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1 (8) Founder of the Christian Brothers: I studied the history of "Banna" to avoid errors

"banna", avoid, brothers:, christian, errors, founder, history, studied

23/07/2012 The delegation
Interview - Shaaban Abdel Wahab

Founder of the Christian Brothers: I studied the history of "Banna" to avoid errors

Interview - Shaaban Abdel Wahab

Without warning, threw activist Coptic Amir Ayyad, a stone in water clusters Coptic successive Khasamha verification on the ground, and stayed until further notice pure entities subject to emerging media, both "the press - and space" only, where he announced the establishment of the so-called theory so far to "Brotherhood Christians "without a clear signal in his announcement of the objectives or regulation, or sources of financing," the group's new on the political scene, but only to "permit" is controversial for his refusal to "create a legal entity" to them and work at the community level, in accordance with the Declaration only, under the pretext of the situation of the Muslim Brotherhood.

"Brotherhood" is now a term dual dimensions, it is necessary to know well after Ahtkrth the Muslim Brotherhood over 80 years, called the first criticism of the airline's Christian community arising from the great thinkers of Copts, and charges and to the extent of participation in the scheme of splitting the received Amir Ayyad and his colleagues Even church leaders commented on the statement of incorporation with the words "Mnarafh Maine States".

Time was the first signs of Alasttfham to ask the name of the group that did not materialize after the "media", added to initiate a coalition of Copts in Egypt at the same time to establish a so-called "lobby Coptic" as an entity expands to all Coptic organizations desire to unite the bloc, a Coptic one, about the attempts by other teams from Coptic activists seeking to promote the media "entities" cut Amir Ayyad strings proliferation depends on the mere statement recounted by websites to "launch" a coalition or a party or movement, Bmsmah "Brotherhood of Christians."

Dozens of analysts took the idea did not go beyond the stage of "labor" until the present moment, sometimes ridiculed, sometimes vehement rejection, accompanied by the "projections" ripping sectarian homeland weakened immunity in repelling the attacks of "kidnapping religious" as appeal to the Coptic thinker full of perfection.

There are indications towards recession hit the faction of the Copts after the Egyptian revolution in trading the Coptic issue from the outside .. Mzjah in the homeland of the goods sought to become a real division, although storms are almost pick out the remainder of the roots of its hardness.
In rough handling of the political "Brotherhood of Christians," the timing and objectives, members and funding, program and activities, announces Amir Ayyad for organizing the first conference for the "Community" on 25 July, determined to provide answers to all questions that mean silence in the death of the idea in the bud.

Chronology for "the emergence of the group" dates to 2005, when put to a human rights activist Mamdouh Nakhla, the establishment of the party, "Brotherhood of Christians," and then an apology a few hours later from the same person the launch of the idea, then a hint of side d. Michel Fahmy, the spiritual leader of the group in 2006, the need to revive The idea, blocking "Awagiz Copts" - according to Ayad, then faded the idea completely, and with the rise of d. Mohamed Morsi for the presidency, which the owner on the side is something of concern Coptic, re-think again in the establishment of an entity Coptic happens balance in the course of the political game, at the decline is remarkable streams of civil and fragmentation in exchange for the Islamic movement, and goes on the group's founder said, "Christian Brothers are not in support of the scheme of the division of Egypt, as some claim, but a message to the Western world that the Copts have in Egypt to freedom of expression without restrictions."

The idea put forward at a time of political conflict between all the currents, the need to clarify the truth, and the face of its founder, rejected Coptic overwhelming to its existence, supported by disguising themselves canon capable of overthrowing the "Brotherhood of Christians" in a little time to link to high - emotionally - between the church and Christians.

We met Amir Ayyad, who started his speech for the "gate" the delegation certainly growing up in a family "priestly", refusing to be the church in the way of his idea .. And stressing the need for distancing itself from the political side, full of dialogue .. ..

- You are accused of "establishing" a group that aims to promote the division of Egypt and of sectarianism because of its name "Christian Brothers".?
Rumored that I have received training in the United States for "the division of Egypt," and those who are attacking the Brotherhood of Christians to "charge" sectarian division, two teams, the first unwilling to come out of the media landscape, and wants to continue the monopoly of the modern name of the Copts, and the second fear of a clash between us and the Islamists , and I am surprised by Naguib Gabriel and some of those who attack us without Ikro nothing about the group ..

- If the motive for "choose" Name Brotherhood of Christians, as opposed to "the Muslim Brotherhood. This not in support of" sectarian "?
Copts have restrictions in the exercise of public work, some from within the church that seeks to impose hegemony, and some of the Islamic movement or the State, and the "creation of a" Brotherhood of Christians in this Title is intended to convey the message of Western society that we are working in Egypt, without pressure, and we want to force the street Egyptian on a comparison between us and the Muslim Brotherhood.
- But the great thinkers described the Copts and the whole idea of ​​"political adolescence," and said they would not allow its existence .. How do you respond to that?
Who say that call them "fifth column", and some Coptic coalitions with names sectarian, and most of the attackers were separated from the Federation of Youth Maspero, because they wanted to Itagroa the Coptic issue, and they wanted to politicize the Union.

- How to avoid the rejection of the Church's position on your presence? Will try to communicate with the Holy See to pass the idea?
I say to the church of "adequacy on you like that, and come back to your role in the education of spiritual worship," and stress that so far we got 32 thousand application for membership, but our priorities is to communicate through thought and awareness.

- To what extent you can comply with church leadership in order to "Christian Brotherhood" or clash with it if Hajmtkm, how do you imagine the situation if the pope is alive now?
Will not seek to appease the church at all, and he was Sarvd in contravention of what to remember, and I did not Otmrd the church before, and grew up in a priestly family .. and the first pope who contributed to the isolation of Copts because of the uniqueness of the decision.

- Is taken from the Brotherhood name only? Or are you inspired by the organization and structure?
Quoted from the Muslim Brotherhood name only, and studied history of Imam Hassan al-Banna is well to avoid errors, and will not resort to the secret organization.

- Some links between the emergence of "Christian Brotherhood" and the emergence of "a group of the Coptic Nation," Are there similarities between you?
There is no relationship between us and the group of the Coptic Nation, and we are not an extension of her, and the Coptic Nation group, had refused to join the Muslims require membership and join the Coptic fanatical, and therefore did not spread popular.

- Do you have a priority of reform canon, just as they do, "the Coptic Nation"?
Will not enter into the church would at all, but if it intervenes in political matters.

- Attacking those who criticized the "Christian Brothers" without reading about it, and yet does not have clear information about this entity .. How can I combine two extremes?
We will announce the goals and the organizational structure and regulation at a conference in July 25, and will be distributed to program the group's present and will be available to all, which is very briefly divided into 3 aspects of "political - social - Awareness," and focuses the awareness to enhance lift by the religious establishment on the matter Coptic and the demand of the Coptic Church to get out of the mantle.
We have a time plan extends to 9 years, is established at the end of a political party strong arm of the group, which will remain in place to achieve their goals.

- .. A major funding problems of the community, about the rumors about the existence of the Copts back supports the idea, after the recession, their trade as "Coptic issue from the outside" .. How do you see that?
People who talk about foreign funding, I say to them, "Just go to our headquarters in the Canal Street" and ask for the value of rent, we Intelqy external financing, and the group will be funded by contributions from its members, and we decided that the subscription of 10 pounds per person per month.
- The Muslim Brotherhood made great sacrifices for the "maintenance" on the organization, do you expect of abuse and exclusion for "your community"? Stqomon and how?
I expect the same fate as the Muslim Brotherhood in the eras of torture, and our idea will succeed when we are exposed to the arrest and imprisonment, and are willing to sacrifice for it.

- Why do you think .. welcomed the Islamic groups to "establish a" Christian Brotherhood?
Welcomed the Islamists to "Christian Brothers" because they prove the eligibility of the Muslim Brotherhood in the presence, as an opportunity to Hzbalnor to deny charges of militancy.
- Why did not announce the names of the founders in the press release for you?
Will announce the names of the founders of the General Conference, and the group has a higher committee consisting of 12 members, including 4 legal, and we have a general coordinator in each province, and all of the details will be announced during the conference.
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Founder of the Christian Brothers: I studied the history of "Banna" to avoid errors

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