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1 (8) D. Saad Eddin Ibrahim writes .. Is the president will look after the rights of citize

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Well did President Mohamed Morsy, he met mothers of martyrs, and the acting Pope Coptic Saint Pachomius. Many of the Copts of Egypt, and perhaps still, wary of the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood. Instead, the regime of President Mubarak, over thirty years playing in the Coptic paper.

The ******* of this game is to suggest that the Copts of their property and their lives as individuals, and even existence itself as a group, in constant danger, and that the ruling regime (Al Mubarak) is the one who protected them. The implications of these feeds, the suffering of our brothers the Copts from time to time of spontaneous or deliberate attacks by staging a sit-Muslims. And spontaneous attacks of this is the product of a slow accumulation of shipping to the feelings of aggression against others who are different religiously. The attacks in question are those that are pre-planning, either by religious militants, such as the Muslim Brothers, or infidels, or jihadists. Sometimes these acts of aggression planned in advance by the security services themselves, either glued to one of the parties that want these devices by antagonizing public opinion, in preparation for the settlement of political accounts with them. Or to extort some affluent of the Copts.

For ordinary people, the Copts, especially in Upper Egypt, are still carrying their memories and events Snpo Kosheh and Nag Hammadi. For the Copts in Alexandria, bearing the remains of the collective memory of the events are not close to the end of the investigations, and provide the perpetrators to trial.
Not to mention the historical injustices extended, does not stop Christians from Ajtararha. That the denial of equal access to jobs in what became known as state agencies such as the deep intelligence, and security of the state, and national security, and the Presidency of the Republic. Perhaps in this type of institutional exclusion of the Copts there are unintended companionship with the Muslim Brotherhood. They were in turn excluded from these devices, or the so-called «sovereign bodies».

But the most serious, socially and culturally is what is involved in educational and cultural materials, which stores them in the minds of citizens and Ojaddanhm, and usually appear in Muruthathm popular, and have a discriminatory effect when the decision-maker.
Moreover, the six hundred years of Egyptian history in which the mediator was all of Egypt Coptic population and culture, not only have two pages or three in the history books, textbooks compared to a full Pharaonic era, BC, as well as eras of Greek and Romanian.

So, too, that while our children learn, including the Copts, everything on the Islamic religion, and memorize selections from the Koran and the Hadith, they do not learn anything about Christianity, not keep anything from the Bible.
And worse than the neglect of knowledge about the «other Christian», our partner in the nation and citizenship, in our curricula, we find that what incites contempt of the other, and contempt of its heritage and practices. The Ibn Khaldun Center has analyzed the ******* of textbooks of the Egyptian first grade to third grade secondary, and documented what Ahtute of this kind of culture of intolerance against the other Coptic. And try a former Minister of Education Dr. Hussein Kamel Bahaa El Din, the curricula of these purified superstition. But it has a list of some MPs affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood in parliament at that time, Vojhit this attempt in the bud.

The issue of building churches, and the remains of the line ten Hamayouni imposing arbitrary conditions, you can say what you like. Despite a report by parliament in 1972, known as Jamel Attevy, relative to the head of fact-finding committee after the sectarian tensions in the town of Khanka Balqlliopip.

The report concluded ten recommendations, known since then «the ten commandments». And the country was enough to set aside the scourge of sectarian tension, but placed in the drawers, which was not implemented anything.

Vhabma, if initiated during President Mohammad Marina percent on the first brothers to make a symbolic Copts, such as support for a bill consolidated the role of worship, a project of the Twin report Attevy beauty. Fields covered speech at every crisis. And then are quickly forgotten. What's the damage as if built in Egypt and the Church A church in ten years, or every five years, or even every year. Many of the churches in Europe have become deserted the decrease of its members, so it was now for sale in auctions. Because increasing numbers of Muslims in Europe, Muslim communities have bought some of these churches, and turned them into mosques or Islamic centers. For their part, preferably the leaders of some Christian doctrines of these churches, which have sold to the followers of the Abrahamic monotheistic religions. A manifestation of solidarity between the spiritual alliance «Alemanyen» tendencies in the face of non-religious and atheistic beliefs, which are increasing regularly.

Among the initiatives is that gives more comfort to the brothers the Copts, the speed, not only in the appointment of Vice-President of the Republic of Coptic, but also two cabinet ministers or three of the Copts, including a girl or a woman.

In the context of a strategic time frame and different, during the years of the Cold War, which led the United States against the camp of the Communist camp, which included Russia and China. As part of the political competition within the United States, the Republican Party is the most stringent of the Democratic Party, and to deny recognition of China's People. Nixon came up, the most radical Republicans and became president of the United States, who admitted he was popular in China. And no one could deny it.

The same logic, I call on President Mohamed Morsy forthcoming Muslim Brotherhood, to take the initiative towards the giant brothers the Copts. And it will save the date and that all of Egypt forever.
On the way God intended.
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D> Saad Eddin Ibrahim writes >> Is the president will look after the rights of citize

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