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المنتدى : Egyptian Christian News
1 (8) Kamal's full of «opinion»: the Copts do not need assurances Mercy ... But to «Constit

assurances, copts, full, kamal's, mercy, need, «constit, «opinion»:

Kuwait's opinion

Egyptian Coptic thinker said Kemal full of it can not be accessed for analysis and are now clear about the direction of President Mohamed Morsi, in the management of affairs of the country, pointing out that the letters of President Mercy so far overshadowed by the «religious language», and explaining that the Copts do not need assurances of Mercy ... But the «Constitution of the Governor».
He is rich in dialogue with the «opinion» that the cooperation with the Copts, the Egyptian president will depend on their vision to the demands of citizenship are realized on the ground, and stressed that the Church rejects the migration of their nationals after the presidential election results and called it from already migrated to the back.
In the following text of the interview:

• How would you rate the performance of President Mercy?
- Can not be the work of analysis and clear now on his way in the management of affairs of the country, and the letters of the first President Mercy dominated by religious language, and this is probably due to that this speech is his first political speech and that he emerged from within the group to all Egyptians ... Mercy President said in his speech that he adheres to the «Bmarjeitna and Vision», did not say what is the authority and vision.

• Do you think that these letters assured the Copts?
- Christians do not need reassurance, but to the assurances came from the documents governing the constitution and on her head.

• Are there could be cooperation between the president and Copts Mercy in the future?
- I see that the cooperation of Christians with the president depends on their vision to the demands of citizenship be achieved on the ground, which is to speed up the issuance of building a unified law for houses of worship and to pass a law criminalizing discrimination on the basis of religion in the public service in various parts of the functions of the state, and the elimination of all forms of discrimination and to achieve full citizenship and the representation of Copts represented politically balanced and coherent with the number, and the appointment of Vice Copt the President also promised to Mercy, and the representation of Copts in the new ministry are adequately represented and open prompt and fair in all cases brought before them Copts of persecution and injustice, including the demolition of the Church of arrival Batfaih and the burning of a church Almarenab Paswan and the massacre of Maspero and the Church of the saints.
Add to the investigation of complaints filed against each of the Ozdroa the Christian religion and Svhoa of symbols and text explicitly in the Constitution that leaves the Copts in their personal to their religion, traditions and customs in all their affairs, religious and taking into account the respect for human rights and commitment to international treaties and respect for freedom of belief and to ensure the exercise.

• What are the main demands that Christians wish to begin by the President?
- Must be urgent solutions to the problems of the Copts and we will stand in opposition to protect the civil state, especially after the varied reactions of the Copts after the victory of Dr. Mohamed Morsi, President of the Republic.
Church announced it at a distance of one of the candidates and that it will cooperate with the candidate who comes by the Fund regardless of affiliation or background, and Egypt, a state of institutions, laws, and we will deal with the President in the rebuilding of the country and unite for the country achieve the dreams of the Egyptians and safeguard the results of revolution of the twenty-fifth of January of freedom and justice and social democracy.

• What is the accuracy of the frequency in the recent period the migration of large groups of Christians after the victory of Mercy?
- The church did not let anyone of migration, but instead called to stay in Egypt, because we will succumb to a new era. The Church seeks to make its efforts to restore migrant Copts of Egypt and its support in the development and upgrading of intellectual, scientific and economic.

• Do you feel concerned about the Copts of the Brotherhood?
- Copts wish to join the Brotherhood, through cooperation with the foundations and rules of the Brotherhood because they are walking on the approach of religious himself, and despite a number of the Copts insist on emigration for fear of Mercy, who represents the Islamic trend, but we invite them to return and not to escape, and the duty of the church religious instruction and provide what it can to support the new president.

• But there are fears of rule by the Muslim Brotherhood?
- Of course there was fear in the beginning of the control rule of the guide, but the legitimacy and integrity of the Fund became Mercy president of Egypt, and therefore we accept his victory, and I think that the Islamic government and the constitution must be drawn from principles of Sharia and Egypt needs to live in freedom and democracy and social justice, and not cut off hands of thieves .
As there are no fears of the Church, Mercy took the presidency, and the church are all confident that God would give him wisdom to do justice to the oppressed, and we ask God to bring the modern civil state ****d on law and right.

• Do you think that Mercy can achieve the demands of the Copts?
- Dr. Mursi would remove the fears Egyptians and to emphasize that the situation in Egypt will be more stable, what will make us work in a better environment for the construction of Egypt, and therefore do not need to fear because the President Mercy will try hard to reassure all spectrums of the Egyptian people and removes the fears in his deeds, we have to wait .
Church over the past years have passed contracts of good and bad, but they are still there so far and that according to our Christian faith we believe that the church in the hands of God, and the President Mercy to pursue the idea of ​​the Union that we hand one, Muslims and Copts and taking into account the rights of the Copts first and second-Muslims.

• How do you view the status of Copts in the era of former President?
- The Coptic Church and outside the scope of thought in the era of the former regime of former President Hosni Mubarak, and so we are a separate state within a state.
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Kamal's full of «opinion»: the Copts do not need assurances Mercy >>> But to «Constit

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