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المنتدى : Interpretation of the Bible in a new era of Qmus Tadros Jacob Malaty
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bibles, illegal

Editorial Gospel of Luke: "The Many had taken authored story in matters uncertainties we have" (Luke 1: 1), reveal a number of stories tells the life of Christ and his teachings and miracles and the lives of his mother and her death and consignments pupils and the Apostles, spread among Christians in the end first century. Next to the original four Gospels, I found the writings of illegal attributed to students and the Apostles, was invited Balabukreva, either it was written in order to strengthen its record believers in the church, or heretics attained under the disciples or apostles or prominent figures in the faith names to support Hrtqathm and teachings, whale these writings Gospels counterfeit, any illegal and visions and messages and acts of the apostles.

The word "Apocrypha" does not mean that everything that is not the right, at least in the minds of who first used [25]. They though not legal but some had considered a private church as books of spiritual and historical value, which in fact represents an important legacy for historians, reveals a lot of ideas, attitudes and habits that characterized the early church, and represents the first shoots of Christian literature from the point of fiction and folklore People [26].

1. The Gospel of James

Known as the first gospel Proto-evangelium of James. It is the middle of the second century of the product. The main objective is to confirm the time virginity Mary before the birth of Jesus and during the Christmas and beyond. It tells special events with the birth of the Virgin mention my name and her parents (Joachim and Anna) and early life in the temple, and left him at the age of twelve, and her engagement to Joseph, and the story of the Annunciation, Mary's visit to Elizabeth and Christmas events etc. And concludes his book with the story of the martyrdom of St. Zechariah the priest and the father of John the Baptist and the death of Herod.

The first is referred to by Origen decided that when the Lord's brothers are the sons of Joseph from a previous wife. Before Origen said Saints Clement of Alexandria and Justin Martyr events concerning the birth of Jesus Christ mentioned in this book. This was adopted by St. Epiphanius in the fourth century in response to the heretics, as pointed out by St. Jerome.

There are translations of it scrolls Syriac and Coptic and Armenian and Sicily, though there is not yet a Latin manuscripts.

2. Gospel of the Hebrews

So called because it was used in Palestine between Christians who speak Hebrew (Aramaic). Does not know the writer. Spread traded only in the East in the latter half of the second century. Referred to by St. Clement of Alexandria [27] Origen and Eusebius [28] and got a copy of St. Jerome translated from Aramaic to Greek and Latin [29].

3. The Gospel of the Egyptians. [30]

Gnostic Gospels and of their production. St. Hiplits mention that it was widespread among one Hiahm called Nassenes, and potentially it was widespread among Egyptian Christians who are out of the UN. Referred to all of St. Clement of Alexandria and Origen on the basis that his only historical value, with a note that the views ascetic and clear it.

4. Gospel of Peter

V. Bouriant discovered part of this gospel in 1889-1887m monk cemetery in Akhmim in Upper Egypt, she tells the pain of Jesus and his death, burial and resurrection story Tnmq exciting details about the miracles that Haktha.

Referred to by Eusebius [31] Ksafar rejection Asrabion Bishop of Antioch, about 190 AD because of its direction heretic (Aldosithon) Docetic character has been used by Origen in his comments on the Gospel of Matthew [32].

5. The Gospel of Thomas

Origen pointed out in the first sermon to the Gospel of Thomas. This book was known to the St. Aarinaas and also Eusebius. St. Hiplits Roman was attributed to the funeral of one of the Gnostics called Nassenes, which we do not know anything about it. And he had a great status among followers of Mani, so it warned of St. Cyril of Jerusalem being of their production, explaining that it corrupts the minds of ordinary people [33].

This book deals with the story of Jesus' childhood and his strength, knowledge and miracles during the early years of his life, and the story of going to school, and how it was made of mud twelve small sparrow while playing with children on a Saturday, and when elapsed parents of children Kkasr Saturday the birds is to fly, Aftart a tweet! [34]

6. The Gospel of Nicodemus

Comprises two parts of different composition and history. The first part is the so-called acts of Pilate, Acts of Pilate and talk about the trial of the Lord Jesus and the official report, which was said to Pilate sent him to the Emperor Tiberius on the person of Jesus, due to the second part of this century. We note that in the Gospel of Peter's first attempt to mitigate the crime Christians Pilate, which also appeared in "Pilate work" it contained the Gospel of Nicodemus. St. Justin has indicated [35] and Tertullian [36] of the second century men to acts of Pilate, the Roman governor users as a testament to the history of Christ's crucifixion and resurrection, and the sincerity of the Christian faith. It has been used Gospel Nicodeus the same direction.

The second part of the Gospel Faihoa description of the discussion that took place in the Sanhedrin regarding the resurrection of Jesus Christ (Chapter 12-16) and the story descends into hell (Chapter 17-27), citing Bashahidin are my son, Simon, who conducted from the dead after Mr. preview in hell. This part is kind of like preaching Bmiyamr functioning of the martyrs.

7. The Gospel of Philip

The St. Epiphanius talked about the Gnostic trend in Egypt pointed out that the Bible came snippet of it carries a strong tendency Gnossia Nskia [37], this gospel has spread to Egypt, starting from the third century.

8. Gospel twelve apostles

St. Epiphanius reported [38] extracts from it, and dating back to the early third century, the so-called Gospel of the Ebionites The Gospel of Ebionites.

9. There is a set of Bibles and put heretics such as the Gospel of Basilides Gnostic of the second century has referred to Origen and St. Ambrose and Jerome, and the Gospel of Andrew referred to by St. Augustine [39], and the Gospel of Valentinus Gnostic referred to by Tertullian, and the Gospel of Marcion heretic, and the Gospel of Judas Iscariot you used Gnostic sect called the followers of Cain Cainites, and Thaddeus Gospel and the Gospel of Eve and the Gospel and the Gospel Kernthus Apollos Apelles.
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