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المنتدى : Interpretation of the Bible in a new era of Qmus Tadros Jacob Malaty
Oo5o.com (5) Interpretation of the Gospel of Matthew chapter VII

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King Constitution 3

Kingship principles

Jesus dealt with some of the basic principles of the kingdom of heaven to reveal heavenly and celestial life thought.

1. lack of conviction 1-5.

2. Keep sanctuaries 6.

3. Continuous question 7-12.

4. narrow gate 13-14.

5. false prophets 15-23.

6. Conclusion Constitution 24-27.

7. surprise masses 28-29.

1. lack of conviction

As long as the Lord tells us about the purity of heart procedure so that we Statistics eye to inspect the kingdom of heaven, and live God and not for the love of money, and we live without them, and at the same time without complacency, even in matters of time, these things are on the whole is a hidden life that can not be perceived external appearances alone . If the man needs to work Holy Spirit of God to reveal to him the same with the guidance of his father confessor, how can we judge the third party that was pure or not their hearts. Foreign Valmazahr, even worship, may hide from it what you can not perceive. If we ask ourselves pure internal life is fitting for us not to judge others on their hearts that only God himself sees it. By this, on the other hand, the judge others or convicted pulls our hearts to focus on what is our salvation and our edification to the conviction of the people and sentencing them, then we are like dead leaves in his lament for the dead brother. The conviction also we patrolled the nature of love toward our brothers Venkhosr grace of God's love for us, we curtain, While we judge others judge us. As Jesus says: "Do not judge, so as not to be judged, for you of judgment by the judging Tdanon, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you, and why consider the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but the beam that is in your eye does not have noticed?" [1-3].

v If the calculated evil man not to see his sins, the voracious be doubly as sitting on a chair to condemn others while carrying a piece of wood in his eyes [350].

St. John Chrysostom

v I think we learn from this commandment necessity of assuming the best possible intent of the work of others that we can doubt the intention [351].

St. Augustine

v If your brother fell into the sin of anger in the fall you hate the sin (Badantek him). There is a vast difference between anger and hatred as it is between the speck and the stage, because hatred is a chronic anger. Fbtoul time became intensified speck against a tree. If you want to get angry at the man in his return to the right, but if you can hate him, it does not [352].

St. Augustine

v out of conviction not to love, because love will cover any defect; the saints do not owe any****, but pained him as a member of them, and pity him and Aeddonh and circumvent the sake of salvation, even Enclouna Kchiadin who weakened the cord to fish a little bit so as not to violate the network and get lost ... If stopped revolution movement then Ihrkunha little bit [353].

Father Dorotheias

v condemning the demolition of Al has been a lack of knowledge.

St. Moses the Black

v The fire and water ... so Mtnafran condemn others do not agree with those who want to repent ... I saw a man that misses in the final moments before his death is not convicted of the, because the elimination of God hidden from humans, some have fallen into grave sins out loud, but they have performed acts glorious secret ...

v judging others is negatively to the divine right of rudely, the rebuke (Without Love) Fahedm the same rights.

St. John Aldrgi [354]

Day v condemn your brother, you will miss your grace of the Holy Spirit, your brother Therefore shalt thou fall and be the cause of a bump [355].

Anba Prusnovius

Lack of conviction does not mean behavior without distinction, as the prophet says: "Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil, Gaalin dark light, and light for darkness, Gaalin bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!" (Isaiah 5:20). The true believer is the abode of the Holy Spirit carries the spirit of discernment, sees the error of his brother and is not able to deny or ignore them, but he knows in Tumble but bitterness felt by the issue of human weakness is exposed. Brother fall now, but it Vmard to fall if not now, then tomorrow, so that instead of condemning the compassion and pray in Anat honest. This clearly highlights in the life of the spiritual and Algesdaan parents, the father, he can not ignore his children and Sagtathm errors, nor shut up under the pretext of lack of conviction, but in paternity honest opens his heart to them to do Assandem of Sagtathm. This St. John Chrysostom of abuse warns us to understand the "lack of conviction" Faiser this bug to ignore the non-errors, and behavior without measure or packaged with the fallen, and says: [to listen carefully lest calculated drugs salvation peace and laws, such as laws of disorder and destruction [356].] Again St. John Chrysostom directs his speech to the father, saying: [fix it, but not as an enemy or adversary determines the punishment, but as a doctor is a drug, it did not say Christ: "I do not bear them errant" but said: "Do not judge," meaning "Do not be filled with bitterness in the Declaration judgment [357].] says: [What is this, we may not be to blame sinners ?! Yes, Paul asked not to blame sinners; rather say that Christ through Paul says this: "But why do you condemn your brother? Or you also why dost your brother? It is you who condemn Abdul else? "(Romans 14: 4.10). As he says:" If you judge nothing before the time, until the Lord comes "(1 Cor. 4: 5). At the same time he says in another place:" rebuked exhort, rebuke "(2 Timothy 4: 2)," who sin rebuke before all "(1 Timothy 5:20) ... this shows that Christ did not condemn every**** ordering an absolute manner, but prevents them from rampant written criticism of others in less errors issued them [358].]

Love, who sends in insured spirit lack of conviction, looking to the weaknesses of his brother they Dafath, is a given that bestows wisdom to act with errant, written to condemn not the sinner, Mnclan our brothers from the bitterness of weakness, not like they are less of us or we Apr them, but as one who assigns his brother aware that partner with him in the same weakness.

2. Keep sanctuaries

"Do not give Jerusalem to the dogs,

Do not you put Drrkm before swine,

Lest trampled Bergelha and heed Vtmzkkm "[6].

Since the essence of our worship and purpose is "purity of heart", where we enjoy simple eye capable of previewing God and the realization of his secrets and his dealings with us, Christ feared lest understand simple sense of "ignorance" or "lack of wisdom", this blends Mr. simple wisdom. This was confirmed in his interview with his disciples: "Be wise as serpents and simple as doves" (Matthew 10:16). If God does not ask us to simplicity condemn anyone, in the same time ask us wisely behavior by saying: "Do not give Jerusalem to the dogs, do not you put Drrkm before swine." As if to say to us: Know what you offer? And to whom you offer? Knows the value of human sanctities and precious pearls in not granting her naivety of every human being, but known to those who provided and how it provides.

Jesus Christ himself, who did not spare us something, in advance of his life a ransom for our salvation, sometimes hides some secrets in advance us just what suits us, he says: "I have yet many things to say to you, but ye can not bear them now" (Jn 16:12) . He longs to give all his secrets, but does not offer what we can not tolerate it, so do not happen to us damage. On this wire Apostles curriculum also, says Saint Paul: "And I, brethren, could speak to you Krohieddin but Kjsudaian babes in Christ, Sagatkm for us not food, for you are you are not yet able; but now also you can not" (1 Corinthians 3: 1-2 ). In the same spirit lived the early church offered to Moauzin what suits them and reveal them for the sacraments, but as far as their potential, and at first the weather was closing the doors of the church after Mass catechumens after leaving blessed Eucharist is not only believers who are willing holy company. St. John Chrysostom says: [celebrate the sacraments through closed doors, and leave out is baptized, not for weakness in the persuasion regarding our secrets, but because many of them have yet to prepare a complete manner [359].]

St. Augustine says: We can understand Jerusalem and pearls as one thing, called holy because of a commitment not to spoil, and Drra because of a commitment not to scorn him. Man spoil what does not wish to keep it intact, and scorns what precisely that trivial and degraded, so despised thing said about it madhouse underfoot. Says the Lord: "Do not give Jerusalem to the dogs", because the dogs attack the thing torn, even if this thing can not be shredded or corrupting or desecrate. So think about what they desire these resisters spirit violently severe hostility. They want to destroy the right which can not be destroyed. The pigs are different from dogs they do not attack the teeth for tearing, but profane thing as whereon their feet in Ttiyahh ... permission to understand that the "dogs" refers to the resisters right, "pigs" to Mangarih [360].]

Taking Saint Gregory of Nyssa talking about celibacy as a matter of very precious as life and celestial, is that of live Kptull physically without exhibits in his career consistent Bptullath be like someone threw Baldrr under pigs feet [361].
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