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المنتدى : Interpretation of the Bible in a new era of Qmus Tadros Jacob Malaty
Q (25) Interpretation of the Gospel of Matthew, chapter II Prostration of the King of Kings

chapter, gospel, interpretation, king, kings, matthew, prostration

The Messiah was born King of the Magi came representing Nations Almnjzbh Church for her bridegroom King, accept his love and serve him, give him the love of her life in exchange for offering the sacrifice of his love of the Infinite:

1. The coming of the Magi 1-6.

2. revolution Herod 7-8.

3. prostration Magi 9-11.

4. departure of the Magi 12.

5. Escape to Egypt 13-15.

6. killed the children of Bethlehem 16-18.

7. Return to Nazareth 19-23.

1. The coming of the Magi

Indeed, the advent of the Word of God incarnate has filled the mind of God created us before, has created a center of people with parents and the prophets and the law, a variety of ways, however, as the check completely ignored the people except a few rare it. This is why God made a rebuke by strangers, came to him Magi Kbakurh Nations Church. They came to a strange country to worship the simple child in the provider, not born a royal palace, but driving a convoy heavenly star, announced the existence of the secret hidden in it.

The Magi were the priests at the same time kings Caldaon or Varcillon spend most of their time in the study of astronomical phenomena and predict the future accidents.

Magi often came in a great procession led by three of their elders carrying gifts to the king of weird, these represent all human races of the series for the three sons of Noah: Shem, Ham and Japheth. As if they were Bkour UN peoples came huddled with ordinary Jews - Sponsors - in adoration of the Messiah, Fadmanm together one church to him. St. Augustine says: Who are these Magi only Bkour Nations? It was the shepherds and the Magi Israelis gentiles. The ancients Mlasquin him, and the others came Mechanism from afar. We have all the faster the cornerstone [72]. "]

What is this star? St. John Chrysostom sees that it was not a real star like all the stars, but it is an angel appeared in the form of a star sent by God to guide the Magi working in astronomy, and explain the following:

First, that the star appeared different from the natural movement of the stars Path.

Second, the star was shining in the afternoon and the sun is shining, not like the rest of the stars shining at night.

Third, it was sometimes appears and sometimes disappears.

Fourth was low, led them to where the signal completely.

See Origen it a real star but of a unique kind, he says: [We believe that which appeared in the Orient was a new star, not a regular like stars ... but it is calculated in comets that you see often counter, or meteorites, or stars conjunctiva or star-shaped jars, or any name which describes the various forms by the Greeks [73].]

Why Use star?

First, God used all the way to talk with people, explaining to them the mysteries of the Incarnation and its salvation, but if their hearts were darkened eyes Bzlma evil and hardened their heart, he sent them strangers *** Kaathy right Aoboukounam. St. John Chrysostom says: [to berate the Jews to their cruelty, and to take away from them every excuse protesting by the ignorance of voluntary [74].] Says St. Jerome: [to the Jews knew the news of the birth of Christ from the pagans according to the prophecy of Balaam a grandparents, that the star appears from the Orient . Having guided the Magi even Jewish star and the Magi asked him, did not stay for the priests of the Jews on the one hand coming excuse [75].] Really in every age as Atksy the heart of the faithful sons of the kingdom of the Lord sometimes tell them during the atheists and the bad guys who accept the faith in jealousy ardent Topkhhm.

Second: the God who loves the whole human announce the same for all, causing each one in his own language. He spoke with the Jews by the law and the prophecies, and use the Greek philosophies, although many of which were annexed Odhaleil as a way in which many philosophers before the gospel truth. Here is the men astronomy Magi happening in their own process.

God happens every human being in the language he understands, he sent angels to the shepherds, wise men and the star of St. Augustine says: [Christ showed angels to the shepherds, and declared him the star of the Magi. All spoke from heaven! ... Angels inhabit the heavens, and the star decorated, and during Monday announced the heavens glory of God [76].] Says Father Gregory the Great: [it is appropriate that a being of sound mind, any angel who tells those who have used their minds to know God, the Nations Viz did not know to use their minds to know not Ikdhm angelic voice, but the mark (the star). That's why Paul says that prophecy is not non-believers, but for believers, and the verse (brand) can not for believers but for the non-believers (1 Corinthians 14:22) [77].] According to some parents, such as Origen brand [78] that the Magi realized that Taaoivhm has invalidated and felt during their work that is more than the magic has happened in the world, Vttalawa to the stars to see a sign from God in heaven, then realized the words of Balaam, "highlights the planet of Jacob and the rod of Israel ..." (Numbers 24: 17). St. Jerome says: [learned about the appearance of this star of the prophecy of Balaam, as are his offspring [79].]

Third: Some believe that the Magi received this special tradition of the emergence of the star when King Savior for the coming of the prophet Daniel, who was appointed by the King of the great wise men while he was in the Babylonian captivity, the delegation identified in his prophecies promise of his coming.

Fourth: God wanted to come out of the eater ate, and the dry sweetness, the stars have been used as a means to mislead people worshiped (Amos 5:26) became a way to enter them to meet with God. What really impressed God transactions with us, he did not break it to us so that became a way of evil but change course and turn it into good; rather be a servant of the kingdom of darkness become the righteousness of the machine to calculate the kingdom of light. Whatever God gives the energies and talents and feelings and motives that God does not polluted Aahtmha, but his Holy Spirit renew and sanctify our edification to become the secret spiritual and the media for his testimony.

The irony is that God used the stars to preach among astronomers, and if some of them wanted to confirm the evil concepts with the same superior divine work, pray that everyone who walks star of his life, he can not deviate him. Many parents have leapt to face the allegations, such as Gregory the Great parents [80], John Chrysostom [81], and Augustine [82]. Recall, for example, some words of St. Augustine: [not the star he saw the Magi Sultan Christ newly born, this star was not one of the stars that were created in the beginning of creation and being on track, according to its creator law, but it was a new star appeared in the Christmas irony of a virgin, and his service on the reverse of the Magi seekers woman, Vtkdmanm to illuminate the way for them even led them to the place where it was the word of God as a child. The child was not born because the star was there, but the star came because Christ was born. If you must talk about the determination rather let's say the star did not specify the fate of Christ (as he claims astrologers), but Christ who sealed the fate of the star.]

Fifth: the star came complements nature testimony of Jesus Christ. The human was wise not know how to receive him must also launched the rigid nature of witnessing his own language. St. Augustine says: [saw him heavens the star, and upload the sea as he walked him (Matthew 14:25), and became the wind calm and obedient to his command (Matthew 23:27), and saw him land trembled at the crucifixion (Matthew 27: 51) [83]. ] Thus, nature has provided glorifying the Creator in their own language, and we are also, as we became sky is fitting for us to witness the emergence of a star leads us sinners to the Savior Messiah, bow down and worship him right. What is this star only Cross neighborhood feature advertised in our inner life and our actions in the Lord. St. Augustine says: [defined by the Magi by a star as a divine and beautiful given by the Lord, but he does not want us to put the insured a star on his forehead, but Saliba. This humbled insured also glorified, unfurled the Lord humble, which in this modest concession.]

When an appearance of the star?

St. John Chrysostom sees that the star had appeared early BC probably about two years, where he led the Magi to Bethlehem attained at the time of birth. Some argue that it appeared at birth, has taken some time until the Magi reached Bethlehem, to achieve this, as it Herod ordered the killing of the children of two years or less, as long as the building the appearance of the star.

The Star of the Magi met Jews

He tells us the Evangelist meeting which took place between the Magi and the Jews at all levels, especially the King and the chief priests and scribes of the people, he says: "And when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of Herod the king, behold, wise men from the East came to Jerusalem, saying, Where is he that is born King of the Jews? for we have seen his star in the east and have come to worship him. When he heard of King Herod was troubled, and all Jerusalem with him. he gathered all the chief priests and scribes of the people and asked them where Christ should be born? They said to him: In Bethlehem of Judea, for thus it is written by the prophet: And you, O Bethlehem the land of Juda, art not the least among the princes of Judah, because you come out mastermind shepherd my people Israel. "[1-6].

Mr. He was born in "Bethlehem" which means "house of bread", came to us heavenly bread intake hungry and thirst for righteousness. Unfortunately, the Magi came from the East endure the pain of the road and fees, searching for food them, while King remained the chief priests and scribes in their places usher strangers to bake the neighborhood, but they are not approaching him. Perhaps they have become such as people working in the construction of Noah's Ark, who they prepared the orbit of salvation did not enter it!

What really beyond the difference between the Magi and the heads of the Jews, has enjoyed strangers mystery of life, and campus presidents him.

St. Augustine says: [Jews became more like Banagaran who made Noah's Ark, they settled for others the path of salvation, but they Vhlkua in the flood. They are like monuments that are placed to detect the way for but can not walk in it. Askers learned and perfected the way, teachers Ntqgua education and stayed behind in [84].] Says St. James Serugh: [became Karzin him they are moving in the way, preach that belong to the whole world has shone. Anbstt Krazathm for miles on the road, and broke the hearts of kings who went through in their coasts, urging them the right to be his Karzin. Who are from abroad have become witnesses and reached the land of Judea ... Nzeroha If you are quiet and silence hangs over the wise men who did not realize the following King for their salvation. Far off came to preach close to the birth of the king. Daughter of the Chaldeans sent gifts to the Saviour, and the daughter of Abraham in his house, which did not honor him [85].]

2. Herod revolution

Herod repeated the name of a number of Palestine rulers and kings, or some parts of it or to nearby areas, and in the New Testament four kings mentioned that name, and that was during the Roman rule over Palestine, including this Herod the Great. It was Herod this Adumaa generator, taking place in his veins hostility against Jews. He has no right to the King, but he became king of Judea, with the help of the Romans who alliance with his father, and he became violent and bizarre at the end of his days prone to obsessions. Was a lover of bloodshed, a lot of the members of the Sanhedrin were killed, and two sons, Alexander and Aristobulus IV was killed, and five days before his death, his son was killed Ontiapatir. And as he delivers his last breath ordered the killing of all the greats of Jerusalem until prevail sadness of the city, not the new king finds room for joy, but he died before that final wish come true.

Matt Herod after killing the children of Bethlehem, three months, has described the Jewish historian Josephus, how intensified Hrahth in the recent period in the flesh-eating very much, and is suffering from gout and disease dropsy, has escalated it very smelly, so no one can come close to him.

This image reveals to us about the feelings of this predator beast, when he heard about the procession of the Magi and their coming to worship the King of the Jews. Jews have an enemy to collect the chief priests and scribes asked them for fear that pulls the chair from underneath it. St. John Chrysostom says: [I feared that the Kingdom due to the Jews, the Jews is Fatrdh and his descendants and Iktonhm of kingship. Often what really exposed the great Sultan severe concerns. The Alffenan (the tops of trees) can be driven by a light wind, and so who live high places Thzhm every rumor! Those who live in low places, whatever, and they shall be as trees, which in often valley what it does not affect the wind [86].] Says Father Gregory the Great: [Simmer ground King when he was born Heavenly King, because the ground of sovereignty disturbed when the celestial grandeur show [87] .]

Simmer the ground marked by evil Herod when he realized that it serves the heavenly stars came. Indeed, the Transfiguration of our Lord Jesus in the heart, as in the provider destabilize Herod (the devil), the tyrant, who owns evil. Like The Lord has Beslipe us break down the Kingdom of Satan and not able to prove.

Concealed Herod disordered manifestations of deception, as the Evangelist says, "then called Herod, Magi secretly. And check them what time the star appeared. And he sent them to Bethlehem, and said, Go and search diligently for the young child, and when ye have found they told me, that I may come and worship him also." [7-8]. St. John Chrysostom says: [to be tempted at this sanctimony, the sword is hidden behind it. Drawing a simple color on the malice of his heart. This is the way of all evil doers, as planned in the rough to wound others, Vizaheron simplicity and friendship [88].]

3. prostration of the Magi

"When they had heard the king, they,

If the star which they had seen in the East went before them

Till it came and stood over where the young child.

When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceeding great joy.

They came to the house,

And saw the child with Mary his mother,

They fell down and worshiped him,

Then they opened their treasures,

And presented him with gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. "[9-11].

It left the King appeared to them and became a star, led to enter them to where Christ was lying. What 'need to get out of the hidden Herod circle, any written work of the devil circle, to unfold us the royal road signs clearly.

St. John Chrysostom sees that the star, who saw the Magi and bring them to Bethlehem, but it is the poor and needy service, he says: [saw the star, they were happy, and here you see Christ himself strange and naked, and do not move! ... They gave gold and you barely provide a piece of bread ! [89]

Their vision of Mr. rested their hearts and continues to them all the trouble, and as St. John Chrysostom says: [before seeing the child fears and troubles put pressure on them from all sides, but after prostrate stallion tranquility and security ... I've become priests during his worshipful, as we see them brought gifts [90].]

What do you mean Gifts of the Magi?

St. John Chrysostom says: [were struggling sheep and calves, but rather the things that made them closer to the heart of the Church, as they came to hold the beginning of the offering: knowledge, wisdom and love [91].]

He says Father Gregory the Great: Gold offers a tribute King, and offers incense offering to God, and is used in embalming bitter dead bodies. This announced the Magi secret Bataaahm for those who worship Him gold that King, and incense to be God, and Palmer that he accepts death ... to offer to the Lord, born of the new gold, Venaterv he has in every position, and offer him incense as we believe that God appeared in a decade, with that before every time. And offer him bitter, believing that although he was in his theology is impassible, it has become feasible to die in our ****. We can also understand that this marks something else. Gold symbolizes the wisdom of Solomon as attested: "craved treasure in the mouth of the righteous" (Proverbs 21:20 Septuagint). And incense burned in front of God symbolizes the strength of prayer according to the words of Psalm: "to Tstqm prayer Kalpkhor before thee" (Psalm 141: 2), and bitter symbolizes fatality our bodies, where the holy Church says employees who work with God to death: "My hands Tqtaran bitter" (Nash 5: 5). We offer the new king of gold, if we were in his eyes light up with the light of divine wisdom, and offer incense to him if we burn the flesh ideas on the altar of our hearts, God Fenrf Achtyakatna heavenly smell good. And offer him bitter when grown Balnsk evils (desires) of the ****, we say it is Palmer preserve the dead **** of corruption, as we say about the **** that is spoiled when the primacy of pornography, as it is said the prophet, "rotten in the dung of animals [92]." Animals that perish in the droppings indicate Algesdanyen who stamp their lives amid the folly of their desires. Let us permission to God myrrh to protect our bodies from mortal corruption and profligacy saves in purity [93].]
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