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المنتدى : Interpretation of the Bible in a new era of Qmus Tadros Jacob Malaty
Q (25) Interpretation of the Gospel of Matthew, chapter IV

chapter, gospel, interpretation, matthew

King's victory
The crowned King had to be submitted to the people doing something befitting the majestic, this income in the battle against the devil publicly account for people to grant them victory; Anzaahm for the Kingdom of Satan and his kingdom Iqimanm. Mr. entered this battle on behalf of his people until all the predominance of him but offering self-employed.

1. Experience 1-11.

2. his departure to Galilee 12-17.

3. Invite students 18-22.

4. Evangelism and work 23-25.

1. Experience

The experience of Christ occupies a key role in our salvation by being an integral part of his divine salvific part, the evangelist talked about in a bit of detail, explaining the date of the experiment, and the role of the Holy Spirit, and the subject of the experiment, it is the tempter, and a link to the experience of fasting, and the three types of experiments: How attack, and how to prevail, and the fruits of experience.

First, the date of the experiment

"Then was Jesus led up of the Spirit into the wilderness,

To be tempted by the devil. "[1].

Evangelist starts talking about the experience with the word "then", as if the experience is normal it was necessary to master that before entering into the waters of baptism on behalf of us, opening us through the kingdom, and granting us the right to paternity of the Father in it, to enter into open conflict with the devil prince of the kingdom of darkness. As if the kingdom of heaven, which gave us our King Messiah may cost him a lot, it did not stop at the incarnation, he entered the waters of baptism, but entered a long battle one of the images appeared in the experiment on the mountain, and glimmered in the completeness of the Cross. We are also, as we enter the baptism, we are committed to Christ and clothed to enter into battle raised by darkness, Behind every grace divine spiritual war. Or as St. John Chrysostom says, where Christ was found to be a spiritual battle. He opened to us by Mr. himself through trial, saying: "winepress I have trodden by myself and the people I did not have one." (Isaiah 63: 3), so that each of us desires to climb, led by the Holy Spirit, the battlefield alone, not from father assigns or mother, but holds the Christ often, which alone is estimated to fight us and us to calculate the kingdom in us.

The Apostle Paul saw in Mr. vivid example of each the same ground intervention trials, but it is not an example of externally away from us Ntmthel do, but it is a living example which overflows us potential victory, calculated potential capabilities, he says, "then it should have looked like his brothers in every way , to be merciful and faithful high priest in service to God even atone for the sins of the people, because in what is estimated to have suffered, being tempted to appoint experienced "(Heb. 2: 17-18). The secret of victory, Mr. is that it entered the battle without being there for the devil subject which, it is estimated that enters it or usurps what to him, as Mr. says, "the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me" (Jn 14:30), and the Apostle Paul says: "in all points tempted like us without sin" (Heb 4:15).

v The Lord gave us his example how we can win as he triumphed while Try [124].

Father Serapion

v It is helping us to Hafeena precedence in the experiment has become an example for us.

v Jesus our leader allowed himself to experience even teaches children how to fight [125].

St. Augustine

v really had to fit the One who came to replace our death by his death, also predominantly experiences his experiments [126].

Father Gregory (the Great)

Second, the role of the Holy Spirit

Evangelist says: "Jesus led up of the Spirit into the wilderness." [1]. The Holy Spirit is the one who took him to the battle, not arbitrarily, but rather to achieve the divine plan, which is the subject of pleasure of the Father and of the Son also. It did not come up like someone being led to involuntary, the Holy Spirit, but it is the Holy Spirit, one with him, in essence, what he does but will bring the spirit that is one with the Father's will and the will of the Son.

v did not come up (to the wild) like someone is binding or is he was taken prisoner but Bachtyak to battle.

St. Jerome.

v devil went to the man (Adam) to strip him, but as the devil can not attack the Christ, but Christ went to him.

St. John Chrysostom

If divine love may push Jesus to enter into a battle against the devil for us and for our account, so inflames the Holy Spirit, the believer's heart, not only potentially experience the joy of a mujahid in Jesus Christ dwells in it, but also bend love to calculate brothers experiences experiences, and chains chains, moaning Sagtathm and to suffer for all the same negligent in the way of salvation. And after the experiments were a sign of God's wrath has become God's gift to his children be allowed to carry the victory of Christ himself in them.

v directed against the devil, who experiments with the most sanctified, because he misses with the most to gain victory over the righteous [127].

St. Hilary Bishop of Poitiers

v is not Christ alone is the one who ascended the Spirit into the wilderness, but all children of God, whom the Holy Spirit. They are not convinced by remaining lazy, but the Holy Spirit urging them to do a great job, Vijrjohn into the wilderness like someone struggling with the devil where there are acts of injustice raised by the devil. Because all the righteous are outside world and the flesh, are not they the will nor the will of the world ****, so they go out into the wilderness to try.

St. John Chrysostom

God does not take away experiences, but also allows us out and give us a St. John Chrysostom reasons for this:

First: to teach you that you may become more powerful.

Second, in order to continue a modest, not swell the greatness of your talents, as you press the experiments.

Third, in order to make sure the evil devil who had doubted for a moment that you had left him, Fbmg experiments make sure that you have left it completely slipped from his hands.

Fourth, it becomes more strength and stiffness of the same steel.

Fifth, in order to get a clear evidence of the treasures entrusted to you. The devil does not want war against thee, unless sees you in the greatest dignity. For example, initially attacked Adam, because he saw it enjoys great dignity. That's also why the devil prepared himself for the battle against Ayub because he saw wreathed, pay zakaah everyone [128].

Father Tadros offers several reasons for the grace of God our experiments, including Tzkeatina or our reform, or because of the sin we committed, or to show the glory of God or divine punishment sign:

[A. In order to test them, as we read about the blessed Abraham, Job, many of the saints who have endured trials without limitation ...

B. For reform, and that's when discipline (God) Ibrarh for their sins Statistics (involuntary) and lapses, and to transcend their case to the greatest of purity. And that the same as saying, "My son, do not despise the discipline of the Lord nor faint if Boukk, for whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth and flogged every son whom ... What I'm not teaching him his father? But if ye be without chastisement everyone may become partners in it, you Ngul not sons" (Heb. 12: 5-8).

C. As a punishment for sin and that God also threatened that sends epidemics on the children of Israel (to evil): "Send them canines monsters with meat reptiles earth" (Deuteronomy 32: 24).

D. In fact we also find a reason Fourth mentioned the Bible, which is that the fees will bring us simply in order to show the glory of God and his works, and that the Evangelist according to the words: "No this mistake, nor his parents, but to show the work of God in him" (John 9: 3), and also: "This sickness is not unto death, but for the glory of God to be glorified by the Son of God "(Jn 11: 4).

E. There are other types of Nqmat plaguing which overlook fascias evil in their lives, as we read about Dathan and Abiram and Korah who have been punished, and who told them of the Prophet: "God gave them up to vile passions ... and to a reprobate mind" (Romans 1:26, 28) . This is considered the sanctions ... because they have become is because Mstahlain heal Balavtkad divine Giver of life [129].]

We can add to the previous explanations is important in the life of the believer, that is, that experience is the right climate for the manifestation of the Messiah crucified in the life of the believer. At the start of the experiment the devil was skeptical in the person of the Lord Jesus, was the constant question: "If you are the Son of God ...", but it was defeated by Mr. angels serve, and the expulsion of Satan from his face until, realized that the Messiah does not speak, but through work. So as far as we enter into conflict with the enemy of good Outs Messiah who in us, and announces his kingdom in us, where the angels of our service and the devil Infdh weakness ahead, but in front of Christ working in us. What really Iktnyh Christian Barakat al-Hakim of the experience is not paralleled what bestowed because of worship for many years in the breaks! Cross is the emergence of the field of the Messiah crucified in the holy bride!

Third, the subject of the experiment

Jesus chose the "wild" place to be experience, or another field of battle between him and the devil in the sense a public manner. Choosing this place offers us a spiritual concepts affect our lives with God, including:

A. According to Jewish tradition seen the devil and evil spirits is home to the prairies and desolate places and tombs etc. Mr wanted to enter himself into battle with the devil in the land, no one who is in the lion's den. We have seen in our conversation about St. John the Baptist in the last chapter, he began preaching in the "wilderness of Judea", in advance of the Messiah King of human nature large arid to turning it into a paradise of water His Holy Spirit. I would say that this battlefield in fact are "wild human nature," which has become barren and habitation of demons, came to Mr. order to usurp the king who had to live in his kingdom. This all wrong realize that the spiritual battle is not a battle, but God is the battle with the devil, and the land is a mere battle and their respective fields, that disappeared behind the Messiah Vsagelb it!

B. Mr. I go up into the wilderness to be tempted, declaring that where a person is in isolation, which in the wild dared him to fight the demons. But Mr. was not in an internal isolation, as never separated from his father and his Holy Spirit is not human, but was retired in his heart. In other words, he was in isolation according to the flesh apparently not at home, this was not the enemy's place in it, and so we, if we became isolated from God and people find Satan has us a place ... I mean the internal isolation, any loss of love of God and church membership spiritual , it is unique to us and Agbanna, but we were in love and unity with God and the people, even though we were in the isolation of the phenomenon we Ngelbh.

St. John Chrysostom says: [see where Iassadh Spirit when not taken to the city and to the theater in general, but to the ground. This attracts the devil was giving him the opportunity not only Bjuah but also through the place. Then, in particular, the devil fights when people see abandoned and alone on their own. So also did with the woman (Eve) in the beginning when Astadha alone, as he found out about her husband. When he sees us with others, united together which are not confident enough to attack us. We are in great need to come together so as not constantly exposed to the attacks of Satan [130].]

Isolation here does not mean just our separation from the others physically, but are isolated heart filled with selfishness, which he can not carry others inside; ask what is the same, not what others, as al-Hakim says, "retired asks his desire" (or 18: 1). When God rebuked Israel on voracious said: "gone up to Assyria like a wild ass alone by himself" (is 8: 9). Describes the St. Jude heretics as "Matzlon themselves psychologists do not have the spirit" (Yeh 19).

Fourth: Who is the tempter?

After the Evangelist confirmed that is the spirit that led up to Mr. Wild to be tempted explained that the experimenter is "the devil" himself. Called in Greek "Dyafolos" any complainant, does not work for him, except to complain to us, to the tender mercies of God repels us. It has also invited the devil any resistor, it is discount does not stop our resistance, as the Apostle says: "Satan _khasmkm lion visitors touring, seeking whom he may devour" (1 Peter 5: 8).

St. John Chrysostom says: [Satan has despaired when he saw Christ's fasting for forty days, but since realized that he was hungry then regained his hope "came to him the tempter" [3] ... and you The silence and suffered from experience, not least in yourself I lost Lenten fruit. The silence you entered in the experience, Feltenl victory over the experiment [131].]

Fifth: the experience of fasting link

The war began with the start of Lent, according to the words of the Evangelist Luke: "It was led by the Spirit in the wilderness forty days, tempted by the devil" (Luke 4: 1-2). The intensified when he was hungry, hunger was the devil as a lure to Manaazelth, and at the same time he was fasting is a weapon that provided by Mr. motive was faithful to him during the spiritual warfare united in prayer. Mr. needed not to fast, because there was not the subject of sin, but to sanctify the fasted Osoamna enjoining, encouraging us of him like a mother whose taste medication in front of a sick child even drink it.

v hunger in (Christ) approached him; to teach you what is the greatness of fasting, and how it is the most powerful shield against the devil. This is required after Gorn (baptismal font) that do not come up to a life of luxury, drinking and tables filled, but to fasting. I have not fasted for need, but to teach it ... without abdominal adjust the expulsion of Adam from Paradise, and the flood happened in the days of Noah and replaced thunders Bsdom. With committing adultery warning came adjust the terms of the abdomen. This is what he meant Ezekiel said: "This was the sin of Sodom, pride and satiety of bread and abundance of luxury" (Ezekiel 16:49). Thus Jews also deepened in the great evil of sin during their withdrawal to drinking and luxuries (Isaiah 5: 1112) [132]....
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