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المنتدى : Interpretation of the Bible era of Old Qmus Tadros Jacob Malaty
Q (25) Interpretation of Genesis VI

genesis, interpretation

Noah's Ark

If death had a bear in the human race but to reveal the death of cryptic more dangerous is the death of the internal self and corruption, which appeared in the withdrawal of the heart of God's children about the daughters of men, and the corruption of the earth, the earth became a need to renew it again through the flood and Noah's Ark.

+ Introduction to Astronomy and the Flood.

1. sons of God and daughters of men 1-4.

2. Noah bar 5-10.

3. corruption Earth 11-12.

4. Noah's Ark 13-22.

+ Introduction to Astronomy and the Flood:

Flood story occupied a key position in the history of salvation and renewal of the world's water, as God declared: "The end of all flesh is come before me," Do not Lebed human, but to renew the world, shall be transferred tsunami to the greater good of mankind, which threw herself in eternal damnation. Thus the flood came abroad reveals the devastating flood of sin in the same home.

Human inherited this story and provided by different people in different ways, deviated from its true purpose, and marred by a lot of myths. The following is a brief picture of some of the old traditions of the story:

A. The effects of Babylon came in the effects of Babylon, the Egyptian priest Berossus of the men of the third century BC, in the reign of King Oksysuthros Xisuthras happened flood, where the king's sons ark where his family and friends are close to him, and collect it from birds, animals and supplies to take even if interrupted rain sent some bird suddenness and legs by clay, and so the second time around, and the third did not return, has landed in astronomy Eraddin.

The oldest novel about the flood in Babylon is the "epic Jlcamh Gilgamesh" which states that Jlcamh Otnavitim asked about the reason for reaching the infinite life, his furry flood story, how that four gods decided to destroy, the world flood, but the god of wisdom, "Whatever," ordered him to put an ark to enter it with his family. And that he had sent some birds to inspect the conditions of the land returned each carrying a branch of olive. After leaving feet sacrifices thanked god of wisdom came to bless him and his wife and Ahbhma eternal life.

B. The effects of India: I found a picture in the structure for Buddhists to Noah in the ark, and the gods Kuanyin aspire compassion, as painted dove fly to astronomy, with an olive.

It is the Indian stories that god Brahma appeared to Manu in the form of a fish, and ordered him to make him an ark enter with seven of the righteous. Then connect astronomy horns fish, Vsobht in the flood long generations, and ordered him to create the world anew out.

C. Greek monuments: came to the god Jupiter is Deucalion bar to enter the ark with his wife and the rest of his family. As anchored astronomy on Mount Bartasus Erhdth dove to the end of the flood, went offers sacrifices thanks.

D. The effects of Phrygia in Asia Minor: It was said that "Ibajos", a word that is likely to be distorted for "Noah", he knew something Flood wept for the people. Have been found in Ibamia Pfrigah pieces of currency with a picture of astronomy people inside, and outside the birds carrying one of them an olive branch. And next to a picture of the same people give offerings of thanks for their deliverance. Was inscribed with the name of Noah, and the old city, "Kpotosh" the name of any (astronomy), as was her family believe that the ark settled in their city.

E. I found similar stories of the peoples of China and the Persians, Phoenicians, Assyrians, Armenians and the tribes of Indians of Mexico etc ...

This ancient tradition but Legends loaded but reveal the existence of a genuine and realistic story received human, veered out during the pagan worship.

1. sons of God and daughters of men:

"The event began what many people come to the earth and daughters were born to them, that the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they advantages, and they took themselves wives of all whom they chose." [1.2].

The St. Augustine speaks in his book "City of God" for the two cities, one floor and other celestial, the first representing the group wicked associated floors, and other community of believers associated Balsmoyat, so when subjected to worship at hand opinion in marriage sons of God daughters people mix between the two cities, which spoil the citizens of the heavenly city. This warned him the apostle Paul, saying: "Do not be under the yoke with unbelievers, because any mixture of righteousness and sin?!, And any light with darkness?! Any agreement to Christ with Belial?" (2 Corinthians 6:14: 15) .

The term "sons of God" came in the Septuagint "angels", while the literal translation of the Hebrew "Sons of the Gods" ... for this St. Augustine wonders with the most and is ****d on the Septuagint: Do angels marry women from humans? Having answered the question with some prolongation *******ed himself presented the main points in a bit of shortcut [162]:

First, the word "Angelos" in Greek means (Messenger), and the term "angels" here refers to the servants of God, as if God's children or servants may marry busy Bharirat Awad preoccupation with serving God.

Second: St. Augustine says that in his time many myths among pagans claim some demons assault on women physically impure manner emerged, which can not, especially for the angels of God's acceptance. That is why the words of the Apostle Peter, "because if he did not spare the angels who sinned, but in chains of darkness cast them into hell and delivered them Mahrocn to eliminate" (1 Peter 2: 4), does not mean their downfall in the lusts of physical with women Shri, but their downfall before the creation of man in pride.

Third: The expression in the translation of Aquila, "the sons of the gods" came It applies to believers who told them: "I am told that you are gods, and all of you sons of the Most High" (Psalm 82: 6). In other words, that the intention of the book, both sons of gods or angels but means the sons of Seth, who should have to live like angels of God and his servants Almstalin the fire of divine love, or gods, if their girls are attracted to Cain s evil of physical beauty. This mixed righteous bad guys, and all spoiled, became need to renew each year of creation through the waters of the flood. The Lord has declared his dissatisfaction, saying:

"I do not condemn the spiritual man forever to Zhiganh is preached, and his days shall be a hundred and twenty years." [3].

The human estranged evil God declared that his soul does not condemn the man forever, which does not settle it, as long as exhibits in evil, and that the days shorten to one hundred and twenty years, has been achieved gradually after the flood, although it has allowed some to live more than a hundred twenty-but no animation. Perhaps inadvertently percent and twenty years the period during which people even warned Noah entered into the ark.

Perhaps the saying: "Do not condemn the human spirit" means that as long as the human insisting evil and stubbornness is deprived of the rebuke of the Holy Spirit, as God deliver him to a reprobate mind. Some argue that the word "spiritual" does not mean (the Holy Spirit), but the spirit that God has given to people, they do not keep forever in the flesh, but withdrawn after 120 years, although this view is not acceptable.

He notes that as human estranged to the lust of the flesh of the Lord called him a "****", saying it "is preached" In the Septuagint "is the ****", like his behavior Algesdani become the **** without a soul, because the **** Bshahuath enslaves Spirit also driven by whim. In this St. John Chrysostom says: [Those who have wings Spirit make the **** spiritually, so who are coming out about this and they are slaves to their stomachs and the thrill of making Gesdanih self not in the sense changing its essence, but corrupt nobility of birth [163], he says: [with it their souls, but it has become dead in them called them "flesh", so for the devoutly With that they have a **** but we say they are all the same or all of the spirit ... says St. Paul the Apostle who did not Eetmmoa works of the flesh: "but ye are not in the flesh" (Rom. 8: 9), you can either live in the luxury of not living in self and in spirit, but in the flesh [164].

So busy as children of God Paljsudaiat Therefore love the daughters of men, turned to the flesh and became non-spiritual. The fruit of this work is to have the children of tyrants loving the dignity of the time, he says: "It was in the ground tyrants in those days ... These are the giants who since the age people with the name" [4]. As if all sin brings again, or if it succumbed to human weakness becomes a plaything between sins, Tlagafh each other. Began here aspiration of God's children to the beauty of the daughters of men physically, abandoning their message of spiritual and converted to Algesdani thought, they became flesh, and gave birth to violence and love of temporal dignity instead of the fruits of the spirit of kindness and meekness and humility!

2. Noah bar:

"And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil every day. Grieved the Lord that human work the land. Regrets in his heart. And the Lord said erase from the face of the human earth created. Man with beasts, tanks and birds of the sky. because I am sad that I am their currency. "[5-7].

It is not possible that God the Holy tolerate evil which many people on the ground, you will not meet with the self-created analgesic him to see unimaginable evil every day, this melancholy that man-made in the earth. When Scripture says: "sadness" or "regrets his heart" or "regret", do not understand these expressions Kanfalat anger, but is the language of the book directed us humans to understand and realize the bitterness of sin in itself and not to the possibility of the company between divine holiness and human corruption. St. Augustine explains the meaning of God regrets that human action, saying: God's wrath is not edgy disturb the serenity of his mind but it is a rule in which the penalty for sin is [165]. It also says: [non-variable (God) change the things he does not regretted like a human being anything done, because the decision in everything fixed and knowledge for the future uncertain, but if such expressions not used would have been realized by the minds of people in need to tell them familiar to them in a way (language that suits them) for the welfare of, even foreshadowing arrogant and reckless awakens and trains curious and satisfy human reasoned. So what could be achieved if lamented first and come down to them to where they are (tell them in their own language) and announcing the death of all land animals and atmosphere to reveal the magnitude of the disaster that almost approaching; it does not threaten the extermination of irrational animals as if they had committed the sin [166] ].

Thus sees St. Augustine in God's revelation about regret for that man was created but it is a waiver of it, to tell us our language to realize how have reached this point it was not possible with God the source of our lives, do not change the heart of God toward us, but Bngerna We Aatzna him of accepting corruption, which is strange for God. The threatened extermination of animals and birds such as high but love even revisit again in our position and realize the seriousness of the situation.

Curiously, the middle of this painful image that God announced on the one hand human beings, do not ignore a single human being behaves mainland amid a wicked generation, as the book says: "But Noah found grace in the eyes of God." [8]. In the midst of darkness does not ignore the beautiful glow no matter how small and faint, and every generation God rejoices Bkadisé if they rest a few amid corruption in land fills. Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord, which saw him: "Noah was a righteous man, perfect in his generations" [9]. The saying: "In the future generations," reveals that righteousness and perfection are not divorced, but Korna including that provided by generations of corruption; relative Man Scales.

3. corruption land:

"Earth and corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence ... It was all flesh had corrupted his way on the ground" [11.12].

It is noted that the word "earth" is repeated often in this chapter, especially in the phrase
[5-13], as it stated that seven times; and each repetition of the word reveals that God was longing to see in human life is a divine attribute, but as human mess became fertile dirt carrying havoc. But lest we think that the earth material has spoiled or what his campaign and the fruits of the earth resources etc ... so stressed: "It was all flesh had corrupted his way on the ground," as if the corruption of the man who disfigured creatures is irrational.

4. Noah's Ark:

God revealed to his servant righteous Noah what he was going to do, when he said to him: "The end of all flesh is come before me, because the earth was filled with violence through them, behold, I will destroy them with the earth." [13]. It can be to God ordering Noah making astronomy Vaitia in faith and trust, but God is a lover of human beings do not miss it be boss, but a friend devotee who interviews the man reveals his wisdom and secrets, as the Psalmist says: "The secret of the Lord to those who fear him, and his reign to teach them" (Psalm 25 : 14). Has revealed that although he destroy them with the earth, the loss is a natural outgrowth of corruption are chosen, and it appears that the saying: "The end of all flesh is come before me," as if to say: I did not like this, but they made themselves deadliest brings their end, they have chosen their own volition .

Now if the bad guys have done so on their own providers deadliest until the Earth, God does not leave his children perish with them, so it gave to Noah is the work of the orbit of salvation, has introduced us to the biblical story of astronomy meticulously and in detail thing to carry the ark of the symbolic act affects our salvation Cross .

I. importance of astronomy: the study of baptism [167] noticed how shed liturgies of the Church and the sayings of the fathers light on Noah's Ark the fact that the flood symbol of the work of renewal right of human nature, astronomy symbol of the Cross, who carried Jesus hung for us, he carried the church, which is his holy ****. Had to be the destruction of the old world (old man) in the waters of baptism for the new world or the new man in the image of his Creator, who holds a newness of life or set up in the life of Jesus Christ (Romans 6: 3.4). The flood was a symbol of baptism puts an end to a watershed between the old life and new life dark bright with the light of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. This thought canon patristic extension Thought See has come, as the Apostle Peter says: "The patience of God waited in the days of Noah, while the ark was, in which a few any eight souls with water, which likeness We now saves us in baptism, do not remove the grime **** but the answer of a good conscience toward God through the resurrection of Jesus Christ "(1 Peter 3:20: 21).

As we have already displayed the liturgical and patristic thought in this regard [168] *******ed himself with some of the few words:

v God created man from the dust, and renewed water, Nmah his spirit, and his path to the adoption of the word of salvation, directed him to the holy commandments even human dirt to prevent births sacred celestial object when he came.

St. Clement of Alexandria [169]

v in the flood - the days of Noah - Matt Every **** while keeping the righteous Noah and his family ... Man Livni external, but internal renewed. This happens not only in baptism, but also repentance where annihilate (desires) of the **** are growing spirit, also teaches Sultan See saying: "sentenced as if I were present in which to do this so ... to deliver such a one to Satan for the destruction of the flesh in order to get rid of the Spirit in the Lord's Day Jesus "(1 Cor 5: 3.5).

St. Ambrose [170]

Second material astronomy: "Make yourself an ark of wood Jafar" [14], may mean cypress wood, came in the Septuagint: "It is a square petitions", as St. Augustine says: it refers to the Church [171], or to still life and established the saints petitions square where their movement to be standing [172].

St. Ambrose says: [You see the water and the tree and the dove, would stand in front of the secret confused? Water is where the **** submerged so that each linear physical washed it, and buried it all evil, and the stage is commented upon the Lord when He suffered for us, and Dove are descended Jerusalem spirit **** as you read in the New Testament, the one who grant you peace psychology and calm thought, the crow is a sin that does not go back, as you, keeping the mainland at home and abroad code [173].

Cons Origen [174] in the petitions wooden square that holds regular form right angles reference to the prophets and messengers, which are held in the library science divine self, as seen in astronomy symbol of entry into the mysteries of the knowledge of God and knowledge of God through His Word.

III astronomy dimensions: The ark was referring to enjoy the salvation of Jesus Christ and free access to learn the secrets of God high through the cross so called Origen "divine speech library" or "divine science library", so its dimensions came from the length, width and height refers to faith and love and please, he says: [than he was able to hear the word of the Lord and divine things in spite of the weight of evil and the many vices, leaving him ephemeral things mortal, such a build in his heart orbit salvation and devotes the same divine speech library, be given his faith, love and hope Ktol and display and rising. Faith in the Holy Trinity is extended to immortality length, width is the love that simplify emotions gentle kind, but the rise is the hope that is carried to where the heavenly right, since we are on the ground to be "scandal in the heavens" (at 3:20) [175]. In more detail says that the length of 300 cubits, because the number 100 refers to the flock of Christ sapiens (Lk 15: 4.5), which is keen Christ not be lost from one sheep. This herd sanctified through his knowledge of the Holy Trinity (100 × 3), or faith. The display astronomy is 50 cubits, and we have seen in our study of the Book of Exodus and the number that the number 50 refers to the enjoyment of the forgiveness of sins, [176], as was the case with the Jubilee (fifty-year) where a general amnesty and comprehensive liberalization of slaves and land, as well as in the day of Pentecost while the Holy spirit to the disciples in the attic of the church bestows divine nature free from sin. The offer refers to the love, the love of God and our love Algavrh embankment others weaknesses. The height Fetllathun arm refers to human height to God as zap Joseph in thirty jail age to the palace to catch masterminding the affairs of the kingdom ... permission to build spiritual astronomy us to be our true knowledge test, long living faith in the Holy Trinity, and the display of love right to God and the people, the rise in Asamoyat please.

Cons St. Augustine [177] in astronomy dimensions of the symbol of the **** of Christ, Vafilk dimensions so 300 × 50 × 30, and full rights in the eyes of this saint in length from head to toe six-fold display from either side (300: 50), and ten times the height (thickness) of the back to the chest (300: 30). The ark was referring to the word of God made flesh, Vhmlna which to express us through the flood to the new land on which to him.

IV paint the ark with pitch inside and out: Just say Origen: [wants us to be saints from abroad and pure on the inside of the heart, Mahfozin from each side, Mahrocn virtue of asceticism (outer bitumen) and purity (bitumen at home) [178].

V. side door: St. Augustine says: [side door certainly refers to the wound in the side of the crucified by the harpoon, which enters coming to him, and it overflowed the secrets that the believers to join the membership [179].

VI three floors: see St. Augustine [180] in such a vivid picture of the three floors of the church, which met all the peoples and nations, as supplemented by the descendants of the three sons of Noah: Shem, Ham and Japheth. Perhaps this refers to the three floors virtues ordered by the Prophet: faith, hope and love. As seen in these three floors of believers who came in three different amounts of crops hundred times and sixty and thirty (Matthew 13:23, over 4: 8), or a heavenly city or eternal church whose membership includes married Othara and also widows and Ptullaan pure.

Cons Origen [181] in reference to the three floors of the three methods of interpretation: literal interpretation, interpretation of behavioral or moral, spiritual and interpretation. It stands at the literal interpretation not like someone settled in the ****ment with the animals of the rise to behavioral and Balrouha shall be blessed man of God, Noah and his family in a meeting with God.

Seventh Noah and his family inside the ark: says Origen: [Besaudna through various astronomy roles we get to the same Noah, which means (Naah) or (Bur), Venouh is Jesus Christ, it does not apply to old Noah say to your mother's father: "This comforts us about our work and tired hands by the land which the Lord for them "(Genesis 5:29) ... Look to the Lord Jesus Christ, who told him:" Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world "(Jn 1:29)," Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law as curse has become for us, for it is written, Cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree "(Gal 3: 3), and also said:" Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest "(Matthew 11:28). Here you're seeing the truth come rest of mankind, and save the earth from the curse [182].

The St. Peter the Apostle noted that the number of souls that concluded through astronomy eight (1 Pet 20.21), this figure refers to the disappearing in the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, the church, or refers to the heavenly nature and new calls it through enjoyment built in Christ Jesus life. We know that the number 8 refers to life after time, where No. 7 refers to the days of the week, was No. 8 means beyond the boundaries of time.

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