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المنتدى : Interpretation of the Bible era of Old Qmus Tadros Jacob Malaty
Q (25) Introduction to Configuration

configuration, introduction

Introduction to Configuration

Travel Name:

Claims in Hebrew "My Raxit" the first Hebrew word itself means to travel (in the beginning), but renamed the "configuration" Vmtorgomh for Septuagint and means (Original) (or the beginning of things).


Moses, he thinks he wrote in Midian when he was grazing sheep DIET Jethro, the more likely that it was written after receiving Tablet law. He learned to write from the Egyptians who educate their wisdom, though students who Linguistics Pentecost able to Moses teaches writing.

Than its features:

1. filled congenital subject of the ancient world in all religions and philosophies and popular literature and was carrying a mix of myths and legends, so committed to Moses to score in something simple that can be understood by the common man until the man in his explanation of creation a far cry from the old superstition. It should be noted that it did not provide "special creation theology Ktisiology" but tell us about creation as a way to understand God's work of salvation. Divine revelation was not designed to display theologians and philosophies especially for creation, but wanted to bring us to the Creator who cares about the renewal of creation after corruption. As one of the students says: (in Israel was aware of your theology for creation Ktisiology considered a secondary dependent on your knowledge of theology of salvation Soteriology) [15].

St. Didymus blind sees in his interpretation of Genesis that very divine revelation of talk about creation is correct misconceptions that leaked to Israel in this regard from the Egyptian idolatry. The St. Basil emphasizes that the work of the church is not a study of the nature of the creatures (ie mental philosophical studies dry), but considering the work and usefulness [16], and that Moses wrote in simply to confirm some facts distorted by some philosophers, atheists, he stressed that the world is not a coincidence [17 ], but Maher is the creator of the work, and it's not eternal with God nor shared eternity but has a beginning and an end [18].

2. the most important aspect of this book affect our relationship with God. Man in the eyes of God is not just a creature of the center of millions of terrestrial and celestial creatures, but holds a unique object attribute in terrestrial and celestial **** in the Spirit. His own discretion in the eyes of God. And God's gift of free will that characterized all other terrestrial creatures, with all its might earth and planets all its greatness is proceeding according to the laws of nature placed them, and animals behave as a natural instinct, and the free human Falcaún him to choose the road and exhibits as determined.

For this God created man lord of the land, and the ruler over them all and below, in the sea and in the air ... even on the space! I Wahba image and likeness, and set him as an ambassador.

And highlights the look of our God and the pride of us yearning to attribute the same to us when will we qualified for it, calleth himself the God of Abraham and the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob ... would like to have a special God with all his son.

3. highlighted this book Fatherhood of God superior to man, did not create it captivated as I imagined some contemporary philosophies, nor stay in humiliating the controls whatever he wanted, but raised a son loved has, for him to create the inhabited has created his eternal glory to bump up to where there is a God father to live human partner in the glory, Mtnama high paternity. One of them was said about it as he was dying smiled with joy as he addressed God: "Do you have created the world for me, or that I Jbelth? Now I can say that you are capable and Chbni Trani!". This was the aim of Genesis: God gives us the Creator of the physical world and the founder of the spiritual world. Paternity in caring for me to create heaven and earth to set off Almadetyn me to the last of his coming to the softest new heaven and the new earth at the level of angelic eternal!

4. Some see in this book, it is the most important books of the Bible, so to speak. It lays the foundation for every ad, opens the door for us to grasp the theological concepts of sound, Faarafna about God and his relationship, and his advice and divine work in our lives. Tell us about the human family in the Lord, how was launched from the creation of man to the formation of a holy family, Fhirh then the people of God. Revealed to us about the concept of marriage and family life, as we know our relationship with the flesh and the creation irrational. Expose the enemy of the good and announced his plans and desires of deadly human point of destruction. Finally puts Travel basis for salvation history and prophecy etc ...

5. God's love for man gave him his secrets - as much as possible - not mental knowledge rigid but to enter him in the eternal friendship, like a friend who opens his heart to his friend coffers even bring it from day to day to new depths in friendship. Tell us about the Lord's divine titles, for example, but to know him through these titles and enjoy his work with us and in us. We do not find in travel theory and principles of rigid laws literal philosophical writings, but we see God manifested as a friend, Vimhy voice in the cool of the day in paradise to meet human beings falling, and in the field argue Cain killer, and when Babylon revolution come down to see what he does human, and in the afternoon to accept with Mlakih hospitality of Abraham, and on the way to meet with Jacob in the struggle to destroy the self esteem ...

6. The corrupted linear human eyes and he lost the ability to meet with the greatest friend, this book gave us a method of worship to God being carries twofold twin: the sacrifice for reconciliation and conduct neighborhood to carry the attributes of God in us ... So we knew this book, the concept of worship break reconciliation with God through the sacrifice life and love working with him during the company.

7. We can say that the whole Bible came to reveal what is stated in this book talk about God for a living: "And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and her offspring, is worthy of your head and you Tshakan heel" (3:15). The Bible declares but bitter conflict between the devil and the person who ends up championing the rights through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ (the offspring of women), although some perish as it becomes Kaaqub come down to earth to live crushed and swallowed.

8. In his introduction to the life of Patriarchs travel stories did not give us an abstract of their lives but the God transactions with them, showing that every move in their lives and all behavior no matter how trivial is an integral part of God's plan of salvation ... in the sense that it uses children in all their actions Agencies Barr working for the kingdom in their own lives and in the life of the community. But what is indicated by the travel confirmation two aspects: First, the God factor in children but not without them, Brahim was Ibrahima keeps everything from him yes and dignities cap without fathers Abraham himself. God honors human freedom and holy, Viaaml us on the level of friendship as with the end - so to this expression - and not, as with rigid machines driven manner rigid mechanism. The other aspect is to highlight a great variety of tournaments Kabrahim friend of God and Jacob rapist birthright and Sarah perfect wife ... but through human reality, practical, not disturb the life of the hero of human weakness. Their images as they are without Atafa they anointed infallibility or weakness.

9. This book begins by talking about the work of God the Creator, there is life out of nowhere, but it ends in Okfanah Joseph in Egypt (50: 26). What God raised him from the human life marred skin, as entered by himself (Human neighborhood) to the coffins of darkness and filth to be buried in Egypt. The irony is that the travel ends with burial in Egypt in particular, known pyramids and the Sphinx art of embalming, which is still the subject of research scientists to this day ... And the man and his art abilities and its glorious, no matter how canst not free him from the coffins. It's buried in Egypt even come to the Savior Messiah coming to light cloud hosted from coffins and free him from the darkness of the tomb.

Travel was waiting concludes faithful Savior Messiah to come down to them and Iqimanm of coffins.

10. The method of hand, scored by Moses prose not poetry, historical way, to give us the right to simply and clearly away from the myths that have filled the world at that time.

Prophecies in the Book of Genesis:

Genesis gives us the beginning of the prophecies for the coming of Jesus Christ as Savior of the world, God has promised human after falling directly to the descendants of women crushed head of the serpent (3:15), not least because the descendants of the man Jesus came incarnated in the bowels of the Blessed Virgin Mary without the seed of man, this ancient serpent, who crushed the head of any of Satan (Revelation 20: 2; Ro 6:20; 1 John 3: 8).

Fulfill the promise did not leave a year but allocated it achieved the descendants of Abraham: "And blessed in your descendants all the nations of the earth" (Genesis 22:18; Acts 2:25, Gal 3:16), Jacob explained that he comes from the tribe of Judah, saying: "I do not scepter from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh comes and has to be subject peoples "(Genesis 49; DIED 2:26; Lu 1:32, 33).

Symbols in the Book of Genesis:

If Jesus Christ as Savior of the world is the Bible Testaments center, it only gave us this much travel for the Savior through the prophecies do not explicit, but through the many symbols that we're talking about in a bit of detail in place, and the most important:

1. The Tree of Life in the middle of the garden (Genesis 3:22) refers to Jesus Christ, who announces his kingdom within the heart like a tree of life amid paradise that rejoices the heart of the Father as our hearts rejoice. It's the tree and life-giving to the whole world (Jn 3:36).

2. After the fall of worship began offering sacrifices bloody reference to the blood of Jesus Christ being the unique sacrifice, worship him accept the sweet savor of the Father and the subject of satisfaction.

3. Noah's Ark and the Flood as a symbol of Christ and the Giver of the renewal of the world not through the waters of the flood, but the waters of baptism, and the orbit is the wooden cross, which embraced the believers and save them from destruction (1 Peter 2:20: 21).

4. Courtesy of Melchizedek (Genesis 14: 18-20) as a symbol of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ in the New Testament through the bread and wine converts to his **** and blood and Ahpin sanctification (Heb. 8: 5-8).

5. obedience to his father Isaac Abraham, carrying firewood in advance himself to death (Genesis 22), announces the obedience of the incarnate son of his father, carrying the cross. (2: 8).

6. achieve marriages when the water next to the wells as an option Rebecca and Rachel signal to choose a bride the Church of Jesus Christ through the waters of baptism.

7. ladder that Jacob saw connected from earth to heaven (Genesis 28: 12) and the angels going up and coming down signal to the Cross of our Lord Jesus which has a reconciliation of heaven with earth (2 Cor. 5:18; Eph 2:16; Col. 1: 20.21 ), while the angels are ascending the holy church to its high bosom of his father, but Nazlon understand the Jews who rejected the group camped into the abyss during Jehadeh Cross.

8. Joseph rich life came flooding symbols of Christ's point of multiple aspects including:

A. Beloved son Joseph had a father, and Christ the only begotten Son of the Father into pleasure.

B. His father gave him a T-shirt colored, like the Father, the Son offers disparate talents Church of the Covenant.

C. Joseph descent to the lack of siblings but declares the descent of the divine word to us to Evtqdna his brothers.

D. Throwing Joseph in the pit and sell it to symbolize the descent of Christ into hell and his betrayal of Judas.

E. Falling under slavery in Egypt without guilt only hate his brothers announce Christ has become for us a slave.

G. Leave dresses in Egyptian hands signal to leave the coffins in the grave without holding him death or concealed about the resurrection that are in it.

H. His meeting in prison with the chief butler who comes out of prison, the baker, who sentenced to death refers to his death and resurrection.

I. Saved the lives of his brothers reference to Christ the Savior and the glorified human Oahpha life.

Genesis and the Bible:

Genesis as the first travel in the Bible is the neighborhood entrance to understand the word of God, gave us the outline of which unfolded and achieved in the following books. In the Book of Genesis as God declares his love for man through the creation of God keeps speaking of his love through the renewal of creation to the new heaven and a new earth, and appear in the Book of Revelation.

In Genesis call to Abraham was that his children will inherit the kingdom, and in the New Testament appeared in the kingdom, announcing the children of Abraham ... so we can say with St. Augustine: [in the New Testament alone Outs old, and disappears in the ancient New Testament].

In Genesis groping figure of our Lord Jesus Christ as Savior declared during prophecies explicit many symbols, Christ and keeps Kasb travel to see him, "is the same yesterday, today and forever," came to save sinners, and is the last he is coming to Admana to glory sacred as a bride for him.


I. Primitive history:

1. habitus world and the fall of man. P. 1-3.

2. killed Abel. 4.

3. Noah and the renewal of the world. 5-10.

4. Tower of Babel. 11.

Second Patriarchs ancients:

1. Abraham. 12-25.

2. Isaac. 21-27.

3. Jacob. 25-36.

4. Joseph. 37-50.
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Introduction to Configuration

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