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Q (25) Copts for the home: Mustafa Feki incites against the monks, "Saint Catherine" and ign

"saint, against, catherine", copts, feki, home:, incites, monks, mustafa

Denounced the union Copts for the home , remarks Dr. Mustafa al-Fiqi , which reported considering the Monastery of St. Catherine's Sinai desert , " a Greek colony ," he said, adding that these statements by induction clear the monastery and monks , where the monastery and the monks belong to the Greek Orthodox and the calculated one doctrines of Christianity adopted by the Egyptian state since centuries .

And exclamation Union , in his official statement , on Wednesday , of the claim of " Fiqi " that St. Catherine's Monastery follows the Coptic Orthodox Church , saying that this proves that anything is ignorance dividing the Christian communities in Egypt and its history as well as an attempt to drive a wedge between communities and sedition Christian sister , pointing out that all communities are dealing with each other and with full respect where you can not interfere in the affairs of a wide range of other , especially since the Greek Orthodox sect is considered a member of the Council of Churches of Egypt.

And Union said that the monks Conveyors Greek citizenship , living with monks Egyptians many centuries ago , he said, adding that the remarks " Fiqi " , denoting ignorance of the role of the Monastery of St. Catherine and monks in the fight against the Zionist occupation , and that caused the honor of the late President " Mohamed Anwar Sadat " to the current abbot and giving " star Sinai ."

He said the Union that he is following with great concern what is happening from the attempts by some to seize the land monastery and terrorize the monks in a scene does not take into account the history of the monastery long and of 1600 , which remained the monastery stilt symbol of love and peace , solemn Chancellor Adli Mansour President and Engineer Ibrahim Mahlab Prime Minister , protection of the monastery and the monks of attempts to get them out and capturing their lands , saying any prejudice to the monastery and its monks is prejudice a significant part of the history of Egypt and prejudice to one of the most important relics of Christian Egyptian existing since thousands of years and which is considered one of the most important places frequented by tourists in the Sinai , and the revival of the scheme Israeli who tried to take out the monks during the occupation by the Israeli Sinai , pointing out that he had tried to implement some pre- planned so in the era of Egypt's President Mohamed Morsi isolated .

A thinker and Coptic researcher Karim Kamal , General Coordinator of the General Union of the Copts for the nation : "The Monastery of St. Catherine's Monastery enriched by and registered in the UNESCO in an expanded World Heritage and a penalty important than the history of Egypt ," and that he would testify on the national monks and Bishop Dmjnos Archbishop of Sinai and the abbot and winning star Sinai of the late President Mohamed Anwar Sadat for his role and the role of the monastery in the glorious October War and stand against the Israeli occupation of Sinai , demanding the State to protect the territory of the monastery and the monks of trying some of capturing them , and stop any decisions issued this matter because these attempts behind malicious purposes want to undermine the unity and the history of Egypt , pointing out that the monastery is considered an important part of this history and a symbol of the unity of the Division of the corridor of history, and expressed regret over the remarks thinker Dr. Mustafa al-Fiqi , saying that her abuse seriously in the right ancient monastery and monks .

On his part, noted lover Shafiq , general secretary of the union , said the monastery 100% Egyptian , and the presence of monks Aonanin beside the Egyptian monks inside confirms that Egypt embraces everyone throughout the ages , stressing that the monks known Baatdalhm patriotism , but some attempts to tarnish that image in an effort to seize the territory of the monastery , expressing likes to criticize other to raise the flag of Greece on some occasions the monastery saying that this shows ignorance of matters , because the Greek Orthodox and followed by the monastery most of their spiritual leadership of the archbishops and bishops all over the world are out of Greek , noting that belong to Greece here religious affiliation, spiritual and not political . "

He said Shafiq : "The biggest proof that the flag-raising Greece monastery of St. Catherine did not question the patriotism of the monks is subject Copts all over the world to the Egyptian church mother , and natural that we find the Egyptian flag is raised above any church Egypt , and we find that it's a duplicate Palmsph Church Catholic and which are subject anywhere in the world to the mother church , the Vatican , "and urged Dr Feki apologize for offensive comments to the monastery and the monks .

As stated , " Mohamed Medhat ," Assistant Secretary General of the Union, that the maintenance of the monastery of St. Catherine is preserve the history of the people discriminate moderation and tolerance of religion , adding that the monastery is a complex religions miniature Fa monastery only in the world that combines the three religions at home , as the kiss of religious tourism from all over the world and its museum houses the oldest copies of the Gospel in the world as museum contains the original copy of the inventory and the age of the author that the faithful Omar ibn al-Khattab Ailia to the people , to give them safety.

He added, " Medhat " : " lime which Hafez Ali Mosque and dependents age over time we must keep him and the monks because they are a symbol of tolerance and moderation and claims to the contrary he is a conspirator ," pointing out that maintaining the monastery and its land and its monks demand of every Egyptian Muslim pre- Christian because Egypt is a country of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif symbol of moderation .

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Copts for the home: Mustafa Feki incites against the monks< "Saint Catherine" and ign

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