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المنتدى : Interpretation of the Bible in a new era of Qmus Tadros Jacob Malaty
Q (25) Interpretation of the Gospel of Matthew chapter V Part VI

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5. murder

After Mr. emphasized that veto of the law, but supplemented, on this modern world to the application in the Commandments mosquito net, explaining how to enter them to perfection, a beginner commandment not to murder, he says: "You have heard that it was said to the ancients do not kill, and kill shall be in danger of governance. The I say unto you, that whosoever is angry with his brother shall be in danger void judgment "[21-22].

v teach us about the lack of anger does not invalidate the special commandment not to kill, but rather complement, as in the lack of anger Ntnqy, from the inside in our hearts, and also abroad not to murder [217].

St. Augustine

v saying "Kill" contradictory to the commandment "Thou shalt not kill", but that Christ does not allow anger, the thought of the law in this way, prove more perfect, it is required to avoid the killing does not stop him from such rule out even anger, the latter is only for those with the highest crime [218].

St. John Chrysostom

Why Mr. meant by saying "void"? He wants us not to lose our brothers because of trivial things of time and void, no matter how valuable. But if he was to show them, It is fitting that the father is angry with his son, the student and the teacher, not the wrath of revenge, but the wrath of discipline stemming from love. It is estimated that no one knows of others angrily hatred, assuredly does not announce vanities, nor human loses himself in thought he fit others. St. John Chrysostom says: Do not stand on the side of yourself in the battle, and avenge yourself, the saw a man commits a fatal error simplest hand to help him [219].] The human erupts with anger because his brother committed the evil things against him, let him look to his brother, he kills himself and life shall lose, Fassande kindness and compassion even appointed out of the evils not ask what the same.

v is nothing more dangerous than fret, and the harshest of anger!

v There is sugar angry more dangerous than sugar with wine! [220]

St. John Chrysostom

Mr. moves us from anger internal Kanfal invisible to the anger which is accompanied by an outward expression of his words do not carry meaning ugly, but just contempt, he says: "It is said of his brother's paper, shall be in danger complex" [22]. St. Augustine says [221] that he had asked Abrania man for the word "paper Raca" replied that they do not mean just a mere expression of the emotion of anger is difficult to translate it into another language. St. John Chrysostom sees it Syriac expression was used in the modern with the servants and the people of the lower classes, so instead of saying "you" in this type of expression of a lack of respect for the person communicated to him talk.

The man enters the worst stage to announce his anger is signified by the word becomes complex and worthy not only of governance. In the judgment indictment be doubtful, can be searched judge in charge to make sure that it is correct, but the complex carries a sort of make sure that the charge fixed on the accused, the judge determines the penalty that falls under it. In the Jewish system was set up courts in villages and towns, whose members range between 3 and 23, an old man, standing in front of certain defendants to the crime. The complex is higher than these courts as is the highest judicial **** in the then-called "Sanhedrin complex." It is clear from the words of Mr. quotes that ****phor to highlight the seriousness of anger accompanied by the word, there is no man stands in front of a junior court can overturn its ruling, but in front of the largest judicial **** to decide on his command!

The third phase wherein Bungarus, has inflamed the anger, not expressed in words without meaning or merely an expression of dis*******, but utter hurtful words, it is worth the greatest punishment: "It is said, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire." [22].

The word "hell" is composed of two words Abbaritin: "JH, Hinnom" any "inside of Hinnom." Hinnom is a valley which was received remnants of carcasses private Bmaazib, was always filled with Duda from animal waste, and the fire burning them without ceasing, this was a symbol of the punishment of the devil and his soldiers eternal, as it is said "frontiers does not die, and another fire is not quenched." In this valley Ahaz passed and forgotten their children with fire (2 Kings 16: 3.2 or 28: 3; 33: 6).

If hell, into eternal punishment for the devil, who became naturally fighting, it leaves itself to the spirit of the anger in the surrender of not standing at the inner emotion and expressed a word without meaning, but released into the hurtful words, this betray God's master remains with him in hell, leaving him to craved His heart who succumb to anger!

The anger was carrying this risk, how can we control our tongue for words of anger?

St. Augustine answer: We are frightened ... because people are not afraid to tell the truth, "he said of his brother, my wacky be worthy of hell fire," At the same time, the Bible says: "A tongue can not humiliate the people" (Aa 3: 8). Man can tame wild beasts, but his tongue, he can not Algmeh ... can styling all afraid of him, and all that should be feared, but it is estimated that the same styling that does not afraid of ... permission to resort to God who can Algmeh! ... looking to turn from God in order to Arodhana ... You Trodon Assad, who did not Tkhalqoh, do you not your Creator can Arodkm?! ... Where did this power that you are taking their predators? Can you image of God (human) that tamed the lion predator, nor God can tame his image? [222]

Finally, Mr. sealed his lack of anger reconciliation brothers before making a sacrifice of love for him, he says: "it made your gift to the altar, and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave there thy gift before the altar, and go first be reconciled to thy brother, and then come and gave your gift. Be Mradia for as long as your opponent quickly with him in the way, lest he betrays an opponent to the judge, and the judge deliver you to the officer, and thou be cast into prison. Verily I say you do not go out of there until he died last penny "[23-26].

St. John Chrysostom comment on this statement: [O for goodness! Oh growing to love about human! God does not care about the dignity of its own for our love for our brother! ... This is his will to give love a great recognition of counting them the greatest sacrifice and without it does not accept the sacrifice! ... The prayer you offer your mind, it's best to leave your prayers and Tstalh with your brother and then offers prayers [223].]

St. Augustine says: If you are in enmity Vastalh. The Jaetk opportunity to reach reconciliation, do not put yourself in a dispute [224].]

If God delights in us as a church is one, holy bride, it accepts the offering of each member through the company's existing life without love ... and love can not be that the company does not accept the offer. What a beautiful phrase uttered by St. Jerome, which he expresses the church or the company's life: I do not know peace without love, no company without peace [225].]

St. John Cassian comment on the words of the Apostle: "Be angry and do not sin, the sun never sets on the Gazkm" (Eph 4:26), saying: How can we believe that the Lord does not allow the retention of anger, even to the moment while it does not authorize us to provide offerings spiritual prayers that remind us there is no one feels bitterly toward us ... and the apostle tells us, saying: "pray without ceasing" (1 Ts 5:17), and also: "everywhere, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting" (1 Timothy 2: 8). So, either we do not pray at all retaining the name of anger in our hearts, then we are guilty against the apostolic or evangelical commandment that tell us to pray all the time without interruption, or dare we offer our prayers deceiving ourselves, oblivious divine Bossath (Matthew 5: 23-24), and then fitting for us to realize that we do not offer prayers to God, but the spirit of rebellious behavior he'd [226].]

Leave robe

Mr. offers another example of an evil with good, saying: "Anyone who wants to Ikhasamk and take your clothes, let him have your cloak also." [40]. If a person has taken you to dress and entered in a feud with you, and wanted to Ashpk to court and cause you trouble, he bought a convenience, and leave your peace cloak also. This win for your time and your heart and your mind as you win Almkhasam and Tguetnyh love and tender. St. Augustine says: If only we despise all those things that Nhsabha belong to us and because Ikhasamna brothers ... If only we convey ownership to them [227].]

The dress is the shirt worn under human sarong or cloak, usually made of cotton, while the heavy abaya robe is a valuable than the dress, worn by the man in the daytime and warming himself in the night. If the dress is cheap may raped without your will, you will bear the freedom of love to offer him what is the most precious of it. Christian in the breadth of his heart and the same inner freedom is not moaning because of his rights usurped, but offers what he has to others with joy. This is Kamal inner freedom!

Mr. human Bungarus order to accelerate reconciliation with him as long as his opponent in the way, so as not to betray him an opponent to the judge, and the judge deliver it to the policeman, he meets in prison does not come out of there till he should pay the last penny. What is this discount only "divine commandment," she intervention as a party to the litigation with human Bungarus. Stands for "commandment of love" real rival to him, convict him on the day of the Lord in front of the judge, any Jesus Christ, (John 5:22), who deliver to the Angels as a policeman to deliver in "outer darkness" (Matthew 8:12), does not come out of there where he can not satisfy divine justice right.

St. Augustine says: [anything will be a deduction for the lovers of the written like the commandments of God, his law code in the Bible, the book that gave us to be with us on the road, in the present life, in order to implement the teachings quickly and Nkhalvha. So do not hand us to judge ?! We have to succumb to him quickly, because who knows when we leave this life? Who can be subject to the Bible is that he reads and listens to him to fear, subject to him as if he were a great Sultan, is uncomfortable than find an opponent for his sins, but rather liked it Epkth it, and rejoice in it because it cures illnesses, and pray to understand what seemed to him a vague or unacceptable , knowing that it should provide all the deportment of the Sultan of such [228].]

6. adultery

"You have heard that it was said to the ancients not commit adultery,

But I say to you that whoever looks at a woman to the coveted

Has committed adultery with her in his heart "[27-28].

St. Augustine says: [The linear complement in three stages: to raise, savoring it, then it satisfies [229].] If the law has been denied to satisfy the written any implementation, the Lord Jesus Christ came to pulling out the roots to prevent sin of the first phase. The sin was thrilled to begin during the evil eye, thought to accept them and enjoys them and then enter the gratification practical implementation, it makes it easier for the insurer to face in the first phase before they have a position in the mind or the thrill during practice for error.

v You should note that he did not say "the coveted woman," but "who looks at a woman to the coveted" any seen this intention, this view is not exciting for the thrill of physical and even implement them, because in spite of tuned you will be if conditions permit [230].

St. Augustine

v God did not create you to enter their eyes to adultery, but to see you admire his creatures ...

v If you would like to consider the pleasure he looked to your wife and her love constantly, the law does not prevent you from this. But if you're a lover of the beauty of a poll about who they are to others, so you hurt your wife, because your eyes Tjolan in every place, and hurt from looking forward to approach her impure manner. If you're not affect them with your hands to your eyes, but you Tlatefha calculated that weight ... which is not corrected its share to you, but you who have caused embarrassment to yourself fatal to your opinion [231].

St. John Chrysostom

v God always cut the roots of sins in a wonderful, Viz says: "Do not commit adultery" (Exodus 20:14) also says, "You shall not covet," because adultery is the fruit of desire is the root of evil [232].

St. Clement of Alexandria

As Mr. for lust outlook speaks address to talk about the stumbling block, saying: "If they are right eye Tosrk pluck it out, and cast you, because it is better for you to perish one your members, do not throw your whole **** in hell, though the right hand more profitable, and cast you, for it is you destroy one of your members that do not throw your whole **** in hell. "[29].

v of the right eye drops surely falter in the left eye with evil as well. So why pointed to the right eye also added to the hand? But in order to show that he is not talking about members but to those who are relatives of us.

St. John Chrysostom [233]

v If we need great courage to amputate one of our members, so it is intended for an eye something loved, I have used that seeks to express his love to another that says, "I love Kaaana or even more than my eyes," so perhaps inadvertently Lord of the eye loving intensity .. .

There is no interpretation of the right eye is more convenient than that intended by the great love beloved friend, who becomes his relationship as a relationship Lists flesh. This friend be wise, pointing to his companion, as if the eye sees by the way, and be sincere in pointing out the divine things, he was appointed to the starboard. The left eye refers to a friend refers to the special needs of the flesh things, which you do not have to talk about Kaatherh right eye as long as most of the left (ie, if Oosratna right eye Nqalaa, how many are left that Oosratna). And the Marshal bump if the owner has led to serious heresy in the garb of religion and education.

The right hand, it refers to the person who helps and works in spiritual matters. Valtbesr in spiritual matters has its place right eye, as well as work in spiritual matters has its place right hand, and thus left falled means essential to the needs of the **** [234].

St. Augustine

7. divorce

"It was said of Vlietha divorced his wife a certificate of divorce,

But I say to you that whoever divorces his wife, except in cases of adultery, makes adultery,

It marries the divorced woman commits adultery. "[31-32].

The marriage has completely degenerated when Nations, Romans who were formerly married Faihterm revere the man and his family, the woman or wife a key role in the family, has been influenced by Greece, intellectually, divorce became very common. Said about the woman she was married eight times in five years. Greece was known at the time of corruption until the men were trying to isolate their wives for fear of exercising their evil, and in Corinthians intensified A priestess to build another structure of Aphrodite the goddess of love, money Vijman filled profligacy manner. As for the Jews have carried the holy of marriage, divorce was distasteful to them. Says the Lord: "beware of your spirit does not betray a young woman, because he hates divorce, said the Lord" (Malachi 2: 15-16). It likes Rabaan: "altar overflowing with tears when a man is called a woman of his youth." Thus divorce was very distasteful, but God allowed them to do for the rigors of their hearts. Interpretation of Jewish schools have varied in the provision of the reasons that permit divorce. Vmdersh waxy tend to restrict, not allow divorce only in the case of loss of chastity. The Hillel school was very liberal. A man can divorce his wife for any reason, no matter how trivial, such as food or corrupting them graduating with a naked, but can be fired for no reason that attracted other human being.

Jesus came believers rise to the level of spiritual maturity and responsibility is not serious man Itq his wife, except in cases of adultery. St. Augustine and comment on Mr. words regarding the lack of a divorce, saying: [did not order the Mosaic Law divorce, but ordered the divorce from his wife to give it a certificate of divorce, because in the book give divorce (divorce) What calms of human fury. Lord, who is cruel hearts by giving a book about divorce indicated his unwillingness to divorce as much as possible. So when I asked the Lord himself about this he replied: "Moses because of the hardness of your hearts to you" (Matthew 19: 8), because whatever the rigors of heart who wants to divorce his wife because knows it by the book divorce, she can marry another, so restless His anger is not fired. In order to confirm the Lord of glory this principle - a non-repudiation recklessly - Make The only exception is cases of adultery. He ordered the likelihood of the need for all other trouble consistently for marital love and for chastity, was confirmed by the Lord of glory same principle of calling marry Bmtalegh "Tanzania [235].]
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