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المنتدى : Interpretation of the Bible in a new era of Qmus Tadros Jacob Malaty
Q (25) 4. Need four Gospels

four, gospels, need

The presence of four Gospels create two problems, one of them an old theological revolve around the question about the secret of the existence of four Gospels and not only the gospel of one, modern and the second appeared in the West belong to the first three Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, where similar materials and other non-similar show, this can be discharged in three parallel columns for matching with each other, some scholars wondered about the secret of similarity, and how I wrote the Gospels, etc. and their sources. Has been named the complementarity of the problem or the Gospels or Alcinopetk Synoptic Problem.

First, the problem of theological

Since this afternoon the old question: What is the need for a four Gospels? But it was enough, and there is a single gospel includes what is stated in the four Gospels? In the second century Tatian Tatian tried to combine the four Gospels in one book he called "quartet Diatessarton" (four in one), but the church did not accept this work, it is not very gospel collection and arrangement of material about the life of Jesus Christ on earth, but than the certificate in different ways and integrated for one fact, provided by the Holy Spirit, the same legal Kosafar, any word of God being infallible. The Church is proud Gospels together the word of God and live active, developed by the Holy Spirit to teach and Thveibna super way. For the parents did not care to compile what is stated in the Gospels historically and arranged, as far as cared to disclose the depths of the drive all the Gospel of hidden secret life behind his words, at the same time they talked about evangelicals agreement together at events, explaining what seems to some of the existence of a conflict, as did St. Augustine in his book on Albshiran De consensu evanglistarum agreement.

Origen occur in the second century of the four Gospels together an agreement with the rest of the travel despite the show the truth in all travel by non-other, comparing the Bible per harpers diversified tendons to provide a beautiful and harmonious symphony, he says: [as to each chord of Uttar Harp gives a certain voice its own seems to be different from the other, they will think that the human is the music and ignorant of the origins of musical harmony that tendons inconsistent together because they give different sounds, so who do not have expertise in hearing the harmony of God in the Scriptures think that the Old Testament is agreed with the new or the Prophets with the law or the Gospels with each other or with the rest of the apostles. The learner Music wise man of God in word and deed is calculated David, the other, as interpreted skillfully brings the sound of music God educated than this in time to hit the strings, sometimes on the strings of the law and the other on the strings of the Gospels in line with the first, Vottar prophets. When requires wisdom hits tendons apostolic congruent with prophetic as in the Gospels. The Bible is God's machine per full and harmonious together, give through disparate voices sound one salvation for those interested in education, this harp which negate the work of all the spirit of evil and resist it, as happened with David musician in calming the evil spirit who was tired of Saul (1 Samuel 16:14) [13].]

We can say that divine revelation gave us a Bible and one is the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, by the four Evangelists: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, all revealing aspect of this one from the Bible. Like Pearl advertised all of them from a certain angle. Vmwalimna when it writes to the Jews give us Jesus being the Messiah King which made prophecies and fulfilled the law. Came to have been greatly, and we have him in the heavenly places. And our teacher Mark wrote to the Romans as the most prominent person of Jesus Christ from the practical side, the miracle worker, and often the forces of Satan, it offers a lot of words of his sermons, but offers his men because it happens the harsh war (Romans). As Luke Viz write to the owners of the philosophies of human wisdom, ie Greece, presents Christ's human friend, who came to save not new philosophies, but Albazl love. Finally, al-Bashir as John writes to the whole world Christ proclaims God's Word made flesh, who came among us in order to lift us up to in Smoath.

Matthew Mark Luke John

v wrote to the Jews of the Roman Greece Christian world

v Messiah, Christ the King Ghalib Devil human friend of the Incarnate Word

v came complements the law works wonders concludes human solve in our midst

v cared prophecies interested in working interest in history cared theology

v symbol human face Ox Eagle Lion

The Gospels appeared similar, especially the first three Gospels, on the one hand what Hute view of the life of Jesus Christ and his salvation. Valandjelion in fact are not exhibitors for the life of Mr. and historians, his sense of scientific history, but they are witnesses are right, they announced the good news that affect our lives shining of the light of the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the solutions to the spirit of us, and came history through this corner, a servant of our faith and our union with existing Redeemer the dead.

In order to realize the integration of these Gospels offer a quick and concise picture of the features of the Gospels and purpose:

1. The Gospel according to Matthew: The Messianic, if he had given us a personal Jesus, but, in essence, an educational travel defensive offers rejected the Messiah of the Jewish leaders, being a complement to the law and the investigator prophecies of the Old Testament, which achieved the heavenly kingdom of God on earth. Correcting Jewish thought about the Messiah earthly king. Thus, this book shows like reflects the tradition of Christian churches powerful Jews in Palestine before the fall of Jerusalem [14]. The code has a particular human, is because he has focused on the divine incarnation.

2. According to the Gospel of Mark Bashir: If this book is the basis for Matthew and Luke, but has its own character. Roman has presented to the world Moataz human arm, as subjects of Sultan believe by force and violence to life and a sign of maturity, for this prominent person of Christ wonders maker and Ghalib Satan, who defeated Beslipe and love, not war and violence. The Romans had been busy Bmmkethm in the known world at the time, was pulled to the gospel of the Kingdom of a new kind of need to power of the spirit and work of God, not to the arrogant and abstract human arm. I have a particular code Lion declaration of victory and victory, or the new king heavenly sign.

3. Gospel according to Luke: History of Greece philosophies and Greek literature holders, so it came to travel in a wonderful style of literary side, give us the life of Christ in history is not a classic way but theological announce his human savior all: the educated and illiterate, philosopher and simple, rich and poor, wrong and pagan. It does not save the human wisdom and philosophies, but the sacrifice of love, for this code to particular bull carcass mark-giving reconciliation with the Father. This book begins and ends in the holy city of Jerusalem being where salvation is achieved, but the letter was addressed to the whole world of the UN, which is explained later in the other traveling, Acts of the Apostles.

4. According to the Gospel of John the Apostle: his own theological nature, symbolized by the general eagle
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4> Need four Gospels

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