian discrimination is a serious weakness in the dramatic structure .

Vhanni not been subjected to persecution sectarian by not warning him of his mother from the announcement of his religion , but merely saying « Do not talk with a debt » a phrase unusual , did not give any teacher to say or do scare the child with the exception of inter « Thank God we are all Muslims » , a simple sentence does not justify the size of the fear of the announcement of the religion ! Hani has not been seen at the New School students subjected to any persecution of Christians by the sight of the four separate feather ! So what motivates him to hide his religion and make him feel that pouring a bucket of cold water on his head ! !

Then the problem Hani material that pays his mother that are moving from school dear to another school it should coincide with the difference in the physical level of the family in form and substance , for example, remains the mother ride a car is expensive enough for them to stay Hani in his old school , at least for years , and all Details life Hani devices and luxury apartment living and fine dining make us feel that the director grabbed the personal context and implanted in another context, are forced to just Alafah class - similar to levels in the American University , for example - without paying attention to the details of the Baltkhaddam public image and posed in the mind of the recipient necessary to achieve the illusion , especially that Hani subjected to violent persecution of a class does not distinguish between being a Muslim and a Christian as soon as the move of the school.

This continues caste discrimination throughout the film in the accumulation of rising even if the director himself gives us a scene drink believer colleague Hani cup of chocolate milk on a lump sum in exchange for a few sips of Hani and friends of his class , a sight classless very way and makes us feel that if that Hani was a child granted to differed context dramatic nor filming in something , because the fundamental crisis of the characters has become a crisis of class , not sectarian , and even seemed sectarian crisis heavier Aihamaa on the mind of the spectator , who remains unconvinced of the reasons Hide Hani religion and the survival of the secret a long time , despite the involvement of Hani in more than one school activity requires knowledge of all data.

With a narrator Knowing it was possible to see Hani and his mother ( Kinda Alloush ) deteriorate them as physically to the extent that it seems with this sharp decline from school to school and logically justified , but focus on the side of life Hani without other aspects of creating inconsistency dramatic and clear damaged building .

We do not impose our point of view on the film , but we marvel at the presence of a strong justification for the decline of the death of the father and the existence of a method to express Knowing him like the narrator is not employed for the health of the dramatic action .

Game contradictions

Granting method ultra realistic free space for the director to present several models that represent an aspect of social contradictions and civilization in which we live in today's society , such as personal supervisor school Shakawa presented by Rami Gheit and that we see come to the chapter at the first time , carrying a big stick and a pocketknife century Ghazal , but at the same time seems to be more religious teachers and in order to accompany the students to pray in the mosque just to stop them from playing and miserable , which is a form of ironic that combines devout violent pupils to pray with a stick and not by gentle persuasion and organizational reasons , not faith .

As well as the naughty child « Ali Ali » Decree Pkarakaturia fabricated both at the level of behavior or scar on his face, which indicates that the earliest registrants dangerous than a schoolboy who discover that his father is the school janitor old man sleeping day and night without a real job , and here are aware that the child is suffering from a desire to compensate for his sense of inadequacy and inferiority of the profession and the behavior of his father's clout to impose its control over the students and the weaker physically , he is also a good model of dramatic and ironic , despite the *******s of exaggerations relatively harmful , especially in Afahath fired by the occasion and without suitable .

And move game contradictions of colors apartment soft quiet in which they live Hani and predominantly blue dreamer and white slave to yellow -Turabi hot in school with all it represents the embodiment of the battlefield and chaos , as well as in the recruitment of the director of the cadre broad hard , which allows spectators to carry out full details of the snapshot or scene and the statement of the size of the contradictions visual latent inside such scenes conversations that take place on the background of the walls of the school, which are filled with slogans civilization no longer have a presence in the social reality such as Egypt title of civilization and science means peoples of evolution and fees pyramids and sunshine , which is inconsistent with most of the events that take place within the school and that reflect on the status of received cultural , intellectual and cultural whole , science is represented in the project Hani for the manufacture of aircraft does not give him the esteem in which looking for in a school for the religious chanting is what makes him thrown in recognition partly - a Christian - which reminds us of the context in the famous film and Jeddah director Haifa Al-Mansour when it decided the girl heroine of the film that excels in keeping the Koran to get a financial reward to buy a bike.

Here abandon Hani for jingles Church, which we see repeated happily at the beginning of the film, in order to sing the names of Allah just to cast some appreciation , and this is also a feature film dramas in the expression of what can make it individual to try because the cast estimate of the total in the entity civilized deranged and minor such as Egypt makes religiosity is a virtual hub of excellence and not science or work.

Can not be overlooked that the changed attitude of the mother of Hani after attending a play ecclesial simple is the change melodramatic polyunsaturated justifications , but acceptor level reaction motherly in an attempt to win her child , who feels that the new school change, the stranger it when you find Koranic verses inside the house - which was established by the Hani on the wall in order to hide the fact of his religion when he visited a believer mate - while re- setting icons and wear the cross , do not go to inquire of Hani them but decided to announce to everyone in the school that a Christian child , do you feel that the child may change his religion on the basis of persecution as a class or sectarian in school? Or is it an attempt by the director to blow up a crisis without adequate preparation ? ! The crisis were not the crisis of Quranic verses at home and do not cross and religion , but the crisis exposed Hani beaten by teammate naughty .

Enter the scene gave the director the mother wearing the cross all our strength and boldness in a slow rhythm ( Slomuscn ) with music blaring indicate stringent reaction like instant and intense bomb about to explode in the school, which won the competition Hani Muslim religious chanting .

Here is another problem from the problems of the film, The expression visual quality and the ability to blow up crises must be consistent with the data and logical Aihamah fixed corners , even that moment we can not say we were convinced that we as recipients justifications Hani and his childish to hide the fact of his religion and not discovered.

David Little

After that Hani was suffering from class oppression became suffers from positive discrimination - so to speak - as a result of visiting his mother for the school to complain about the beating of her son , but the crisis of class once again turn out to be « a sectarian problem child » in the words of the wonderful Bayoumi AFM in the role of the headmaster of the school , despite the fact that personal typical habit each homeroom Schools rioters in Egyptian cinema .

Hani become overnight the most important pupil at the school as a result of fear of the accusation of sectarianism everyone forgetting that the school contains a special chapter of the Christian students , but perhaps their parents , who do not complain of persecution of their children , and here we stand in front of a new problem from the problems of the film.

In scenes of fast , we discover that everyone became treats Hani different treatment but are lumpish and silly , they fear and loath him at the same time everything seems to Hani that he wants to integrate them no more he does not want preferential treatment , a distinction positive cause the same loneliness and pain such as discrimination negative , but nevertheless in contrast to a mysterious decide Hani to learn judo like his father - in a signal deep to the fact that the father was proficient in the game of self-defense perhaps he is a Christian in the community means of sectarian problems ! - and then begins to rally psychological and physical violent revenge for those who beat him , instead of thinking in peaceful alternatives to make it back to his place earlier in the school , and instead of us feel the director -sized tragic moment that forced the child to abandon his creation and his goodness and innocence and the transition to object violently and strict and gloomy found encourages what is offered by Hani from boiling internal song blaring with melody and lyrics are reminiscent of those songs heroes , which was trained by the action films before they face their opponents in the end respond to the defeat.

What do you want to say as a director permission : that violence begets violence and discrimination breeds anger ? Well , but not this a tragedy worthy of contemplation wise and correct expression ! Or is it a result celebrate them visually and Aikaia We turn them over and Action .

As if the safety say to those who suffer persecution and discrimination do not give it , but resisted the utmost violence and ferocity We encourage spirited songs praising Bmoukvk not deny you ! The tragic irony is that you should Ablorha a third film in the last turned out to be the peak in the third grade action film , where the hero is training to face the enemy on the rhythm of the song ( Tiger Eye ) as in the movie Rocky .

Ending the confrontation , of course, the victory of Hani David Little on Goliath huge which is the end of the module so incidentally and Nmtitha come they responded to the logic of Action and not the logic of the philosophy of social analysis and psychological those who are persecuted for Viholon to terrorists or people dangerous and not for the Champions folk are celebrating after their defeat evil .

And that gives us the director after that Hani Said punishment he receives in the end, along with his enemy milled , because he finally is no longer outstanding at something inside the school just as it tells us the narrator which is the end of a naive , first, because it contradicts what muster the director of the feelings of violent inside Hani and exercises to cope with the and secondly because they make us feel that Hani hit « Ali » receives punishment in order to make it with him on an equal footing and not in retaliation for being physical and psychological abuse on his hand the whole time .

This is the end confused and fall short of the peak of emotional and intellectual good experience up there with reviews mutual hatred between the two Hani Ali and reminiscent of similarly popular « people in the heart of the heart , O Church » any indication of the existence of malice sectarian Devin between the parties to the community.

But the film unfortunately drafted without realizing that it was this hatred out of a class and not in terms of social , political or cultural , problem of Hani Ali began and ended for reasons of class purely - Vhanni did not mean the crisis sectarian in his class the first - and the issue of sectarian discrimination and hide debt and all these details just slow down the weights of agility method and limit the power of the idea , and even contradictory at times.

Keep referring to distinguish elements of representation at all levels almost the beginning of Ahmad Dash in the role of the child Hani, who was able to balance Mlamehaa and talent innate between the innocence of first impression in the beginning and stricter repression internal after what his findings from the horrors of the school , and a good choice for the Kinda Alloush in the role of mother where it came consistent with a game of contradictions that we have mentioned , especially the contrast between the form of the Marian very dreamy and between being not religious refuses to rely on the sky in solving the problems of the land , as calculated to Hany Adel and music composer hired for machines traditional school in drafting the music for the film , especially the films that relies on hypermarkets Realty need a lot of Alafahat musical coincided with Alafah visual caricature , in addition to the formulation of the inter melodic recital Besver my mouth fit funny situations and melodramatic equally represented by descriptive name for the child's personality Hani hero of the movie , Valsfir did my voice is associated with the period of childhood good and bad
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«Does not have immunity» >> «People in the heart of the heart< O Church» (Critical An

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