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المنتدى : Interpretation of the Bible in a new era of Qmus Tadros Jacob Malaty
Q (25) Interpretation of the Gospel of Matthew, chapter V

chapter, gospel, interpretation, matthew

King Constitution 1

Gave us the Evangelist King announced to the people or the Constitution of the Speech from the Throne, in order to abide by his kingdom, has been called The Sermon on the Mount, Jesus Christ, as delivered by sitting on the mountain.

1. Introduction 1.2 Constitution.

2. Beatitudes 3-12.

3. Christian message 13-16.

4. fulfillment of the law 17-20.

5. killings 21-26.

6. adultery 27-30.

7. divorce 31-32.

8. Section 33-37.

9. resist evil with good 38-41.

10. love enemies 42-48.

1. Introduction Constitution

Occupied the "Sermon on the Mount," the three chapters of the Gospel Matthew [5-7], were concerned by the early church fathers, as preoccupied the minds of the wise men of non-Christians, of being alive is a constitution full of life. St. Augustine says: [in which all the lofty principles necessary for full Christian life [152].]

Began Evangelist Announcing this Constitution this introduction: "And seeing the multitudes went to the mountain, and when he sat down offers to his disciples, he opened his mouth and taught them, saying: [1-2]. Met the Messiah King with his people on the mountain to talk with them, declaring the constitution of his kingdom. In the old rose Moses on the mountain to receive the law after fasting lasted forty days, with a huge preparations committed by priests and the Levites and the people, was not possible for a non-Moses received the law or hear the voice of God, but they see the mountain smoking and the clouds thick surrounded by thunders faze, but now the word of God has come down in the form of a slave to sit with humans on the mountain speak to them directly and in the simplicity.

St. Augustine says [indicates (Montenegro) to high self, which rose above these things time aloft in the heavenly places. On this mountain, the holy city of God which can not hide the show, appears decked Holy Church in the lives of the saints. On this holy mountain climbs the Lord himself to talk with people, so the mountain saw right through his holy life.]

Mountain also refers to those high souls that parents and the prophets in the Old Testament and the disciples and apostles in the New Testament of being all representing a mountain and one rising to the highest, sat Mr. him talk, because this is the end of the law and the prophecies that leads us to the Messiah, the Savior, this is a very preach pupils and the Apostles to enter into the Messiah and hear him.

As Mr. sat on the Mountain "offers him his disciples." As St. Augustine says: [to be close to him in the flesh, to hear his words, as they are close to it in spirit to the implementation of the commandments.] Really whenever we went to the divine commandment during exercise brings us the Holy Spirit who Esendna in implementation to the depths as a high mountain to find Jesusna talking with us mouth divine , Inajana and Nnajia.

"He opened his mouth and taught them, saying ..." God did not tell us that a significant divine mouth directly, but he teaches us through its permanent and sponsorship, also told us during the ongoing prophecies, but now it has come to tell us his mouth newly directly. The term "opened his mouth" in Greek refers to the importance of modern and decency on the one hand, on the other hand said that what comes from the speaker directly, not quoting others, that is inspired by the idea and the depths of his heart. Mr. He opened his mouth to tell us about the most important message a constitution, reveal what is inside it and declare inner secrets of our direction. It opens his heart to us.

The act was "taught" in Greek continuing past tense, as if the teacher Saint Matthew the Evangelist says that Jesus opened his heart and was always education. He wants to enter with all his people to attack his secrets to learn the secrets of his love for them.

2. Beatitudes

Messiah King began its constitution positive side, did not talk about the contraband, but to attract them to the "virtuous life," revealing them for reward, to urge them on. St. Augustine says: [as long as we love the bonus, we need not neglect the jihad to achieve them. Nlthb longing for some work to get them [153].]

A. Blessed are the poor in spirit

What is a "palliative Spirit," but the life of humility, which human realizes that without God be both something, Vinfath heart Banshak to enjoy the blessings. The first was Adam's sin is letting go of God's will to achieve self-will, so came the word of God lacks the rich right for us, not to evacuate all its glory, but also vacate his control, which is one with the will of his father. Vice lacked us to accept the will of his father sang good, saying: "not my will, but your will."

If pride is the basis of every slip in us, the spirit of humility or analgesic is our gateway to the kingdom: "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." [3].

v The Pride is the source of all evil so humility is the foundation of all restraint [154].

St. John Chrysostom

v the right not to Beatitudes to start without this beginning, as long as the place to in order to achieve high wisdom "of wisdom fear of the Lord" (Psalm 111: 10), on the other hand, "the first Pride of sins" (wisdom Joshua 10:15). So looking arrogant terrestrial kingdoms and loved, but "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven."

St. Augustine

v really no poverty more and more sacred than that man knows himself to be powerless to defend them for himself, asking the daily help from the presence of others, and so knows that every moment of his life dependent on divine providence ... Faisrkh to the Lord every day: "As I Vmiskin and miserable, the Lord cares about me "(Psalm 40: 17) [155].

Father Isaac

v This has put (humility) as a basis for construction safety, the removal of this from us, even though human heavens was completely collapses, and reported to the serious end, despite the exercise of fasting, prayers and tender and chastity and all the good work. Without humility breaks down everything that collects inside you and destroy [156].

St. John Chrysostom

v poor in spirit and meek, afraid of the word of God, and acknowledge his sins, nor deceived Basthakaqath and His righteousness.

The poor in spirit is praising God comes when a good work, and complain about the same when worse comes.

The poor in spirit is not only requesting God, please, because it alone does not disappoint.

The poor in spirit abandons all his money and follow Christ ... Taking liberated from all earthly carry him as fly on the wings of [157].

St. Augustine

B. Blessed are those who mourn

Human humble kicks off with the Holy Spirit to "spiritual sadness", where realizes his sins and feel its weight in advance sincere repentance. It also groping human weakness Faihzn of fallen all the same.

Mr. albeit without sin, but he also launched us into this door "spiritual sadness", was in a meeting with the bad guys, "the blindness of sad hearts" (Mark 3: 5). And when he entered Jerusalem wept for the rigors of their hearts. Thus Mr. found in tears, but there was no laughing, never! It was really Bchoca poured Safety others, does not know Alabosh, but there is no cat laughing.

Carry the spirit of St. Paul's master, he judged his years crying tears for the salvation of every human being, he says: "If I have great heaviness and continual sorrow in my heart ... for my brothers kinsmen according to the flesh" (Romans 9: 2-3). It also says: "I am a lot of sadness and melancholy heart written to you many tears" (2 Corinthians 2: 4).

v sadness is due to lament the loss of beloved things, but God who guided to lose those things that used to acquire in this world as objects precious, because they do not rejoice later as they cheered him before. If you find in them the love of eternal things. They are scarred little sadness. This shall be comforted by the Holy Spirit who was invited because of that, "Albarclet" any comforter, even to enjoy the fullness of what is eternal losing their temporary pleasures [158].

St. Augustine

v is not here simply refers to all those who grieve, but those who grieve the sins, as the other type of grief is certainly forbidden, those who grieve for the matter related to this life (the time). This is what was announced by Paul clearly saying: "sorrow of the world creates death, and the grief that according to the will of God worketh repentance to salvation without repentance" (cf. 2 Cor. 7:10) ... he commands us to grieve not only for ourselves, but also for the evils others. This trend characterized the hearts of the saints, such as Moses and Paul and David. Yes, those were all grieve for the sins of many times do not affect them ... when God gives consolation though it solved your sorrows thousands become as layers of snow stands above (Thbk cooler). Really that offers a God very much greater than tolerate the fees! [159]

St. John Chrysostom

v Long travel without tears does not reveal a desire to see the country. If you do not want in the Vosakb tears. And I ask you to say to God: I have put my tears in front of your face (Psalm 55: 9). And says to him: lachrymal become my bread day and night! Lachrymal became bread to me: Tazit him while wept, and Aghtvet him when hungry. Any bar devoid of these tears? One of these were not his tears are not very heavy on Alienation.

v Turn off the flames of sin your fears, and weep before the Lord! APEC reassuring to the God who made you, and who does not despise what has been wrought with his hands.

v The cry of the cast here condolences where afraid to cry again!

v Let tears my share now even undresses myself from illusions and wears my **** which is the true health of immortality. Do not tell me one: you happy; because it tells me you happy wants to Aguiney! [160]

St. Augustine

v If the rain as it fell to the ground grew and produced fruit, and in the comfort and joy to people, as well as tears if they signed the heart yielded fruit and spiritual comfort to the same **** together [161].

St. Macarius the Great

v human Almtserbl gown Holy whining that God bestowed upon him, to be like someone dressed wedding and knows the joy of spiritual self.

v No one can be opposed to the tears that poured from God for useful and useless, you will realize its usefulness as our departure from this world.

v person who folds his way in constant sorrow and sighing for the love of God, this never-ending pursuit of happiness and joy every day [162].

St. John Aldrgi
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