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المنتدى : Interpretation of the Bible era of Old Qmus Tadros Jacob Malaty
Q (25) Interpretation of Genesis III Part II

الاصحاح, الثالث, التانى, التكوين, الجزء, تفسير

3. attention of God to mankind:

The man had met the love of God disobedience, God matched up this disobedience love to pull his heart from his illness that hit, and hosted by the death of the king of it (Rom. 5:14). I have the voice of God came walking in the garden to meet with fallen man.

Scripture says, "and heard the voice of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day" [8.] I've heard "the voice of the Lord," walking with the sound does not walk, but he is the "voice of the Lord" (ie, speech), and a single race that came initiator Jr. love to snatch the fallen man and hosted. Came in the cool of the day, as we meet with the Holy Spirit, because the word "spirit" and "wind" in Hebrew is one. Came in the middle of the day to get to know him through the light. As the Psalmist says: "O Lord, your light inspect the light." In other words, would not hear the voice of the Lord in line unless gives us his Holy Spirit on the committee in our hearts and shines his light upon divine Vnasir like someone in the middle of the day.

God did not wait for the human to come to him, apologizing for his sins, but in order to provide him with love Ajtzibna to know our sins and recognition. In the same spirit of our Lord Jesus ask us that we are going to our brother who missed us and Natbh not wait for his coming to us (Matthew 18:15). As St. John Chrysostom says that the fault is often reluctant to come because of shy, so it is fitting for us to go to him first on our own to love ourselves as Nrbha to win it himself.

Thus initiated the word of God with love, Adam cried and said to him: "Where are you?" [9.] was not ignorant of the place he wanted to enter into a dialogue with him, revealing to him that he has become is due to be the subject of the knowledge of God, as if he had become hidden from the divine light. St. Augustine says that evil comes out ravenously of the light of God circle becomes someone who is outside of the knowledge of God, not in the sense that God does not know, but do not know know the friendship and communion with him, this says to the ignorant: "Verily I say but I do Oarafkn" (Matthew 15:14 ). St. Jerome says: [We have heard that God does not know sinners, to reflect on how to define the righteous?!.]

Now, what is the human attitude towards this divine initiative?

First: "hid Adam and his wife from the face of the Lord God amongst the trees of Paradise." [8.] This escape is the fruit of a natural disobedience and separation from the Lord circle, because not tolerate darkness preview of the light, and as Adam says, "I heard your voice in paradise was afraid, because I was naked I hid. "[10]

Tell us St. Ambrose about the secret of the wrong escape from the face of the Lord saying: [conscience comet be burdened even punished himself without a judge, would like to Itagty but be before God naked [110]. Was written lose the human inner peace and enter it into a state of terror . And explain the disappearance of St. Didymus blind Adam saying that human knowledge has been requested through the experience of evil hid themselves from the face of the Lord for shunning the pure knowledge of God. Cons Origen that the bad guys disappear from the face of the Lord, as has been said, "" turned toward me back, and not the face "(Jeremiah 2:27), while the righteous Fikvon him the confidence to grant them the holy life (1 Jn 3:21), saying with Elisha the Prophet:" neighborhood is I am the Lord, who was standing in front of him "(2 Kings 5:16).

Thus disappear Adam after the fall and was not able to inspect the Lord, not because the Lord terrifying and scary, but because the man in his evil has internal image of God which Tgtzbh love towards his Creator loving human beings, became God for him terrifying and Diana for his sins, Vagheib the man who has the purity of nature and lost enlightened insight Interior. So hang St. Didymus the Blind disappearance of Adam horror, like this: [explain Adam nakedness as a reason to fear, this nudity, which resulted in the loss of virtue that misprision, Virtue is candied divine right. This preaching of the Prophet: "put on the Lord Jesus" (Romans 13:14), "Put on the bowels of mercies" (Colossians 3:12), which decorate yourselves compassionate behavior according to Christ, or "armor of light" (Romans 13:12), even appreciate to fight enemies (spiritual) [111].]

Second: When God met with human beings through the initiative of love in spite of the recent escape and fear, the latter did not deny his fault but he justified his mistake to blame on others, Adam said: "Women that made me, she gave me of the tree that ate." [12], and said women: "living Grtne ate." [13] Thus was Adam blamed Eve, but in God who gave him Eve, the woman blamed on living, did not apologize for what one of them committed. Comment St. Didymus blind answer Adam, saying: [was fitting for him first to think that he received his wife of Lord of the finest, and it was received to give lessons, but because is is it [112].] Also comment on the answer Eve saying: [now admits that she Malchik. .. this is a case of misguided do not realize until after the completion of evil, as lust hide their perception of reality and tend their knowledge [113].]

4. Living curse:

"The Lord God said to the serpent: Because you have done this you are cursed above all cattle, and all the wild animals, on your stomach and ninety eat dust all the days of your life." [14]

It carried live Khaddaat devil to man won the curse that afflicts all the same attributes accept these living in and lend itself to calculation machine be the enemy of good and temptations. But damn it "on your stomach and ninety eat dust all the days of your life." Thus every human being accepted to be a tool of the enemy evil becomes like a serpent, seeking on his stomach loving floors, no feet on the dirt flies, nor wings off him over Elzimnaat. Become a lover to fill his stomach with earth, and crawls his **** to saturate disemboweled than liking. This is another aspect of the live accept advice craves floors Faiser himself to the ground and dust, which becomes devoured the serpent that creeps to being consumed. The wings of his Holy Spirit rises above the dirt springboard toward heaven itself does not live estimated crawling on the ground to get closer to him and consumed.

And St. Augustine says: [sticks (the bad guys), flooring, and they are born from the earth to think where, and of being a land they become food for a living [114], he says: The foot of the enemy of my life makes it to the ground and becomes food for him [115], [Do you want to be to be devoured alive?! Do not dust answer: How can we not be dust? If you do not taste the floor [116].]

5. promise of salvation:

The live cursed which seduced even reject human traits and reject us, gave us the first promise of salvation, saying to live, "and I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and her offspring, a crush your head and you deserve heel" [15.]

Became a living representing the devil himself, who was called "the old serpent" (Rev 20: 2), God has put enmity between the devil and women until Jesus Christ comes from the seed of the woman - not humans - transplants crushes the head of the living, which was crushed after human. Crush Christ - born woman - Beslipe head of the serpent, according to the words of the Prophet: "The inventory rulers and authorities most famous vocally their apparent it (the cross)" (Col 2:14), but live crushes everyone down from the top of life in the Lord to become the decades that followed associated with dust.

St. Augustine believes that the head of the serpent, who is the pride racking human life and make them decades that followed, then it is estimated that the poison breath, he says: [watching live after Pride, when Track Down pride and descend. So you head Feltlahz any pride of being the head of all sins [117].] Also believes that the head of the serpent is the beginning of sin in us through the start of the evil thought, so it is fitting for us to Nshakh in the beginning before Ihdrna to Stub and killing us. It says: [What is this head? It is the beginning of all evil suggestion. When you propose (the enemy's) thinking about you before he cast a wicked pleasure arise in you and accepted. To avoid holding his head fled Bakpk [118].]

6. Human discipline:

It gave the promise of salvation announced disciplined for humans; open the door of hope to declare salvation before he even offers discipline bitter man does not fall under the weight of despair. Disciplined for women first and then the man was declared.

First disciplining women: "multiply more Hablk fees, Baloja Plasticizer boys, and to thy foot to be Astyakk, which prevails You" [16.] This discipline which fell beneath Eve because of sin, turning Bmrahm God into a blessing when accepted by the church - the new Eve - to give birth boys spiritual God through her pain. St. Augustine says: [conceive Church - the Bride of Christ - children and their yield. Eve was invited as an example of her mother every neighborhood [20.] A member of this church, which yielded says: "My children, who also Otmkhadd you until Christ be formed in you" (Gal 4:19). But the Church does not result in vain, do not give birth to a void, but find the holy seed at the resurrection of the dead, find the righteous who stumble now (pain) in the whole world [119].]

And tolerate the church - the new Eve - pain in the boys got her pregnant and spiritual to Have in the Lord, but also tolerate all the same church, a pregnant fruit Spirit to give birth to boys rejoice in God's heart. As St. Didymus says the blind: the Church gives birth to boys is in the world through the pain, because the virtue requires sadness, remorse establish repentance for salvation without repentance (2 Cor. 7:10) ... "What a narrower door and difficult is the way which leads to life ?!" (Matthew 7:13), but "the door wide and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it." As for the tears they Mamdouhh [120].]

As the birth of the boys tired blessing to accept the new Eve turned. Fees to have the children in the Lord, thus also turning the other discipline "to your husband be Achtyakk which prevails You" to the spiritual blessing while offering the incarnate Word of God to the new Eve Krgelha, prevail upon love Albazl, and longs are the mechanism enjoys breaking her life and enjoy Basmath where intervention with him to eternal glory.

Second discipline the man: "Cursed is the ground because of you, tired eat them all the days of your life, and thou shalt eat the herb of the field. In the sweat of your face you eat bread until you return to the land on which they were taken, because you are dust and to dust you will return." [17-19.]

God created the earth for man, and for that reason blessed to yield to him Barakat, Viz disobeyed the Lord fell under the curse to produce thorns and thistles it commensurate with disobedience or internal thought. What happened to the land literally check in any land Avatar ****, because of our disobedience to God, who has lost his poise and became sanctified us grow thorns and thistles spoil self Aahtmha. Thus our land remained unfruitful spiritual. Even came Mary, the Holy Spirit Vkdsha acceptance of the divine promise, has produced our pristine fruit, which rejoices the heart of the Father and delighting our lives. As St. Jerome says: [given this land yields, what lost in the Garden of Eden and his grandmother in the Son [121].]

Thus, the incarnation of the Word of God possible for our land that produces fruit instead of thorns and thistles, especially since Mr. carry this thorns on his forehead instead of our land even respond to our land joy.

Earth bore the curse because of our sins, became life for humans - after falling - a difficult and harsh, as it is said: "In the sweat of your face you eat bread."

Finally, as human land or dirt instead of the sky said to him craves: "because you are dust and to dust you will return", and thus devoured became the serpent said to her: "eat dust all the days of your life." [14] for the word of God the heavenly came to take away from us the dirt Nature and granting us the celestial features. As St. Jerome says: [as it is said to sinner: you are dust and to dust you will return, so they say the saint: You sky and return to the sky [122].]

7. Cutaneous T-Shirt:

"Adam called his wife Eve, because she was the mother of all living." [20.]

The Adam and Eve had landed under discipline, they are our parents first two, we find Adam, the father of all mankind, and Eve but for all ... but during this parental leaked to us of sin and fallen with them under the same discipline until the second Adam came come true life of the believers and become his wife - new Eve - sincere mother each neighborhood. St. Didymus the Blind says: [The Church is the mother of believers, and Christ is their father, which originates all paternity is in the heavens and on earth (Eph 3:15) [123].] Says St. Jerome: There Eve one is the mother of all neighborhoods, so no one church is the mother of all Christians [124].]

Now that parents are the first two fell under the divine chastisement of God declared his love to them before their expulsion from paradise, as making them tunics of skin and clothed them [21] instead of fig leaves that Snaihama themselves aprons. These shirts may announce God first revealed to man about the importance of sacrifice as a symbol of the sacrifice of salvation ... and if God handed Adam and Eve Weather bloody carcass. This leather shirts that do not dry out to symbolize Christ's carcass which Nlbsa Ksatr for our sins and disputed the scandal of the old nature.

St. Ambrose sees in leather shirts reference to the fees acts of repentance, he says: [God clothed them tunics of skin do not silk [125].]

8. Human expulsion:

The God of man-made T-shirt and leather dresses, declaring him superior sponsorship through the sacrifice of the Cross jacket does not flog a dead animal, but the Lord Jesus himself and Giver of life, who hide inside and Leicester him, he expelled from Paradise ... Why?

First, that God had expelled from Paradise, in fact we expelled ourselves, because through disobedience became corrupt nature is not worthy of the holy heavenly life, but fit the land which he graduated and thorns. This St. John Chrysostom says: God has given us paradise, and this made his care Almthanna; and we were shown not to our rights to Attia, a result of our negligence, Al-Attiyah has disarmament of those who have become ineligible to her, and this stems from the goodness ...] 126].]

Second: the expulsion from Paradise man of God does not mean depriving him of the work of his hands, but configured to enjoy the greatest paradise and eternal life does not end. He says St. Theophilus of Antioch: [to expulsion, although the death but carry good, on the one hand of God, because he wanted written punish and reform of human response after re-renovated [127].] And St. Ambrose says: [I die as a treatment as put an end to the evils of [128].] the same thought of St. John Chrysostom says: [hopes Why is Cain's position if left in Paradise which Whoever sheds the blood?! ... I've given paradise for humans, and when the man showed a lack of maturity was sent off, until it becomes survival out and insulting to the case of the best (showing repentance) Fikma himself more and deserves to return. Thus, when making this and become better in the event of it back again, saying: "today you will be with me in paradise" (Luke 23:34). Did you see how it is not only to give Paradise and even expelled from it is filled with bone interesting sign Tervqa ?! If a person did not suffer expulsion from Paradise what could have been a deserved shows him again [129].]

Lord, I feared that the human eats from the tree of life which is corrupt in nature remains in his evil eternally, as the book says: "And the Lord God said, Behold, man has become like one of him, knowing good and evil, and now lest he put forth his hand and take the tree of life also, and eat, and live forever "[22.]

It seems that the speaker here is the Holy Trinity, he says, "has become like one of us" on the one hand the knowledge of good and evil, but human knowledge gained through experience of deadly evil.

Father Hirimon comment on this knowledge, saying: We can not think that man was once completely ignorant of the good, and not be a creature is sane Ajmuat like an animal, and this is quite strange to say about the faith of the universal Church. Furthermore, this says Solomon: "God and man-made straight" (Ecclesiastes 7:29), meaning it has always enjoyed knowing good and alone, "but they have sought out many inventions" (Ecclesiastes 7:29), as has become their knowledge of good and evil as was told. It has become to Adam after the fall knowing the evil that he did not know before, but he did not lose his knowledge of the good that he knew [130].]

Finally, as human expulsion from Paradise God raised Paroubek guard came up ... who sits upon the cherubim hold us in the same side of the contested introduces us to the heavenly paradise.

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