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Q (25) Father Mina after Pope Bosrat "clergy" moral, financial and learning recognition .. p

"clergy", after, bosrat, father, financial, learning, mina, moral, pope, recognition

Egypt, citing Christo

Here they should wise people stand up and think, and here also

should adults to speak, and here, too, there should be a "pause for the future of the Church" things have crossed all barriers, and we actually on the doors, move the Orthodox Church to the Middle Ages in the Catholic Church stage and as forced period of corruption and watch, producing blackouts in the Middle Ages in the Catholic Church to escape the Europeans to existentialists, communism and atheism, and to transform churches into empty museums, began atheism among Christian youth in Egypt jumps Barkama fictional for the number of Copts in Egypt, also refer to what is happening inside the church and Maizhahdh young Copts of defect and corruption in the performance of men from the clerics, and al-Kidwa Anheier and prestige and value
It denies this insight is lost to the events, to be surprised if the Coptic Church live the Catholic Church in Europe in the extent of perspective
Before we start, too. We sentiments professor Talat Jadallah in his interview with the magazine Middle that "we disagree with the Pope and Enkhtlv them" and also Tomb for the mechanics of the change from the inside to confront corruption and repeat as saying "we believe that the Coptic Church prestigious institution of change and reform which comes from within, and specifically from the highest authority in which a compound Holy, it is sane and who believe that any change happens from the outside "and add to all this" riot and abuse do not lead to a change not to reform, "Reform comes from models to express an opinion and to Atsi Aaads it.
Here it is necessary to analyze the speech at the Pontifical recently on dealing with bugs and corruption cases and to depart from the teachings and faith Alchristay which recently raised, is known from published and lead the battle to maintain the Coptic Orthodox exposed to the danger of identity.
While the published issues, attitudes and well-defined, it should be referred to investigations and respond to them, either justification or exile or clarify Mauraha Ayalmh and Copts.
And Ssanzoq examples, We have deployed about inflation money three priests of the Secretariat of the Pope, and we talked about the leaks accounts figures exceed the 30 million Rev. Angelos Isaac, which Nlqubh patriarch Shadow, into a bank Credit Akreczol Egypt Lucy ABC Egypt, and we talked about inflation Rev. Ammonius just revolution and transgression, according to Leaks of 20 million pounds in the three Egyptian state-owned banks, which called on the banks to its demand to justify the money source, and in a way "contrary to conscience" issued his Father Sergius coral, according to the same sources, issued him an official letter in his capacity as administrative agent of the Pope, that the money deposited to spend on church projects ?? She spoke of the leaks, all exceeded wealth Father McCurry Habib of 10 million pounds, "and this proposal obtained by the Christians of Egypt from religious figure informed.
Should have been on the Church and the Pope Pope Tawadros II of Alexandria, to exonerate his name, by their names, and come out on the people, balances these priests in these banks, from the date of their arrival in the Pontifical headquarters with the existing shrine Anba Pachomius and so far, and is well known that the three priests of Thebes a poor family from the lake, and not one of them heir feudal and he went to work in Saudi Arabia, but any of them did not come out to the Diaspora for the service.
It was the Holy Synod having verified the authenticity of the publication of whether or not the work of the internal investigations, and shall be published on the Copts result in all honesty, but all Maasama, that there are bishops Maatardon on the survival of these priests, and yet they have the upper in the decision-canonical other Saint Mark Episcopate hand .. hakawi and richness about them and the three deacons around the pope, grieve the heart of every Copt.
There are many other examples, including Manschernah for the purchase of the Palace of the Pope in San Francisco on behalf of the Pope's personal, and in the suburb for the rich which would not allow the public to enter, and that the figures received us and we published an $ 8 million at the very least, other than the cost of incorporation and the decor, the monthly cost of electricity illumination and adaptations and water and escorts, maintenance and insurance and other a big money monthly, and added that the nine churches of Coptic churches in San Francisco paid half the palace Bamaaan value of orders cousin Pope Rev. Anthony rest, and that the other "religion" half the churches pay monthly? All this in order to live the pope for a few days.
Interestingly, the silence of the Pope and the Church hit silence after publication, and only one of the brokers involved in the Sbobh Full ml, the son of a member of the Board of Secondary earlier, and tried to controversy in value and in fact not even proven by completely? Fi sane accept money to go the poor donated by the Christian people for a nickname for delivery to the poor that is wasted in the palaces, resembling palaces and kingdoms of men of the Catholic Church in Aylosty Ages?
Like we published the third and no one could respond to it, for a meeting called by Pope businessmen in a list called St. Mark, and asked them to face the calf collection of 120 million pounds to beautify the cathedral? Is this in light of the deteriorating conditions of the poor Christians to spend this building to beautify the walls? With all this, no one utters?
And even corruption education and other exit from the Orthodox, the pope did not utter the Holy Synod, has published a video with sound and pictures of Bishop Mark Bishop General of Paris "is a life and death on the ground. There is no prisoner has the right to choose."
Even the professor Balaclerreqih and fathers evacuated and called out for faith Alchristay because he does not believe in the incarnation of Christ and the issues of steel and redemption, but does not believe the work of the sacraments, namely Baptism and Chrism and handling, but believes prayers that pray for salvation and the Incarnation in Alajpah and the Psalms? The silence and the silence of the Pope and the Holy Synod Mazaz
But the pope himself talking day and night about staying away from politics, and a few days ago, and also met with representatives from the published list love Egypt and electoral officials as the state to take his opinion on the nominations Copts? It thus chooses from among his children, and are not selected by the sadness will not say in hostility to him, because he preferred people to people, and is supposed to August for all, the pope did not come out and deny himself this meeting
Unlike Manscher all of the views of all rejected the idea of ​​unification of Easter holiday for violating the pure compound, which was said by the Bishop of recent very, very "pure states Maine complex mesh humans, and mesh Archbishop of Xena, Ehna change all Elly Ehna We want a change it?" Like bullying does not respect the Church and the Ecumenical Council Hromat cut banished Catechism of the greats such as St. Athanasius, which takes him to the pope and the bishop solution in every Mass "when he says .. Mhallon from the mouth of Almojtmaan in Nqiqih complex and St. Athanasius mouth
If the neutral Ptajmaa some of these news and verification, will find it models for age puts the Coptic Orthodox Church in distress, and a peak that says the Pope, "a divine institution of the Church" in the sense Elly Heintkd men criticize God, or say that such bishop Marc Ehna Commissioners of the Lord "and" Ehna agents of God "and the people Malhoush necessary"? This is the state of the church now?
Let's all this .. and we come to the papal speech payoff from all this? What did the Pope? and what did he say ? Is all this referred to the committees in the Holy Synod and declare to the people of the truth of the matter lie and truth from falsehood? Pope said in his article in the August 26, the word reflects the psychological state of crisis of the deployment of the facts, and the state of psychological burning of people's knowledge of the realities of things, and psychological worried about the effects of deployment on the grass and canonical Ocean, and on the reactions outside the church, deployment of speech penitential unusual in the Christian and Orthodox specifically, but there was a political speech Msi phrases be used by a pope, "such as treason and destruction and destabilization like a political speech Aouhzby man fights opponents threaten his posts and Mganmh and his personal property," he said
But hardly where to take off the hood and the prayers on the critics of corruption and wasting money and defenders of the identity of the church, forgetting the words of the Bible "When you raise your hands hide my face from you" and also "others Ollon and Ollon others," and can Anafl Well and does not A That written it, as well. " Mbri comet both innocent and guilty is an abomination to the Lord
Even coined phrases reflect the reality of things published and psychological fatigue of diffusion paths and expose the offensive in the house of the Lord, to be arrived at the peak of emotion, he said the following statement
"The Church of God and the divine institution established itself when he said," and upon this rock I will build my church "and the spirit of God, which is run by their parents and servants"
And Hecna put Pope Men Church in equality with God, but to make represented the church in his person, the same thought the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages and is left to the Pope only, that the instruments issued forgiveness and determines the value of each instrument ?,, As Jesus speaks of the Church which is the house of God, which is Mkhvozh to be Everlasting, and Aathdt in this verse the Pope Twadharos, bishops, monks and priests? "because they're human beings are mortal will not stay forever ?? But it seems that Pope Twadharos wanted to give himself and the men of the church" divine immunity "It reveals the facts and criticized considers him" an infidel, and Hoaslob penitential not in Fiqh Alchristay? The Church, for example, did not THD m when a pope out of faith because he went out of faith .. and remove its name from the Pope of the Coptic Church., And the church has been destroyed when encountered Bida to Aasaagafh Larios and others, and the corruption of some of them, and did not demolish anywhere because of persecution, the Church is the house of the Lord? The Pope and the men of the church they are human beings whom the righteous and who are too arrived to holiness, such as Pope Cyril VI and of them corrupt and no need to mention the models by name and rank of senior church even Aaosr young people, but that the Church is always stripping the monks and priests on charges of corruption, and prosecute bishops, if it were a divine institution Maojd out corruption, but the style I Egypt and Egypt I am "completely in control of the thought of the Pope" Sometimes he says "I'm the compound," a recent half of the Holy Synod of the current members, at least, and sometimes says "divine institution," a Achtzalat Lilja her rulers politicians at a time of extreme vulnerability, It may reflect some sort of power even in himself.
Interestingly, five days after the Pope's speech takfirist and Altalahy, openly admits all Maketbnah where he spoke about the pitfalls of the clergy "and the clergy is the rank of the priesthood," which starts from the deacon rank Opsahlts, ending the Pope, Patriarch, through monks, priests and bishops and the bishops, "he said in a conference with the priests of Alexandria and the Secretariat of the Pope, who leaked details of the Al-Watan newspaper said
The pitfalls of the clergy moral, financial or educational
And published by Al-Watan newspaper on Sept.,, As we thank the Pope on his confession Late that clerics preached to them the sins of the moral, financial and learning, we ask him to prosecute all those who have committed these sins to cleanse the house of God, following the words of the Bible "zeal of thine house hath eaten me up", Haant has recognized So what I did in the financial pitfalls and exit the education of faith, and we did not publish for moral corruption are you talking about, what you're active Aagbth the Pope, is not taken into account all responsible for his flock, and asked to hand their blood? So what did I do? Or you atone and followed only yourself?
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