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المنتدى : Interpretation of the Bible era of Old Qmus Tadros Jacob Malaty
Q (25) Introduction to the Pentateuch 1- Unit five books

books, five, introduction, pentateuch, unit

Called the first five books of the Old Testament in Greek Pentateuch, means "five books", has been used this name since early in the Christian era. Some students tried to link between the first four books in one unit together under Tetrateuch name as they looked to Deuteronomy being more like an introduction to the history of Israel since the start of its entry to the appointment (Joshua), while others tried to sign the book of Joshua to five books to form one unit of travel the initial six-under Hexateuch name, and sometimes some tried to join the first eight books on behalf of Octateuch to include history until the beginning of the reign of kings, but still authentic traditional thinking prevails researchers in linking the first five books a historical basis upon the people of God.

This unit is also known to the Jews, in the Hebrew Bible is divided into three units, according to the authors:

I. the law or Torah: Includes the five books of Moses.

Second Prophets: divided into prophets Olin and to the prophets of late. The first section includes Joshua and Judges even kings, while the second section includes Isaiah and Jeremiah and Ezekiel and the twelve minor prophets.

III Ketohim in turn divided into three sections: books of poetry, such as Psalms and Proverbs and Job, and wrote Mihilut such as Anthem and Ruth and elegies, university and Esther, wrote historical non-prophetic like Daniel and Ezra and Nehemiah and Chronicles.

This five books of Moses appears as a unit called "the law" and that she had carried the other names mentioned in various covenants, including:

- Torah or the law, or Sharia (Joshua 1: 7, was 5:17; 12: 5).

- Travel book of the law, or Sharia (Joshua 1: 8, Gla 2:10).

- Travel Torah of Moses (Joshua 8:31).

- Book of the law of God (Joshua 24: 26).

- The book of Moses (2 or 25: 4; Over 12:26)

- The law (Sharia) Lord (2 no 31: 3; Lu 2:23).

- The law of Moses (1 Kings 2: 3, Izz 7: 6, if 2:22).

Historical unit:
These books represent a historic unit threaded together, starting with the creation of the world to human and human himself creation, and man fell prepared his salvation chose God forefathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and in Egypt, the first seed of the people, which the board of God began to come through during the whole of humanity, then held Moses, the first commander of the people, directed from the bondage of Pharaoh, and which enjoyed the Covenant at Mount Sinai, and finally their stop at the eastern coast of Jordan to deliver them in the hands of a new leader is Joshua, like the law given us the life of Jesus and the commander of the donor inheritance. So check these journeys integrated important era in the life of humanity on the one hand their relationship with God, and represent an important part of human live, it touches the care of God and his interest in his salvation.

This is worth noting that in the history books blends faith, there is no separation between historical events and the doctrine of faith.

Between history and faith in Judaism and Christianity:
In all ancient nations linked to the history of religion, was the religion represents a major role in all aspects of their daily life and family, economic and political movements, but with this history, which affected the faith is not a part of it, but for Jews there is a disconnection between history and faith; History is not only influenced by ideology, but is an integral part of their faith. In other words, the theological view of history linked outlook theological doctrine. The history of this people is an integral part of the Word of God, and represents a measure of divine superior for the salvation of all mankind. Began creating human history where it appears as an ambassador of God on earth holds the authority and sovereignty over all the earth and beneath it, and in the depths of the sea and in the air and even space, not a master of all creation, but the floor is the master of creation. The history declares God's choice for parents patriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Jacob ... In every act and all the work mentioned in the history of God declares himself to us, but in the Christian concept of their lives carrying multiple symbols of the coming of Jesus Christ as Savior and his work of salvation.

We as Christians do not see in this history, past is gone, but we see the divine creation of the measure of our salvation, and symbols without limitation to the work God is with us to this day it is not history in the concept of scientific public, but it provides us with the mystery of our relationship with God and our understanding of its secrets and learn about the heavenly wisdom of toward us. It bears the date of the present life force during our meeting with the Lord Jesus Christ, who declared this date and prepared for his coming!

The mystery of unity among five books:
See [2] R. de Vaux and the presence of four gold filaments linking these five books together in an integrated unit; these strands are: the promise, choice, covenants, Sharia.

1. divine promise: the backbone of these books confirm the promise of God to man, which highlighted, in particular, with Abraham became the father of the faithful. Where we see the promise of God for the salvation of Adam and his sons Mottagsma, this promise has been renewed through successive generations. Indeed, the people of Israel in the beginning of the launch was not carrying significant civilized culture if compared to their peoples around them, such as the Pharaohs and the Babylonians, but they enjoyed Binoual divine promise by their parents Patriarchs itinerant During this promise by the presence of the Israeli people.

2. Selection: noon manifested divine promise of choice, there is no preferred to Adam in his choice as a human being holds sovereignty over the whole earth, and preferred to parents patriarchs in their choice as men of God, not of the people in the choice of a holy nation, but it is the love of God and high measure of wisdom (Deuteronomy 7: 6) working. So God preferred choice without bias and courtesy at the expense of the holy life.

3. covenants: The key covenants in Eastern societies, as ever, which was held between Abraham and Abimelech (Genesis 21:23), and between Jacob and diet (Genesis 31: 44), and between David and Jonathan (1 Samuel 23:28). In the first five books of divine revelation highlights the estimation of God to man, the petition would reside for a covenant with him and even enter him in successive eras. Entered with Adam in the unspoken covenant directly if Adam in paradise may realize the love of God to him Verde love him love. But he disobeyed God Vhoh image Testament, so God has established a new covenant with Noah after the renewal of the earth through the waters of baptism and the record mark in nature through the rainbow (Genesis 9). Taking people did not realize the concepts of this covenant gave the prince a sign in the **** of every male, any circumcision; and finally at Mount Sinai, God established his covenant with his people (Ex. 19). Which sealed by the blood of animal sacrifices reference to the Covenant, which recorded the Father on the cross the blood of his beloved son! This is the thread of love that connect the five books together to bring us to the New Testament.

4. Covenant linked to Sharia: In Sinai docked Sharia laws or canons of worship and without separation between the commandment and worship, or between religions and sacrifices ...

Pentateuch and the Book of Psalms:
The law is divided into five books, the Book of Psalms carries the same division, and each section ends with the blessing:

The first book: Psalm 1 - 41. The second book: Psalm 42-72.

Book III: Psalm 73 - 89. Book IV: Psalm 90-106.

Book V: Psalm 107-150 (+ Psalm 151 in Sbanih translation).

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Introduction to the Pentateuch 1- Unit five books

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