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Q (25) Alaa Abdel Fattah and Ahmed Doma Scripting of Mahbshma: Eetmlkna anger of raising the

abdel, ahmed, alaa, anger, doma, eetmlkna, fattah, mahbshma:, raising, scripting

Alaa Abdel Fattah and Ahmed Doma


I know that despair betrayal

But Rebel in national

- If it were infallible prophet -

And saw .. Enable the tyrant

Order of the oppressed

Lullaby and the poor

Lose faith ! !

They despair betrayal .. No rest for the logo never understand his motives but the growing tide worries me the word " betrayal " . Realized the importance of a sense of denial but it scares me naturally.

Reminds me angry groups roam the field carrier shirt tinged with the blood of a researcher for any traitor leaving despair is his heart or his mind .

Ehtkon sweetness field. Pretend Pencaanam while weave the legend of the 18 day spotless .. But they do not leave my nightmares ! !

My mother in my nightmares surround those interested in expulsion from the field. Tquaomanm Leila Suef , who was born in the womb of the defeats came down the field in 1972 is no longer so far . Despair did not dare to touch them , however Khounoha to expel doubts and fears .

Oorthtna mom cake and stone Oorthna dad cell . Out of respect for our heritage to the best - I am - a legacy better than my sister , and has inherent within morgues and victims of torture and the arms of the bereaved .. I'm afraid even of the question for Kwabeshen ! !

They said that the betrayal of despair .. I understood , but I was not convinced . Already told me , " Brother, you are free behind the dams ," Here I am left just out of my control and my dream , and I know from experience that a part of me will remain behind these dams mean that even after my release them ! !

Mythology is part of my heritage . They said , " Maine who estimated hour locked Egypt ," despite the fact that everyone knows that " Tapioca " and " Alcazar " and all - and any - Gen. capable locked her discretion by him in the dream of a green needles that hours ! !

They said " ideas do not die " .. But they did not tell us what the value of immortal ideas not hear the sound of a bullet ? !

Why be afraid to recognize the weak ? We humans Tafrmana armor and scare us and Touhhna prisons and distorts lead our thoughts and our dreams , humans suffer defeats and let them down their bodies and their souls Tdafhm Principality bad , Thrgahm dreams and nightmares Thalhm .. Human beings who are seeking to help them despair of love ! !


Hope ..

The key to paradise


I survived Vtkon

But paradise still fit

In dreams ..

After the death! !

If it was a betrayal of despair , what about hope? At least Issarhana Bhakikth despair , but hope Vgdar disingenuous . Do we have seen the worst betrayal , however, and thus committed in the name of what it hopes is concerned ? !

The army and the people supported one , the rule of law , the Constitution first , the people, elected institutions , guys yesterday , activists veterans , judges are not afraid only of God , the crowd , the security field, the Coalition , organization, party , independent media , national pavilion , the National Council , the officers honorable ...

Is there a greater betrayal of hope in some - or all , or any other - than ever ?

Is there a greater betrayal of maintaining hope in improved conditions after the adoption of the Constitution of SUCCEED written promise not completed until after the release of the detainees ?

Is there a greater betrayal of maintaining hope in all state institutions devote themselves to murder , torture and snitching ? !

Is there a greater betrayal of hope in the election revolves around a national dialogue to ensure the least amount of competition and greater certainty in advance results? !

Is there a greater betrayal of hope " candidate necessity" despite the fact that all these qualifications are limited to " necessary " ?

Is there a greater betrayal of hope in a civilian candidate feared his rival, Gen. announcement explicitly ? !

Is there a greater betrayal of hope for the masses raise Photos murderers and torturers ? Is there a greater betrayal of hope in guys deny defeat Capra "no challenge " .. When the infection spreads and the rebels back to the streets , prisons and the morgue can not find in support of their comrades ? !

Hope Kallias betrayal , but he Kallias - well - twice the normal human .. Here in my cell, my dreams and my nightmares struggling - I do not know which one hurts more - Atnazni despair and hope together .. But I - never - not betray ! !


We are not free ..

Acknowledged that

We would

Firmly grasp tomorrow

The tragedy of people may have committed

The guilt of security

.. Unlimited ! !

On a clear day after Adharaben for food and snow storm subsided and the sky , we find ourselves in tranquility .

Drink tea in the " yard " after being gone beyond the discussion stage in the feasibility of steadfastness and opportunities for our exit , after a month of revisions and Almkashvat is left for us but memories.

While tell tales Habsat ago when the cells were seemingly more expansive and more loyal comrades , despite the fact that the revolution at the time was " an impossible dream " .. Remember me and found myself there - in the past - in the subway dressed in high school with my colleague Ozaa report jurist photographer for the torture of " cattle thief " elderly jazz burning police station in Fayoum , we change trains to get up quickly before someone from the shock of the picture and caught us.

I did not tell my father I received my heritage day . It did not seem important . We were just trying to alleviate the anger , all my goal was to evacuate the house of those ugly picture .. Did not have any hope for the role ! !

There in the past and I found myself less experienced and wiser , I write about a generation struggling without hope nor despair , has only small victories , not defeats major shake it out of things .

Jill less ambitious than his predecessors , but his dreams more extra space .

In all ills .. But I 'm not a traitor . Committed cheese and selfishness , jumped the gun a lot and sometimes recklessly , and Tkbert and Tkhazlt but I never did Aachen .. Will not betray the revolution nor despair with hope .. This is a promise ! !


Who told PANA

Avmama ..

Or I

Enchanted generation ? !

Verily Bashrion ..

But ..

In the darkness ..

We wish the light ! !

Our sin capers not treason. We said: We are not like those who preceded us , so is the Muslim Brotherhood 's youth and young Nazarenes and non- youth and youth is left is liberal .

Exposed panting Ostoratna on young military officers tried ! !

Arana Today we made the same mistakes and the same flaws in us , despite all the claims of uniqueness and rebellion are not only loyal to the sons of the people and the country , adhere to principles and sanctities , customs and traditions . We have received the full legacy , and strive to maintain it so that our children inherit .

We will tell them you are different , you will not repeat our mistakes , but Snnssa to explain to them that they do not wish prophecy . Sngena them star songs or songs and Imam Sayyid Qutb and Hashim al-Rifai , but Snnssa to explain to them that they do not resist heritage . Would rebel , but in the end Saaudoa inheritance to their own free will , but that Snnssa Nnnbhm that this inertia is not fated ! !

And do not forget how we are busy about the myth of the revolution and field legend uniqueness of our dreams ? How not to get caught up and we are busy defending the second wave Ngrguena ?

Yelling at them "is not plot them on you! " And forget that we say to ourselves : " It is a conspiracy of them we " or was - perhaps - a conspiracy of us we ? Forgot but I am sure it happened before .

Claim that the first waves were mysterious dark but inside me absolute certainty about it , every detail clear and frank and open and calculated , but the myth, in its attempt to blur weakness , anxiety and violence and tampering with and mourn the pain and fragility of the dream, open them doors broadcast Gmodahm ! !

Claim that the second wave and clear open and transparent , but it looks to me from the moment I vaguely mysterious Oliva , Mystery strewn in my heritage in the words brief : Black September - Sabra and Shatila - the right of the lonely - Setback - T and beef - Dferssoar - coups and wars camps - wars Bay . . Song inherited without details nor explained songs , not even a wry jokes , as if those words do not represent only a simple side of the conscience of those who preceded us . They forgot to tell me and we have forgotten that we in our ignorance Nsarham that carried them responsibility , and today 's pretend like we do not live nightmares similar to escape the recognition that we do not like them no power to us! !


Traffic fields


Traffic and revolutions

Onstana that :

"Dream is a field"

The Revolution:

Her home self ! !

For larger strict rules . It is important not to talk about yourself and you glorify yourself in the otherwise exposed Kmgror fiddling , while in solitary not find what you're talking about only yourself , Time, stops and your will not go beyond the limits of your **** . When you talk about yourself freely imposed by the necessity to find - then - yourself .

There in the past and I found myself stretched out on the keyboard with my wife build a site that combines all Egyptian blogs , refusing to comply with the rules or classification or boundaries . Resorted to us Blogs refusal to compound the Tunisians to discredit those who support it in national refugee and exile activists . Print Roitni invitation to the popular press and the alternative media and dispense in all forums for years .

We did not seek conglomerate or let unified identity , we were concerned only to express ourselves , not our aim to dispel the ambiguity of our contemporary history nor deny Eltbash and Smajtna , but ensure that exploit ambiguity to deny our experiences and rewrite Hawwadatna forcibly or voluntarily in an attempt to obliterate what annoys the authorities or bothers us .

There in the past and I found myself less experienced and wiser write about women with independent resist isolation collective action , however refuses to melt in total, we cooperate with those who have gone before us susceptible delve into their projects and their theories as long as did not get involved in the faith or promote them , not grappling generations nor Adeina unique .. But we stick - not down - Baduatna ! !

In the absence of despair and hope together is left for non- self . Our goal is to emphasize in our country than crushing , and the pursuit of Aftratna unknown in the country of his nature stalemate , fighting for one day end without certainty Gorge tomorrow Atabgah also matched by him every day , every ambition to spend the night of power is concerned , although I worry this dreamlike everyone .. But with that dream and Phnom Sahaan not troubled by the authorities ! !


What about a dream deferred ?

Let it leave under the sun

To wither like the grain of raisins ?

Or neglects Finz Sididakjerh Wiesel ?

Or do you smell Stvouh

Things like moldy ?

Or is bleeding dream


After Tkhmrh


Perhaps Sain and Aatral Lamb hard ?

Um .. Going to explode ? !

About Angeston Hugh - Adapted

Nguena four fields . Taatnazaana four fields . Four fields Tmzkna them. Four fields dominate the dreams and nightmares of her family . Field of them Ndahh maze and do not have to ignore the call and do not get out of it , keep your soul trapped inside, but came out of your **** .

Four fields of grappling , and all the rest of them deny or deny that it exists . All fields except your field Photoshop . Fields outside the audience aghast looking for stability . Sing every field to make public some of the slogans and demands of his own jurisdiction . But no stability in sight Each denies Maaadah .

The first of them and our own field of their origin ; field of revolution and liberation , we say it all the swagger and arrogance : it is our own field , the ego is not such a naive who accuse us of doing, we do not claim our ownership of the field , nor Ahtkarna of the revolution , but rather recognize that our acquisition of the field and the revolution monopolized our dreams . This stems not from vanity , we bombers revolution or we as a Amidhonna causes , but because the revolution sparked our energy , but we took her as a reason for our existence . Did not preach revolution or predict them , but we dreamed of the field and awaited became our own field , we have built around the legend of the 18 holy day , and that day has not come .

Second field fields holy war . Traveling there for weeks or months , to the battlefields of jihad against the infidels and the Kharijites , they move to community living on the spoils of invasions and ruled by Sharia Anfal and borders. Return with their bodies but their souls remain there where life as life companions . Dreaming flog history and slaughter time.

Do not harden them in your judgment Among them something of us . Did not dream of martyrdom in Palestine? Pain raise Photos Syed foreign fighters Guevara ? Pain exclaim threatened military making Syria or Libya before? Did not turn to face each other in a dream dreams nightmares vigilant about the weapon ? All the rebels go through a stage where firing bullets on watches in an attempt to kill time ! !

The third field is the field of " fourth " . His family lived in a perfect world weeks homogeneous , varied features of the residents but do not abuse Ings , everyone celebrated the project and the Islamic believer Bhtmith Ostaveth , faded in which the Christian and secular , and it all disappeared weak Omitted creed or wiggle his faith.

A world in which the organization takes its normal size and place the pioneering and gets rid of all its grimy commented bargains of the past and heal all the wounds of oppression .

Forced him out of their bodies and their souls remain hovering around the blood of their brothers , dreaming of a state within a state and a city within a city and a nation within the nation Kalpnian Almrsos resist behind the leadership of a historic plan in accordance with the divine .

Do not harden them in your judgment Among them something of us . Not to mention the difficult days after " sentences " when we exclaim , " The people want " in the field Mzhoen Ptnagmana despite our diversity , but at the same time afraid to get out of the field for fear of hostility our neighbors and our people and the cruelty of the People's Committees that Hspenaha revolutionary , and then we found strives to bury the revolution and discipline , " the people Liberation ? " All the rebels go through a stage where the besieged utopia Vivlt Aaarhm to show them " tents torture !"

Fourth field is the field of the mandate. His family live in a black and white film about a beautiful old days when the state institutions and strict parental caring and a good officer, a young and handsome and graceful Egypt peasant leader and cuddly and everyone smiling because the plot is always easy and ultimately happy.

Re film every day without being bored and always ends before June 5, 1967 , and then probably stop hearing the news while dropping enemy planes . How heals Gen. fever and loved ones of the mandate has lived sense we envisaged ended half a century ? !

Broke up the field , but their lives have been stuck with it. In this field there is no need for solutions to corruption , torture or murder or impoverishment or oppression .. All these rumors . No need to overcome the defeats , Egypt is already could not be defeated and its leadership does not err .

Do not harden them in your judgment Among them something of us . Not remember where began cheering " the army and the people supported one " ? Did we stand at the entrances to our own field Nffers friend from foe in a given national ID cards ? Did not put judges on the platform of our own field , asking them to wisdom ? Did not raise our Constitution - the Constitution - to the ranks of the punishment of our revolution ? All revolutionaries passing attempts impossible to return to the eras of innocence , childhood and end up late for a teenager ! !


Does not have a Hurricane

"Victory "

To choose ..

All perish ..


Revolution and Kttaba wave


Decimation of non ! !

I do not mean to equate between their fields and our own field , but I'm a little Ohrtq explained that they possessed humans like us, you can see the nuggets of us in them , and nuggets from our own field in their fields good and bad .

The second we saw in the field of popular committees manages life after the withdrawal of the authority , and in the third we saw women Atsdrn scene despite their marginalization in the organization and on the platforms , and in the field saw the fourth Muslim and Christian " Ed " one hard.

Human beings like us, like us prisoners of their fields , where the trapped like us , but our families and extended long Hsarna will increase our sins like them .. Ohrtq not justify tolerance for them, but to justify tolerance with ourselves! !

Loved their fields because they lived their dreams , but we love our own field because we loved the life , and the dream of a better life for those who love .. The Nchaph but with all the arrogance and ego acknowledged that distinguishes our dream of our own field , but their dreams just nightmares ! !

Built in every field in which his family is trapped legend , and legends are built on the dreams and nightmares indiscriminately . Committed a major in their fields and we made ​​a minor , but we forget our dreams and build our myths of nightmares . They have committed sins but we shared with us .. Shared with us dream when sanctified the field, and for the path of the revolution Anhrva rectum when we built shrines to our wounds and our fears . Athpsona in our own field because we are just looking for a deduction and replace our dreams of what is the lowest for just our perception that facilitate clinching . We have lost our way when our people because He loves us and love our own field , rather than to strive to love them . ****d on our own field only dream of love , but people would want stable .. And stability needs to resolve and decisiveness needed to power , and the power of love to kill and maim dream ! ! Decisiveness betrayal , it replaces the power of the people is the lowest , including : arms or organization or state. Decisiveness betrayal is what replaces the dream is the lowest : a roadmap or arrangements authority or some crumbs demands and reforms .


Dancer needs

To the public ..

Authority needs


But Iiaúrahin erupts

However, do not bother

Love ! !

Passing us the other night to kill the things discussed and discussed , we cry out to reach our voices through the " glasses " cells Venmlo Amber vocal and we're talking about leaks and smear campaigns , for newspapers Topkhana the loss of our popularity , and explain Hpsona our inability decisiveness , and justified by the increase of the ceiling of our dreams , as if a crime ! !

From my wrath run away to myself in the past , where I found myself in the W from May 2005 Hspenah black because we did not know her watch what's in store for us time of blackness , day referendum Hspenah sinister unaware that he was not only a bad omen , Day inspired the wrath of women and refusing to comply with orders to commit Mubarak line had their homes on their bodies in the hands of Bltjath . Khangueni day we stick sizes Tsournaha safe - the union ladder - although we discovered that it is not safety - never - in the state of the military ! !

I found myself there with comrades are planning to get out of the middle of the country to the Sayeda Zeinab shrine where Kensona on Zlamana and to pray for olive Adra and we call on our rulers . Were not trying to summon the strength to Tansrna ****physics , but we were making fun of our weaknesses and assure that we know very well the lack of resourcefulness .. But it will not got stuck ! !

I found myself with comrades out there incite systematic in Imbaba and Shubra and Nahia . Were not an attempt to invoke the power of the masses, we were just trying to tell them that we are part of our report their grievances and seek their wounds and to cure them and Nhrdahm unfair to complain .

I found myself there with their own comrades challenge our fears in their own homes Blazawgle , has not occurred to us that we collected could besieged in the small rivers of the Central Security resolve anything , we only assure them that crush our bodies will not settle the battle in their favor ! !

There in the past and I found myself less experienced and wiser , I respond to this researcher harm contributes today in the drafting of the Constitution of the "revolution" was in the past, denies originally possibility of a popular revolution , echoed him to preach revolution does not seek for an instant ***** resolved where all things in one battle sacred , but rather a continuous process of change is accelerating rates and the rates of increase revolutionaries . I found myself writing about the selfish nature of the struggle , and a single moment of the memorial to test popular fighter , and the need to destroy ourselves and our myths important not to turn prisoners of ours .. And prisoners of safe spaces ! !

This is our destiny . We do not have to offer to people , but let us know, and do not mastered only incite them to dream , no power , but we love ; love us when beating their courage and discover their strengths , and they hate us when overcoming their fears and convinced of their weakness and their need for the power outside their number ! !


Wrestle population

" Matan "


"The man Assignee "

And " Victory"

Khan, who honestly


All winners were defeated

As for us :

We chose the margin ! !

In our heritage : the freedom to lease despot we think that just approved display specifications ; Isawmana the independence of this nation and the other replaces prosperity , may offer one of them to abandon them for security and safety , or the protection of minorities . In the heritage of dignity for either an individual or a nation do not mix , and justice, either in court or in the markets do not mix well.

Entered the field with us , or have gone before us - I do not recall . Gel was their ambition to offer freedom in the auction . We do not mind fighting your experiences , but we bought our freedom with blood and will not compromise on them. They asked : What is your experience ? We say: stay together and Vennal Alkramtin Alaadalten all freedoms . They said: "What Oazmkm .. Thus, the young people of the world .. Ibhrtm wisdom .. Beware of left field " - and then went out and left us ! !

In our heritage of freedom for those who rented conform with the specifications , is floor general specifications ? Let's see : the people lined up behind him and then preached nationalism Ibnasria surround siblings and avoid enemies .. And lined up behind him on the left and then preached socialism loans and raise support and ease the loads , and people lined up behind him and then preached the liberal state laws prestige and crush terrorism ! !

Not the dignity of the flesh, nor the nation , nor justice, nor live retribution . Gen. Bzhbh not blackmailing them or with his sword , but did not offer them the honor of appearing in the Metn after decades spent in the margin. Lined up in close proximity to its shadow because the Metn tight can not help but general , did not spend decades or had a price , just stood up and thanked him for his generosity and breadth of his chest , then Thsroa the best youth lost his way and returned to the sidelines , Thsroa or healed or Tndroa or marveled . It does not matter , in Mahbsa All I see either! !


Your palace

Will not accommodate my dream

And cell ..

Sheer futility

Have you seen " a cloud "

Time -

In travel

Needs permission ? !

Closing the prison on Christmas and holiday stay in Hpsona days confinement does not open the door in them . I have a rage and I read the newspapers that first discovered that between us, " the Copts ." Photos in the liturgy raise more than raise Gen. Photos His feast . Looking for a familiar face , I do not . Where were these when we went - we - the cathedral , carrying the coffins of the martyrs ? Where they stood on the walls of the cartridge to protect and gas ? If the Copts came out - really - why the margin of Metn devoid of their poor guys of the martyrs ?

Metn betrayal because it is not a place where only the general.






للمزيد من مواضيعي


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Alaa Abdel Fattah and Ahmed Doma Scripting of Mahbshma: Eetmlkna anger of raising the

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