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المنتدى : Interpretation of the Bible in a new era of Qmus Tadros Jacob Malaty
Q (25) Interpretation of the Gospel of Matthew chapter first chapter, the first king and his

chapter, first, gospel, interpretation, king, matthew

The St. Matthew the Evangelist writes for the Jews for someone of our Lord Jesus Christ being the Messiah King, which has long watching him patriarchs and prophets to give us a real salvation, announced the birth rate:

1. Christ ratios 1.

2. genealogical tree 2-16.

3. Number 17 generations.

4. Mary fiancée 18.

5. Joseph dreamed 19-24.

6. Christ's birth and early 25.

1. Christ ratios

Some are probably wondering: Why the Bible cares rates of Christ, Evangelical Ivl when at the opening, and the Evangelist Luke after the Baptism of Jesus (Luke 3)?

First, we know that the Gnostic although it has appeared senior men in the second century, but its roots began very early, has denied the fact Altans, claiming that Jesus had appeared fantasy or illusion, because they hate the **** and Iedonh as darkness. Male lineages is a confirmation of the reality of the Incarnation, God's revelation confirms that the one who is above the genealogy has become the flesh, his pedigree. St. Severus of Antioch says: [to know that countless in genealogy, as written of him: his generation who knows?! (Isaiah 53: 8), and with the most of this was before the ages equal to the eternal Father himself, is the same, which according to the genealogy according to the flesh, because it is a god in fact, he himself has become in the last crisis, a man without change, was shown when a joint in our nature so that no one says that he appeared fantasy or illusion [47].]

Second: St. Matthew wanted to confirm that Jesus is the Messiah, the King is expected to open this series lineages, saying: "The Book of the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of David, the son of Abraham." [1]. St. Jerome says: [He left when all the names to mention David and Abraham, because God and Adahma alone (frankly) in Christ, when he said to Abraham: "And blessed in your descendants all the nations of the earth" (Genesis 22:18), and David, "the fruit of your womb make on your throne." (Ps 132: 11). [48]] have focused on King David's father, Abraham parents to announce that the promised King, the son of David. It's King disappeared behind our human nature and abandoned for perfection and glory glory, even to the devil gives him the opportunity to enter in a battle like all other human beings, Mr. Vaiglb to our account. By this, it is the other side, the disappearance gives us the opportunity to our acceptance of him is not afraid of splendor and walk away from Jalal greatness, but accept the meeting with the Union and its constancy in it. St. John Chrysostom says: [King does not appear always its appearance, but also cast a purple aside and with him the crown disguised as an ordinary soldier until the enemy does not focus his attacks it, but here it happened the contrary, he has done (the Lord) so as not to know the enemy and escapes from entering him in the battle, and in order not to get confused people (in front of glory), as came to save not to terrify [49].]

The real King Mtansa came as the son of King David with the latter in reality Abdul, have pleased the slave father have him, so we are slaves of God the father of us accept, as St. John Chrysostom says: [allowed himself to be called the Son of David to make you the Son of God! Abdul allowed him to become a father, so that you, O servant of the Lord your father! ... Born according to the flesh for the breed you are according to the Spirit! Born of a woman in order to cease to be the son of a woman [50].]

Third, this would confirm that the ratios of the descendants of Abraham, the father of all believers, who received appointments he Bnzle shall all nations of the earth. Like a break blessing for all nations came, advance super paternity does not stop at the flesh and blood relationship as confining Jews in their relationship with Abraham, but made a heavenly paternity of each believer from every nation!

2. genealogical tree

Our teacher gave us when King ratios before presenting the events of Christmas, while his teacher Saint Luke after the presentation of Sacred Imad (Lk 3), were interested in many of the parents explain the ratios in something of a prolongation, but I find myself committed to a simplified offer him, Ol_khash in the following points:

First: the percentages came here in descending order begins Abraham and ends with Joseph Mary, a man who was born Jesus who is called Christ, but in the Gospel of Luke came ratios in ascending order of Jesus for what he thought the son of Joseph (Lk 3:23) to Adam son God. Speaking first before the events of Christmas to announce that the Word of God incarnate this though without sin happened, but came from the wrong offspring to carry us the sins that we have inherited from their ancestors, so came the order in descending order ... it was a sin descend from generation to generation, Mr. carried on his shoulders. The other gospel Faltzm Ascending Order as it comes after the baptism, announcing the gift of the Lord which, lift us up takes us back to the first case, "Adam, the Son of God" (Lk 3:38). Valandjeli announce when the Messiah sins holder, Luke the Evangelist declares enjoyed the filiation of God [51].

Second, the different proportions in the two lists because of what that when he announces Christ bearer for our sins little natural descent, according to the flesh and blood, but Luke as announced Bnotna God in Christ Jesus mentions the legitimate lineage, where can a person to belong father was not born of it physically. Recall, for example, the St. Joseph the son of Jacob physically, but I'm Haley religiously, because Haley died without a son, Jacob Get married his wife to beget offspring has not erased his name from Israel (Deuteronomy 25: 5-6; DIED 22:24). As if St. Joseph orator Mary is the son of King David according to two lists: Whether natural descent, or legitimate, despite their differences.

Third, as it was when al-Bashir speaks to the Jews to emphasize that Jesus is the Messiah, he began ratios chosen Abraham, but as Luke writes Nations ended ratios Adam Son of God, to include the whole human sonship to God.

Fourth, a special lineage of Saint Joseph came not Mary, with Christ is not planted, because the Mosaic law attributed person for the father and the mother is not like other patriarchal societies. Joseph was not the father through his blood but he enjoyed the blessing of parenthood through adoption. Therefore, we find that Mary herself realized the mystery of strange birthday says the Master: "Why have you done us so? Behold, your father and I were Ntbak tormented" (Lk 2:48). The law was staying for the dead son (Deuteronomy 25: 5) when she gave birth to his wife's guardian, Fbalawly Jesus son of Joseph credited It is not planted, has given him the angel parental rights Ktlguiba, he says to him: "Vstld a son, and shall call his name Jesus."

Fifth: The percentages did not mention great women proud of them Jews crusher and Rebekah and Rachel's names, but said Tamar which bounced clothes adulteress (Genesis 38), and Rahab the Canaanite harlot (Joshua 2: 1) and saturation that Alqubha "that Uriah" look Khtitha with King David. As St. Severus of Antioch says: [to reveal that our nature that made a mistake and fell, and Dart and stumbled into the desires inappropriate, is that Christ came to be treated, so that when she fled busted, and when pushed in the revolution sped away grabbed her and stopped her, and brought her and led her to the road, ""Christ, then put on the same proportions of this nature that are defiled so that purifies; those that get sick in order to heal; this that fell to hosted, and that was a way that the waiver and love for humans [52].] says St. Jerome: [not mentioned in the birth of Christ and the percentage of name saint, but said Hjbehn of the book, and he wants to say that it came for sinners born of Khatiat to wipe away the sins of everyone [53].]

I've preached the Evangelist proportions King in freedom without hiding it seems shameful, breaking haughtiness Jews who say they repeat the descendants of Abraham; as a doctor treats weakness came not Kdian!

VI: Male when our teacher ratios in some women internationals such as Ruth the Moabitess and Rahab the Canaanite, to announce that he came to the whole of humanity to respect Nations as Jews. See St. John Chrysostom in Ruth symbol of the Church of the Nations, which left her father's house and stuck to the Church of God and accepted the membership, he says: [see for example what happened to Ruth, how they carry resemblance to our own things. It was a strange race, degenerated into extreme poverty, however, when he saw Boaz did not despise poverty, nor disgust of her birth so vile as to accept Christ Church strange being in extreme poverty, take it as a partner in the great blessings, but you should be Kraaut, it did not leave first her father rejects her and her *** and her city and her relatives would not get this marriage. Thus, as the church also leave the habits that people accept them from their parents then - and not before - has become the darling of her bridegroom. In this caused the prophet, saying: "Forget your people and your father's house, because the king coveted your beauty" (Psalm 45: 10-11). That's what I did Ruth became a mother for the Kings as it happens with the Church [54]. "

Seventh: among them the ancestors of the people of Christ's brothers, and notes that Mr. came generally slope, not the eldest of the children, but who are not virgins according to the flesh, such as Abraham, Jacob, Judah, and David and Jonathan. Mr. He came to declare that birthright is not ****d on physical birth, but on the maturity of the soul. Mr. (Adam II) are all human Bakr came, it becomes a faithful virgins, calculated Church Church of the firstborn [55].

Eighth: Male when our teacher ratios in Mr. Perez without Zerah, because Perez represents Nations Church which became a virgin Uniting themselves in Jesus Christ pristine, while Zerah represents Jews who lost their birthright by refusing to unite with pristine. Zerah has directed his first being the eldest son, but he was not born first, but offer Perez, Vaanl position, and yes Balbkoria. Thus Jews first appeared Cabacr of mankind, but they have been deprived of his birthright, and enjoy Nations in their stead.

IX: Male Babylonian captivity to emphasize that although people Tadibat captives while is long but kept the Onsabh, to achieve a divine promise of the coming of the Savior. St. John Chrysostom said commenting on the captivity, without reference to the Westernization in Egypt, saying: [because they are no longer afraid after the Egyptians, but they are still afraid of the Babylonians. I (go down to Egypt) is old, while the second was still new, recently happened. I did not happen because of the sins they have committed, while the other Because of the sins [56].]

3. Number of generations

Evangelist divides the generations from Abraham to the coming of the Lord into three periods, each period of 14 generation:

A. From Abraham to David, the royal era ends with glory, declaring in David.

B. From David to the Babylonian Captivity, ending shame in captivity.

C. From captivity to Christ, ending the achievement of salvation, and the disarmament of shame where the Messiah possesses. In our study of the Book of Exodus (p. 33) noted Origen that the number of stations that had stopped ancient people from Rameses to the east side of the Jordan River 42 station, representing generations mentioned by Matthew (3 periods × 14 generation = 42), and if the trip is a human crossing all in the wilderness of this world, to proceed from the land of bondage and the families of Pharaoh real, no devil, and enter the Promised Land, where we enjoy the glory of the children of God. Mr. advent of woman offers every believer the possibility of this transit to enter by the Holy Spirit to the bosom of the heavenly Father.

St. Augustine has been observed [57] in this lineage that Jeconiah had twice repeated at the end of the second period, and the start of the third period [11-12], Jeconiah Babylonian captivity has witnessed after the appointed king instead of his father. The Bible does not mention anything about his sins, but the sins of the people mentioned and presidents. I disarm him king, and taken into captivity for the sins of the people. As if Jeconiah represents Christ, who countless twice, came for the Jews to save them, and rejected it over to the Nations (Babylon) to save them. It rejected the corner stone (Ps 118: 22) Link Nations wall wall Jews, to live one church for all.

See [58] GG Box that the evangelist Matthew Department generations into three groups, each group ****d on the astronomical figure for the name of David, which in total letters in Hebrew, "14", as if the saint wanted to confirm Jesus attributed to King David three times, or if Mr. Hu King each time epochs.
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