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Q (25) Investigations «Church October»: the defendants watched the ambush and took advantage

advantage, ambush, defendants, investigations, october»:, took, watched, «church

Wrote: Wael Mohamed , Mohammed cloth, Issam Abu Sedira

I got «Egyptian today » on the details of the attack on the Church of the Virgin , which resulted in the death of Sergeant Mohamed Taha , the strength of securing the church , after being shot in the head , in addition to the injury of conscripts , according to investigations prosecution, which revealed the escape of the main instigators , and demanded that adjusts involved in the incident, the first contact with the accused while he was in the prosecution.

Investigations revealed to attack terrorist elements , were traveling by car brand « Esperanza » , black , members of the insurance Church , area on October 6, and it is with the car stopped , doubt Shaheed Mohamed Taha , and that members of the ambush Padloa armed elements shot and bullets by masked securing the members of the church.

According to investigations, the accused took advantage of the calm in the region , and the lack of hustle a traffic stop them from escaping , after targeting the troops stationed in front of the church , and that the gunfire was targeting troops tasked with securing the church , and that the defendants spotted the ambush , before carrying out the attack , and another car came to explore the area , and one of the defendants went to a modern buildings to portray the incident prior to implementation .

A source of security that the security forces imposed a cordon cordon around the area to prevent the suspects from escaping to the mountainous region located in Sixth of October , and that one of the people noted the presence of a people filming from the top of one of the buildings , while targeting the ambush , and was arrested in possession of a video camera , ******* and unloading the camera , police found the video clips during the ambush targeting .

The forces continued to chase armed elements , after its success in targeting suspects , and wounded one of them in the abdomen , and one of them trying to escape , and if the troop transport the injured to the hospital , was found in possession of the weapon used in the attack on the ambush.

The security source said the owner of the car used in the incident called « Ahmed. P » , a software engineer , went to the police station in October , to report the theft of his car , after half an hour of chasing troops accused and adjust the car, and claimed in his statement that the unidentified stole his car as he was returning home , after assaulting him with automatic weapons and gunshot cartridges in the right leg .

A report of the criminal lab that arms seized in possession of the accused is identical to shots that targeted ambush , which is about 2 to weapon , and police lifted fingerprints from the seized weapons inside the car used in the incident, to match fingerprints of the accused involved in the attack on the ambush.

In a related context , is adviser Yasser Tallawy, Attorney General for the Prosecution south of Giza, the imprisonment of 2 , one of his fame « Aboyousef » and other « Mimi » 0.4 days pending investigation on charges of complicity in the murder of the policeman Mohammed Taha Syed Ibouhamd , the strength of Police second October , in charge of securing the Church of the Virgin .

Prosecutors ordered to bury the autopsy to determine the cause of death , and prosecutors asked adjust and bring other fugitives , and the renewal of the identity of the main instigators of the incident .

The prosecutor ordered the seizure of the vehicle used in the crime , after examination by forensic evidence to find out what the effects of their shooting .

The investigation revealed that the prosecution « terrorist cell » was formed in 6th of October City , led by unknown from Alexandria Governorate behind the commission of the Church of the Virgin accident .

According to the investigations that the security forces were able to adjust the car used in the incident, and arrested Mohammed Abdul Hamid Ibrahim and his fame « Mimi » , which carried out the murder of the policeman , and the second defendant, Ahmad Fuad Abdul Rahman , alias « Aboyousef » , infected was shot , and possession of a weapon to a shotgun and 5 shots , and ordered the prosecution Pthariz seizures and sent to the criminal lab for examination.

According to the investigations that the suspects, who have been working straddle Pay in organizing and formed a terrorist cell a short time ago .

And directed the prosecution to two charges of premeditated murder and attempted murder and possession of firearms and ammunition without a license, and resisting the authorities .

The first defendant, also known as « Mimi » It holds a high school , and Alexandria, and came up with one of his colleagues , who requested anonymity , in order to steal the shop went on October 6, but you know the perpetrators of the incident two months ago , and convinced him to join their cell , and that he he gets to 150 pounds , every 3 days , adding that all members of the cell of October 6 , and some of them lived Alexandria , including two people , one named Mohammed Abbas , another nickname « Abu Ali » , of Alexandria , and asked prosecutors investigating the National Security Apparatus them .

The accused denied the second and fame « Aboyousef » , a computer technician , in his statement before the prosecutor , the charges against him , stressing that he did not kill the policeman , and pointing out that he was surprised his colleagues Astahbonh in front of his home in the car , for their participation in the crime , and fled , but during his interrogation in front of the prosecutor , his cell phone rang , Vomrth security forces to respond , the last person called « Khaled . A » , and inquire if it was okay or not , and the prosecution asked for a reservation on the phone , and call screening for the owner , who asked to meet him at one of the gates of the famous malls in the Sixth of October
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Investigations «Church October»: the defendants watched the ambush and took advantage

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