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Copts from July to January .. Colorful revolutions and citizenship are absent

absent, citizenship, colorful, copts, from, january, july, revolutions

The delegation

Books - Shaaban Abdel Wahab

Report - Shaaban Abdel Wahab

60 years passed the July Revolution, which knocked the doors of hands covered with blood that you eat home Thorath demilitarized completion,, "half a revolution means a cemetery for the people", and history repeats itself twice, the first tragedy, and the second a farce ..

July 23, 1952 is an important figure in the memory of the Egyptian national movement, and the anniversary of the revolution overthrew the "democracy" aspires to the people under the name of "social justice", at that stage adopted by the military and Erehgoha "nationalization, confiscation, and arrests," sealed with a "dream" remote idea called "Arab nationalism", it is the specter of revolutionary track - still - cast a shadow on the January Uprising spontaneous "Growing Up" dysfunctional paced to the path of dissipation Aasmha historically known to "jump" regardless of the political faction which practiced.

Vary the 60th anniversary of the "July Revolution" this year than in previous years, the rules of the political game turned on its head, the Islamists who Variqthm "tart July", harvested individually "cake January", the president belongs to the Muslim Brotherhood partner Revolutionary Command Council, the first, and "grave leader," Abdel-Nasser, "the group discount stubborn - waiting on the Revolution" military ", repeating questions" VERIFY "What do Mercy" President "to" date "for a festive" July "has not stopped over 59 years trading the throne of Egypt, during which the owners "The Eagle and the Alpiedh and Cape."
And Copts third variable between Islamists "harvesters January Uprising" and military "monopolists of the July revolution," according to paint a map stage, in the first was a young Copts part of the revolution along with all the currents in Tahrir Square, chanting cheers "people wanted to overthrow the regime", the system who wanted to abort it is a natural extension for the "July Revolution" veered a bit and missed that during which the privileges of the people, while in 1952 was not the Copts representative and clear the Revolutionary Command Council, known as the "Free Officers" with the exception lieutenant on the marginal phase called "thank Fahmi" Member the second row of the Free Officers.

Escalated fears Copts after that wake up one day did not find the Wafd Party, the ally who was raising the slogan of national unity, and practicing Christians in light of his active role as president in Egyptian political life, the fears that came in the absence of representatives of the Copts in the Revolutionary Command Council, as well as solution parties, and the decline of parliamentary representation prompted Nasser to close 10 circles parliamentary satisfaction of the Copts, but that the closure of departments did not ministering the "leader" at the time of grafting the right of Copts political Fasthaddt amend the provisional constitutional principle of the appointment of Copts in parliament, which he described as great thinker Milad Hanna as "the exclusion of political "result in the overthrow of power stone" Patriarch of the Church ", and as researchers monitoring the 21 deputies elected Coptic succeeded over 30 years, while 65 was appointed deputies.

Did not stop the tide of Nazareth about the Copts on the borders of decline in the political role, but extended to the level canon for happen a radical shift in the history of the church to "approved" list of the election of the patriarch known Blaúhh 1957 or Regulation Nasiriyah - as fond of the current secular Copts, those regulations came Pope Kyrillos the Sixth Patriarch of the Copts in line with the nature of the phase that did not know the mechanism of "election."

Some circles Coptic did not deprive the July Revolution of positive, although the penalty, which is similar to "keep the elites Coptic" and the siege of political life imposed by phase pays to attack boost, from the perspective of citizenship, which he considered political thinker Gamal Asaad most gains - July - assess the post-1952 , pointing out that the attack that was a detracted from the rights of the Copts is not true, pointing out that the establishment of citizenship, and refuse to deal with Christians on religious grounds, came to the opposite hue church leadership at the time, and contending with the project to divide Egypt inscribed on U.S. agenda carried by traders Coptic issue.
Happiest known as the "Arab identity and nationality", he said that the situation of the Copts after the January Uprising did not differ greatly from before the revolution, except for variable out of the mantle of young Coptic Church to the political community.

The change is the only guarantee to get out of the tunnel "sectarianism 'and the only guarantee of the change out of the tunnel" sectarianism' to buffer "citizenship" legislation is a strong state laws that require everyone to block the "congestion" always drive to the explosion.

For his part, said George Isaac "- a leader of the adequacy and coordinated by the former - to Egypt after the July Revolution has made social justice, and the Copts were on a high degree of interdependence, and it was all Egyptian involved in the national project, and did not feel any discrimination, as opposed to shipping sectarian mostly on political performance far.

After the sunset of the former regime on February 11, bear optimism in the hearts of Christians, like all Egyptians, harbingers of White Revolution in support of "citizenship" and the criminalization of discrimination, formed the state Egyptian warning to "the demise of" theories of polarization and religious practices of sectarian violence, and there a few days until he sobered up home on the incident is unique not seen in the history books before, comes in a burning church "access" and demolished in March 2011, followed over several months a few events of sectarian-caliber, most recently the events of Ameriya - did not show her "offender from the victim," so far .

Eye Street Coptic see "revolutions" Almtsaartin the memory of history, Plavrouk, the chances of the Copts and one, unless you saw the post, "January," a constitution and a national reflects the features of the structure of the Egyptian, after the continued effect of heresy appointment of Copts in parliaments, and the dominance of sectarian elections after the revolution "popular".

The difference between watching "July" and "January", as seems to the thinker Coptic Kamal Zakher founder of Front secular Copts, depends on the culture conditions of the society, pointing out that the status of Copts nothing to do with revolutions, but applied to the Egyptians and then applied them.

And Isttr saying "state citizenship after 1952 went through stages three, the first of them," Nasiriyah, "those that did not have a runner directly with citizenship, but marred by some trouble in the forefront of" the laws of agrarian reform, nationalization, "and the second with" Sadat "the crisis began in the reign wake of the cells after "religious" sleeper to deal strongly with the political street, and pay the adult price Copts during that period.
And Iiithm "stage Mubarak," which was the beginning is promising at all about \ insistence on the continued imprisonment of Pope Shenouda monastery, implementation of the decision-Sadat, and ended with "transfer" of all problems to the sectarian reconciliation meetings law.

Sacher, who saw no surprise in the rise of Islamism after January, emphasizes the need to write a national constitution expresses the universal, and heal the wounds of the transition.
At the canon and the possibility of repeating the experience of Nasser now in the selection of the 118 Albbtrerk by the president indirectly, said coordinator of the Secular Copts Front If you repeat this form of interference in ecclesiastical affairs, because we recognize the country to stage characterized by hardening and tightening the other hand.

And had "read the scene suggest that the next Pope will be away from dealing with the political side."

Resolution of d. Andrea Zaki, "Vice-President of the Anglican Communion controversial distinction between the situation of the Copts during the revolutions of" July, January, "he said," January closer to the heart of the July revolution, "adding" in the July Revolution was not the Copts part of the revolution, and the security of the organization of the Free Officers, in While the Tahrir Square saw the participation of Copts in the January Uprising within the ranks of the rebels shouting "the fall of the regime."

Zaki pointed to the exposure of the rich Copts and Muslims to nationalization and confiscation after the "July", while everyone is looking after January to write a new constitution reflects the people's demands and is biased for all Egyptians.
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Copts from July to January >> Colorful revolutions and citizenship are absent

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