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1 (8) Georgette Kulaina: Mercy knows that «skimmed» .. And «the return of Parliament» Filte

filte, georgette, knows, kulaina:, mercy, parliament», return, that, «skimmed», «the

Rania Badawi EgyptToday

Described Dr. Georgette Kulainy, a lawyer, a member of the Milli Mejlis, the previous parliamentary statement, Dr. Mohamed Morsy, President of the Republic, following the rule of the Supreme Constitutional Court to stop his decision to the return of parliament dissolved to convene, b «return to the right», as described «decision» as a dare the judiciary and the overthrow of legitimacy, and said that the decision did not issue «to beat» Military Council, but to settle scores with the Constitutional Court.

On the rumors about the conflicts within the wings of «deep state», after the victory of «anchorage» presidency, said «Kulainy» in its dialogue with the «Egyptian today» that the conflict is contained, but they do not wish so as not to reflect on the interest of the country, does not believe that the intelligence service the public would hinder the President to perform his duties or he can not of judgment, unless found to be second to none interest of the Muslim Brotherhood at home or abroad, at the expense of Egypt, and that its role in protecting national security, as it will intervene if it is found that there Ahlala and altered and the dismantling of security mission for the benefit of «Brotherhood» .. And to the text of the interview:

? How do you read the presidential statement, following the rule of «constitutional» President's decision to halt the return of the dissolved parliament to convene?

- First, refer to the right is a virtue and this is right, the president re-calculations, and make sure that public opinion with the whole legitimacy, especially after the charges against severe decision that drop of legitimacy and aims to clash with the Constitutional Court, and I think it see the calculations in this matter. I generally support the statement because the decline of the error is one of the Shim adults.

? In your view, what was the purpose behind this decision?

- Was intended to hit the High Constitutional Court basically, do not forget that he went to swear in front of the right affected, because the constitutional declaration so provides, otherwise there would be no recognition of his legitimacy, as well as he insisted not to broadcast the swearing on the air, but three of the justices of the Court they refused and insisted on broadcasting to achieve publicity, so much so that after one hour of negotiations, that the yield will be broadcast right, as he had suggested to go the court to the University of Cairo, is the oath there, but the court refused, so all of which confirm that there is a «flying bytes »between the President and« constitutional », so I think that the decision to return the parliament was intended to settle scores, and the first law that was to be released on the Constitutional Court Supreme discharge of its *******.

? This means that the decision was not intended by the Council's military?

- Not at all, and I think that the Council agreed with the president on the move and guide the meeting of the Military Council after the adoption of the resolution for 5 hours, did not result in the meeting for one decision, but president attended graduation with the Field Marshal and seemed to be the scene as if the «all fully».

? Do you expect to govern the administrative judiciary in the same what it ruled constitutional?

- Yes, I expect that he will judge also the suspension of Presidential Decree, as this would impose on the Egyptian society, it is conceivable that every citizen gets a judgment against him - for example - in the disputed land, canceled the president rule by presidential decree, because the second party on his opponents with his movement political to which it belongs, in addition to the President dare provisions of the Constitutional Court means the abolition of legality and dismantle the country.

? But some supporters of the resolution - the legal and political - they saw that it did not affect the decision of the constitutional rule, but he meant the withdrawal of Marshal's decision to dissolve the people, what is your comment?

- Field Marshal did not dissolve the Assembly, he just sent a letter to the General Secretariat of the Parliament, to carry out the sentence so that it is a crime to refrain from enforcing a sentence, and what was said by President laughed but deception and to circumvent the court's ruling.

? What if the President insisted on his position was not accepted by virtue of the constitutional?

- Must then be brought to trial on charges of refraining from doing justice, and time, either to prove to ourselves that we are in a real state of law, or accept them as «estate private», and I think that the decision of the court and placed in a dilemma, and what has been said about that the decision was intended to withdraw the decision Field Marshal just a lame excuse.

? Away from this crisis, you afraid to Egypt from becoming a «religious state»?

- I do not think that the current group, or he could be kidnapped in the country, the people of Egypt woke up and will not bounce back again.

? But the president belongs to the Islamic movement?

- Yes, but half the bloc voting abstained from the ground up, and half of those who voted in the election almost gave their voices to Dr. Marina, and the other half only slightly given the rival candidate, and a large part of those who gave «anchorage» did not give him love it but hate and spite in « Shafiq », as well as from that invalidates their voices, and calculates all of this we find that the President received a majority of those who voted in the elections, but did not get the consent of the majority of Egyptian people, and this reflects that the majority of Egyptian does not want a religious state, and the President should be aware of just that, and this What makes me say that it is not dependent on the willingness of a group or stream but on the desire of the Egyptian people and what he wants, and therefore people are addressed and strongly to any attempts to hijack the civil state, especially since people by nature loves diversity, and considering whether a person or group or current in the stand in front of the desire of the majority and try to Ojuna state or control would be definitely the loser.

? Leadership always denied it .. But some fear from the control of «Islamic» on a number of positions of state and institutions, and start the process of dismantling and replacement gradually their supporters, in order to achieve the dream stages of relying on the President «one of them»?

- As you say under the former regime «Almngty naked without the people», and now I come back and remind the Muslim Brotherhood, and should not be empowered by the presence of the president in power.

? Not afraid of the spread of «extreme rules» threaten freedoms in the Egyptian street?

- Will he accept the president that comes a few of the «rules», and threaten the security of people and their freedoms, causing him embarrassment, and then there will be a matter of the two can be either a strong president and addresses of the extremists who belonged to the Islamic trend, in his capacity as President, and the security of citizens' responsibility, and either silent without addressing them, and time will interpret it as either unable or satisfied with what is happening, and in all cases it is possible that this occurs either by one of the foci radical or by a third party, who did not know it until now, and who wants to threaten the stability, In both cases, the president is the president and has a responsibility to protect us.

? What do you think is said about the conflict within the state of deep wings now?

- There is no doubt that there is a known, the exact nature of the relationship between intelligence and the military council, and the nature of the relationship between both of them and the President, but we can say that any conflict between these institutions will be reflected on the citizen and Sadhar from the country, conflict will not benefit anyone, and therefore I hope that there is a communication and integration between these institutions and each other.

? Do you think that there will be conflict between the presidency and the intelligence service, and are easily enable the President of the ruling?

- The country's interests more important than the interests of any group and any thought, and I think that the intelligence service, which is a national protects the national security of Egypt, if it was found that the situation was going against the country and in favor of a group or movement, and that the president mounted the interest of the Muslim Brotherhood at home or abroad, the interest home it is certain that he will intervene at the time, for example if they felt attempts for «Ojuna» State, and the work of dismantling and replacement and switch to a number of institutions and agencies for the benefit of the group, it is certain that they would interfere, and certainly the presence of the armed forces and intelligence means that we are in a state of institutions, not the state president, It is certain that they will take up if they find that it is delivered to the state group, the intelligence apparatus that protects the security of the state from home and abroad, I do not think he would try to hinder the work of the president except in one case, if he had the highest interest of the group at the expense of Egypt .. This is the role of the intelligence service, has happened in a number of democratic countries, especially America, which occurred that More time, for example, statements that persisted that the group wants to turn Egypt into an Islamic emirate Jerusalem as its capital, is the statement issued by some affiliates of the group and the Islamic trend raises questions, as it is known that the group is extended in the world, and they have certain ideas they want to reach them.

? But the president announced his resignation from the presidency of the party of freedom, justice and community, is not enough to overcome all these fears?

- Yes, but the sense of belonging and loyalty, who grew up on them in the bosom of the group can not be Achtzalhma in the membership of the party, I believe completely that he resigned from the presidency of the party, but this does not make it recover from easily convictions of years, because it is not a robe Akhalah but is part of the composition, and all What we ask is to free himself from this thought, which is governed and to be loyal to the country only.

? Said that «military» Fort himself as «the Declaration to Supplement» and left internal intelligence service under penalty of the president?

- The military actually the security of the same announcement constitutional CMOS, and I Kqanonah with many notes, and when I read the announcement at first shocked, but let's talk a little candor, the president is aware from the beginning he is chairman of skim, I asked the 13 candidates for the presidency before the first round, do you know what your power, which Sttolon on the basis of the presidency?, The contract is the law between parties, and candidates, whether they were the first round or to arrive of them to return all the way to win the Marina, all they know they will treat according to Article 56 of the Constitutional Declaration, which is said by it «de-power», Yes, the Declaration to Supplement shocking, but it did not take the powers of the President of the Republic, which existed in Article 56, which means that the military council has not deducted in the advertisement, except what he referred to the Supreme Council will be terms of reference of the initiation of legislation, until the election of the Board of the people, and then return power to parliament, it is supposed to be this authority to the President of the Republic, as it was when the military council, and was intimate even come President of the Republic, but Maj. Gen. Mamdouh Shahin said he can not give this authority to the President of the Republic, so as not to be legislative and executive branches in the hands of one party despite that under the Constitution of 71 the President issued the decisions of the force of law in the absence of the parliament, until the Council discusses the decisions issued by the President of the Republic, and either be approved or rejected, it has kept the military on the power of legislation in his hand the pretext of making balance of powers is not correct.

? But there is already a derogation from the powers of the president-elect?

- Yes, so I refused to Dr Mohamed ElBaradei, to contest the election because he does not find the powers and rules, but as long as accepted Article 56 and its conditions, it was not by deception, but the disadvantage is not a defect «military», but a defect of the approved access on the basis of these conditions from the beginning, and there Another important thing is that the Supreme Council in charge of each department of the armed forces in all its, and this is not the current president is the commander of the armed forces.

? There are other reservations on advertising constitutional, especially those concerning the formation of a new Constituent Assembly to the Constitution?

- According to the Declaration of CMOS, we find that the military council stresses that the founding committee will reflect all the communities of the Egyptian people, and gave the right to object to any of the provisions of the constitution to five members of the Committee, and that's fine, and is resorting to the Constitutional Court if did not match members within 15 days, But that also gives veto power for each of the head of the Military Council and the Prime Minister and President of the Supreme Constitutional Court and others of their individual communities, as if all the people in the cuff and each of these in the other side, how so? Not true representatives of the people to be placed in one hand, those in the another, then I think that giving the right to object to all these will make us write the Constitution after at least three years.

? But there are fears among some of the military council to form a Committee on the desires are consistent with each other and thus dominates the writing of the Constitution?

- Out of the question, of course, but where is the solution? The only solution is to elect members of the Constituent Assembly and the Summit of democracy, but do the people's awareness for the selection of experts in this area and we will see or legal guidance in the election.

? Do you honestly think a politician is different and Kqubtih in the constitutional declaration of being legal?

- Even though I have many reservations on the declaration of constitutional CMOS Kqanonah, I In fact, what we saw from the power of religious in the People's Assembly and Shura Council during the last period was a cause for concern and need to find a legal formula to reduce what is happening, for example, their desire to change the laws of the Central Bank and Egyptian banks and the impact not only on trade and foreign investment, but more importantly, its impact on society, then you can imagine millions put deposit money in the bank and depend for their livelihood on the return on this deposit, end of service gratuity to the man elderly, who spend the revenue to treatment, or the widow, which placed a reward of her husband and a deposit and feed her children of return, etc. from the effects of strong social benefits on the grounds that is haram .. If we had we continued in this kind of legislation was the world Saazlna.

? What about the Coptic demands of the new President?

- Not to us but to the demands of all Egyptians of justice, freedom, democracy and non-discrimination and the application of the law, and not no such thing as a man and a woman or a Muslim or a Christian is important is efficiency, so that everyone affiliation, it does not feel that the State his property and give it right How Ttalibah that he had the loyalty of them, and therefore I emphasize that Christians do not want the special demands and the demands are different from the demands of all the Egyptians, and fears of Christians in this time is no different from concerns of current majority in the Egyptian People's percentage of anxiety and one of the Muslim and Christian on the contrary, I think that the Copts now I do not feel that they are a class and a range separate from the community in fear and concern, but feel that it is part of the slide larger and larger, which calls for city that the state is no longer said to «Muslim and Christian», but current religious and other liberal, Copts are integrated in the larger portion, which calls Palmdnah This is a huge benefit after the revolution did not become a chip on the basis of religious.

? Do reassure women and Copts are declared to be the Vice President of a woman and a Coptic?

- Do not Aredany division as far as the quality of choice, for example, can choose the characters domesticated She is known for not opposed to the moving in behind and always smiling does not want to offend any party, just as they can choose assistants or deputies from outside the Muslim Brotherhood but desires brothers, lesson quality and strength of people who will be their choice and they are independent people who belong to different parties, and competent, which should apply to the government, nor seek to monopolize it.

? What do you think of attempts to find a parallel stream of civilians?

- This trend is moving out of keenness on Egypt and the fear of a civil state, it is true, Dr. «anchorage» deliver a statement to reassure, but those seeking to form a front up until absolutely sure of the commitment of Dr. Marina promises and maintain a civil state and will continue this front in place to while making sure the sincerity of intentions.
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Georgette Kulaina: Mercy knows that «skimmed» >> And «the return of Parliament» Filte

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