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المنتدى : Interpretation of the Bible era of Old Qmus Tadros Jacob Malaty
Q (25) Interpretation of the third chapter of Genesis

genesis, interpretation

The fall of man

Because God created every human life possibilities Kmtsult on the ground with all its possibilities, and the greatest gift of the gift of: human freedom, a sign of appreciation from God more fully creature on earth; but soon the man fell under the lure of his own enemy Satan, ignoring the love of God to him:

1. Living deceptive 1-6.

2. opening their eyes 7.

3. attention of God to mankind 8-13.

4. Living damn 14.

5. promise of salvation 15.

6. Human discipline 16-19.

7. Cutaneous T-Shirt 20-21.

8. Human expel 22-24.

1. Living deceptive:

God gave it to man everything stay in Paradise, and Hobh commandment Laird love obedience. Perhaps it was in the mind of God's greatest gifts like that provided for a person as a reward for his continued obedience to the commandment, but the enemy of good human envy wanted to drop him to death using live human to enter with the withering dialogue.

Scripture says: "Now the serpent was forwarded all the wild animals that work of God, said to the woman, said later God shall not eat of every tree of the garden ?! woman said to the serpent: the fruit of the tree of the garden to eat, and the fruit of the tree which is in the middle of paradise, he said God does not eat of it Thompsah not, lest ye die. "[1- 3]

I have used the enemy of good creation that God's work as a means to destroy human, was the flaw is not in the way, but the man who before entering the void dialogue with the living, especially since women began to distort the words of God as it claimed that he asked them not missed the fruit, which was the exaggeration! This apostle Paul asks us to walk away from such a spoiler dialogue of the mind and the soul, saying: "foolish and Ajtenbha" (2 Timothy 2:23).

Often Saint John Golden confirmed the mouth that could not have been the devil to infiltrate us and what Agbanna not given the opportunity lax or enter him in a false dialogue, it is his words:

[You may say, saying: Did not hurt the devil Adam, with his being spoiled and Paradise Lost? But not the reason for this lies in the neglect of the damage and the lack of injury set for the same and not to struggle. Satan, who used various powerful machinations could not be subject Ayoub him, how is estimated less means to take control of Adam, if not betray himself to himself? [94]

[Complacency and laziness and not the devil were the ones who Baraan is attentive ... but these allow the devil to abandon the evil [95].]

[Did not speak of these things to exonerate Satan of guilt, but to warn you of laziness. The devil wants to blame him when mistake ... this sink in all kinds of evil and increase the penalty on ourselves, and we might receive amnesty, since attribute illness to him (without the offer repentance) [96].]

As for falsehood in which Eve entered with live dialogue, St. John Golden says mouth: she had to shut up; he was obliged not exchanged talk, but at the stupidity revealed words of Jesus, and thus made the devil a great opportunity ... Look no evil of this is that we recognize ourselves in the hands of our enemies and conspirators with us?! To this Jesus says, "Do not give Jerusalem to the dogs, and you put Drrkm before swine (lest trampled Bergelha) and pay attention Vtmzkkm" (Matthew 7: 6). This is what happened with Eve. Jerusalem has given to the dogs. And pigs, Vdast them Bergelha and fragmentation and rips women [97].]

If only we do not fear the devil he could not break into our hearts violence but are afraid of ourselves as agile and accept Odhaleilh, Vensmah him to infiltrate our hearts to receive the leadership of our will and control of the heart and the intellect and the senses, and fall under the bondage time.

In this dialogue that took place between Eve and the living devil did not provide for a person only promises, saying: "You will not die, but God the world that day, eating it opens Oaenkma and be like God, knowing good and evil" [4.5.] Just promised that they Ikunan as God (Pride! ) and Analan know, but he did not provide pursuant to their favor and as St. John Chrysostom says: [Satan did not show a good work - little was or a lot - but tempting women to speak abstract and inflated please void, and so Deceived, however, looked to the devil as a placement confidence more than God , with the good will of God showed his work [98].] says: [the devil was not able to make something practically presented with the most promise in words. So are personal phishers [99].]

I really can be had for Eve to know and realize the deception of the enemy Amadadath God and resistance to his words, while God says to Adam: "Thou shalt surely die," the devil says, "You will not die." As St. John Chrysostom says: [How fitting for human beings to recognize the enemy and the only opponent of this contrary to the words of God to answer ?! Bhawwae was fitting that dodged the case of bait and go back on the network [100].] In other words, If only we accept God as the leader of our lives and we reject Satan Kmkhada us and withering of our souls. As St. Augustine: God is our leader and he says the devil Mhlkna, commander offers his will, and the deadly trick is suggested, is to listen to the commandment or tricked?! [101]

Tell us the Fathers of the Church for the deception of Satan to Adam (and Eve), has been seen in this deception three major sins made by the enemy of human to break the whole, and returned to fight the second Adam (Jesus) the same sins, a computer that is capable of Aqtnas in the net, and he says Father Serapion: was necessary for the right of our Lord to try the same passions that try out Adam when he was in the image of God before corrupting, which insatiable greed and pride, which intertwined and spawned after encroachment commandment and spoil the image of God and likeness. Adam Try insatiable lust while taking the fruit of the forbidden tree, and try greed when he was told: "open Oaenkma", and pride when it was said: "Tkona God, knowing good and evil" (Genesis 3: 5), and also try our Savior three sins, understanding when he told him the devil "Tell that these stones become bread" (Matthew 4: 3), and pride when he said to him: "if you are the Son of God, throw yourself down, and greed when he saw all the kingdoms of the earth and its glory, and said to him:" give you all of these that I fell down and worship me "(Matthew 4: 9). Lord himself has given us an example of how we can win as Win is when a whirl. I have the title of both Adam, one of the first in the destruction and death, and the second was the first in the resurrection and the life, the former was human became all under the judgment, and by the second liberated human [102].]

Many parents have focused on the sin of pride of being the head of sins, which crash the devil and his soldiers, in advance of the means to destroy mankind. St. Augustine says about parents first two Khaddahma devil spirit of pride: I Onsta to voice prankster: "Tasiran as God" Vhgra God who wanted to make them as gods not through their isolation with him, but through their company in which [103].] Says: [pride fail to reach this immortality ... if we have pride that we receive Fbalatdhaa wound healing. God came in humility to human cures wounded pride dangerous [104].]

Thus reveals parents deceive the enemy the devil, this who infiltrated Eve through live, in order to turn pulls her man to fall with it, as it is said: "I took of its fruit and ate well and gave her man with her and he ate." [6.] Thus Eve lost her message inherent Kmaana (2 : 18), but has become a trap for her husband and wrecked his life.

St. Didymus the Blind believes that the devil or Satan during live action that seduced women, this in turn pulled her leg, as if the enemy in the war begins during arousal serpent infiltrate us, in order to fool the senses representing women, and the senses in turn have effectiveness in mind (man) , loses his balance of mind, wisdom and deviates to evil.

2. opening their eyes:

"Their eyes were opened and they note Eryanan, Fajata fig leaves and made themselves aprons." [7]

What does it mean opening the eyes of Eritrea that the **** was naked, except that human sin is aware that he entered into a state of corruption appear during the feelings and desires of the **** that do not adjust ?! This man enters the new knowledge, experience is the evil that was mixed with his life and his **** completely spoiled; it recognizes on his ****, who became violent in evil unchecked.

St. Augustine says: I have a new sense of Achtbra in their bodies, which have come to them as a reward for the Asian firm to Asaanama God. Appetite is raging on the service of God despised this work full freedom loses its control which had earlier on the **** [105].] Says: [opened their eyes not to Anzera, they were looking at before, but to Emeza good that Vkdah and evil, which landed the [106] ], [they have customarily Eryanan, Eryanan of such grace that Hfezthma shame of nakedness of the ****, while the law provided for the two linear instability of Zhenhma [107].]

St. Ambrose says: [became you know that you are naked, because you lost a dress good faith. These are the papers that the requests that cover yourself. I refused fruit and wanted to hide behind the law leaves but you deceived [108].]

Thus, as the man himself sees naked from the fruit of divine grace working in the inner depths of the heart gloss behind the literal and the formalities of the law, to the enjoyment of the phenomenon of internal change. Cons St. Didymus the Blind man to resort to fig leaves Mazra cultivated for himself can not do misprision, Baltall flimsy excuses to committed, he says: [weaves sometimes mistaken for the same excuses for his sins. Is not this what we see in many people ?! Valgdob example invent excuses to justify his anger showing that he is right, sometimes assisted by the Bible, this is the meaning of "Khati fig leaves", and that Bahmalhma of fruit and establish a kind of non-Kmazr full protection for them. Valgdob example, we hear offers (Elijah) is an example that anger and your family of fifty (2 Kings 1: 9-12) [109].]
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Interpretation of the third chapter of Genesis

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