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المنتدى : Interpretation of the Bible era of Old Qmus Tadros Jacob Malaty
Q (25) Interpretation of Genesis Asahah XII

asahah, genesis, interpretation

The call of Abram
Human met until after the flood against God deal with him as a friend and not as a rival lover, but God in his love did not give it back, but cased them until he found one man and deserved to enjoy the call to be a father to the people of God, blessed Bnzle Nations. This father "conclusion" was called out of his land and his people and his father's house to set off humanity in their relationship with God, a new beginning.

1. Invite the conclusion of 1

2. conclusion pond Nations 2

3. practical conclusion in his faith 3-9

4. conclude in Egypt 10-13

5. Sarai and Pharaoh 14-20.

1. Invite the conclusion:

The conclusion is the tenth in the parents who were born after the flood of Sam sequence. The word "conclusion" means (Father Makram), God has changed his name to "Abraham," which means (the father of the public) (Genesis 17: 5) as he began his cap Makram and Sam, God made him the father of a great multitude, the father of the parents, the father of all believers.

Abraham lived with his father Terah and the rest of the family in Ur of the Chaldeans, usually known as the city's famous name of Jerusalem, Uri south of Babylon, the ruins of the place claims changer. Modern discoveries indicate it before the age of Abraham Hawally 1000 years, and it was accepted on the Gulf coast. Also known Belhaa "Nanar" moon god and the subsequent worship of abominations once.

He lived the conclusion of the middle of this coastal commercial air where the great rich with abominations of idolatry but remained faithful in testimony to God during his lifetime, has seen his Lord: "Your fathers dwelt in the river since the world began, Terah Abu Ibrahim and Abu Nahor and worshiped other gods, I took your father Abraham from across river, and led him throughout all the land of Canaan, and multiplied his seed and gave him Isaac "(Joshua 24: 2.3). In this region, the sons of Sam conjoined Beni welding lived Vtserb evil to the children of Sam so there is no central region as a whole, but in the world at that time, from worship God right Swe conclusion, which has remained a witness to God, attracted to Sarai his wife, and Lot his nephew to live a holy life in the Lord.

The God saw the conclusion he called out of Ur of the Chaldeans Secretariat and returned to repeat his call in Haran after that resided in a long while is with his father, his wife and his nephew, and his father died there (11:31, 32). Genesis really did not mention the call to go out in Ur of the Chaldeans, saying only that he had received the invitation in Haran, but the Bible affirms the divine call to him in Ur of the Chaldeans before entering Haran (Acts 7: 2).

God did not ignore a single human being honest downtown whole, but the center of the whole world at the time, but make it Cka him to cut the believers, and as has been said in Isaiah: "Hear me, O Affiliates mainland Talpon Lord; Look to the rock from which hewn and to the pit from which Hfrm. Look to Abraham your father and to Sarah who bore you, because I call a blessed one and Oktherth, the Lord comforted Zion "(Isaiah 5: 1-3). Thus God asks followers righteousness and asylum Lord look forward to their father Abraham rock cut him to be right, "the children of Abraham." To look at how the Lord called him "a one" is Msthen the One, but make it a "frequent" and heavenly consolation to Zion. I love it too She enjoys God until he has to call himself "the God of Abraham," and calculates the heavenly paradise "Abraham's bosom."

In the middle of a dark atmosphere and discourage God saw one heart longing to meet him called him out of Ur of the Chaldeans, whether or Haran, where the two cities to worship the god of the moon; he called out even lives of his descendants "holy church."

Divine call came to the conclusion thus: "And the Lord said to Abram," Go from your land and from your kindred and your father's house to the land I will show you. "[1].

St. Jerome attached to this divine call, saying: [left Ur of the Chaldeans and left Mesopotamia, and moving a student does not know the ground so as not to lose the one who found him (God). Calculated by not easy to keep their land and his Lord at the same time, since his early days he was ready to bring the words of the prophet: "I am a stranger. You have, like all the guest of my fathers" (Psalm 39: 12). I've been invited "Abrania" and meaning (transient), as it was not satisfied with the privileges (Time) present but was forgetting what is behind and always extends to what is before (at 3:13), making the Psalmist words to him: "They go from strength to strength." (Psalm 84: 7). Thus bears his name a secret meaning, as it opens the road in front of you to ask what is for others, not what is to yourself ... [229].

It also says: [I asked the father parents that Orr leaves the Chaldeans, and leaves the city of Babylon (turbulence) and Rehoboth (Genesis 10:11) and places the widening, also leaves the plain of Shinar, where he found the high Pride tower to heaven (11: 2.4). It was fitting for him to cross the waves of this world and pass the rivers such that sat then the saints and wept when he remembered Zion (Psalm 137: 1) ... even live in the Promised Land, which draws water from above and not like Egypt with water from the bottom (Deuteronomy 11:10). .. ask early and late rain (Deuteronomy 11:14) [230].

This divine invitation addressed to every human in order to proceed not from a particular place or clan or house, but what starts out heart love the world and the self (ego), in order to meet the heavenly Lord and live with him in nurseries. It is a call for all generations, has pulled the hearts of a lot of parents are aware that they call divine affect their personal lives; mention a summary of some of the comments by the parents:

Father Pfnotios sees it as a divine call for the exercise of monastic life, give up their rights for any land from the love of a rich world, and his clan for any old life Avadath evil, and his father's house to the ground asked the house of the heavenly Father. It is his words [said to him: First: "Go from your land," any of the (love) the property of this world and ground riches. Second: "It is your tribe," any of your previous life, including the habits and your sins are concerned since Christmas and the first associated with your as if it were the Association of friendship and kinship. Third: "from your father's house," any of everything in the world and you see your eyes, narrated parents (terrestrial and celestial) should be left in one of them asked the other, as David says, in the person of God: "Hear, O daughter, and see, Emily ear and forget about your people and your father's house" (Psalm 45). Valqaúl: "Hear, O girl" is certainly the father [231].

This saint thinks that are invited to enjoy the rituals of the three stages: Zuhdi my **** reject the old behavior; liberation of the spirit of the visuals and concern Balsmaúaat. It is not enough for a person to leave his country was practiced fasting and all kinds of material or physical asceticism, nor to leave his clan, ie abandon habits ancient evil, but also he has to leave the old house of his father to come to the bosom of his heavenly Father, saying: "The scandal we are in heaven. "(3: 2).

Cons father Caesarius of Arles to the call of the divine but realized in the waters of baptism by the Holy Spirit, who tend our land (the ****) sins, and wipe out evil habits (clan), and Igtsibna of our father's house any old devil to live in the new house of our Father. It is his words: We believe and realize that all of these things have been achieved in us, brothers, through the sacrament of baptism. Our land is our ****, going from the fitness of our land Petrkna physical habits and our dependence of Christ. Would not human calculated that he had left home the same when any become Mtdaa after Pride, and after that the patient was irritable, and by leaving the decay and entry to chastity, and the launch of greed to generosity, and compassion to the ****, and cruelty to kindness? Really, brothers of change so through love of God have to leave home ... our land any of our flesh before baptism calculated land of the dead, but baptism has become the land of the living, this referred to by the Psalmist, saying: "I see that secured the presence of the Lord in the land of the living" (Psalm 27: 13). Naseer baptism land of the living not the dead, any land not vices virtues, says the Lord ... "(Come) to the land which Eric," Vnata joyfully into the land that God shows us her, if we Bmonth expel the sins and vices of our land, any of our flesh. "I go from thy kindred," here understand the clan being vices and sins, who was born partially somehow grown with us and rebounded after childhood through evil habits. We leave our tribe that we were through the grace of baptism Ntafrg of sins and vices ... does not come back like a dog to his vomit. "Go from your father's house," to accept the concept of spiritual Dear brothers this phrase, it was the devil father before the grace of Christ, it speaks of the Lord in the Gospel when rebuked the Jews, saying: "You are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do" (John 8: 44) ... so it is fitting for us, dear brothers, to qualify for Nawal these things through the grace of baptism and not our strength, our land any Ventrk (desires) of our ****, and our tribe any vices and sins (habits), and walk away from the house of the devil not. To make every effort Bmonth order not to go back to accompany the devil or authenticated ... but rather Ntmthel the faith of Abraham and work righteous deeds Ali always not only that we may receive forgiveness, but to get into with God in friendship and accompaniment. Consider the great fear and feared what the Lord said to Moses, in this regard ... "Take heed that make a covenant with the inhabitants of the land that you are coming to them so as not to become a snare in the midst of thee" (Exodus 34: 12). Now we believe the grace of baptism tend us all sins and sin, the promised us and come with a covenant become a snare to us [232].

Did not exit the conclusion of easy, since living in a coastal city known as a rich, progress and culture next to its association with his family, especially since the call came to him at the age of not Besgar, as out of Haran at the age of 75 years, ie, in a time when the need to stabilize, this was not his son inherit or cares in his old age. We know that human tends to move flexibly in a small age, but the larger the hard-driven, especially if the move means a comprehensive approach to change his life and the way his behavior ... With the closing of this flexibility in childhood move in obedience to God. St. Ambrose says: Behold, Father Abraham, who had to set a good example for future generations when ordered to abandon his land and his clan and his father's house in spite of all family links that were committed by pain provides proof that he is subject to a passion for the logic?! ... I've decided to each Tru that pass without difficulties coming up with excuses for himself [233].

Thus, before Abraham obeyed the call of God and beating the difficulties of human emotions, which is strange that God calls out to him does not specify the place where it resides, but says: "Go ... to the land I will show you." [1]. What is this land that God shows us versus left of the old things, but we enjoyed access to the new His heavens and new home, it is not like that man leaves to deny or leave but he gives more than leave, gives us a new ground or as St. Pfnotios says: [It is a land can not be you know not discover self Bmjhodgk but the land on which Eric them, these that have not seen that Ottaghlha [234]. St. Gregory of Nyssa and believes that the purpose of this out is to enter into a new land any enjoyment (knowledge of God), he says: [as we can in the spirit of the Apostle Commissioner to take the words of symbolic sense, Vennfz to the secret question of history without losing the real outlook for the proceedings of the meeting, we find certainly that Abraham the father of faith has gone, by divine command, from his land and his clan on a journey worthy of thirsty prophet about the knowledge of God. I think that the blessings that deserved to be meted out not commensurate with the normal migration of the position to a position; Fajruge of itself and its territory - as I understand it - is out of the ground thought Algesdani high it to the extreme as he could over the usual limits of nature, and the rejection of the attached self Bhawwasha, even opens his eyes to things invisible without the presence of any sensory handicap. Let there be sight or sound of running on his mind, but walking "by faith, not by sight," according to the words of the Prophet. Thus rose (Abraham) high supremely know until he reached what is considered to human perfection summit, knowing about God all that can be perceived by the human possibilities Limited ... [235].

2. conclusion Nations pool:

The divine call was carrying many difficulties but these difficulties do not compare next to the promises of God to him. With every call or commandment of God offers a promise. When it is said: "Get out from among them and be ye separate," is God's promise: "I am your father, and ye shall be my sons and daughters" (2 Cor. 6:17 and 18),. God has invited the conclusion that not having a son and promised: "I will make you a great nation and I will bless you and your name great." [2], and asked him to rich Orr leaves the Chaldeans and promise: "and be a blessing and I bless Mbarkik and Aank impotence", and asked him to leave his tribe and his father's house told him "And blessed through you all the tribes of the earth." [3].

God does not accept to be indebted to everyone but sought opportunity to give him a whirl; he wants his children in the event of a real satiation not deny.

Perhaps the conclusion nuzzle in Ur of the Chaldeans to put no son of his crucifixion inherit, but God does not give him a son, but only makes it "a great nation blessed." Not prepared with the blessing of his property, which loses much of it during his travels, but makes it a pond, and prepared by relatives and friends but it shall all families of the earth.

God desires to blowing agent nor his children without the expense, making the people who blessed them do not even have them all "blessing" ... hold God in us turning our lives to the "light" shines in the world, capable of yeast that leavens the whole dough ... he craves that gives us the same pool then we, if we are right Kibram leave our land and our people and our father's house old, so we leave our name to carry the name "Ibrahim" instead of "conclusion", ie, abandon the old name for the physical hold a new name in the Lord. Origen says: [can not obtain a covenant with God and a sign of circumcision ... and enjoys talking full of secrets ... which is in the house of God, and the physical center of his clan, holds a conclusion ... as long as the name is linked with blood and flesh [236].

The irony is, while human abandon everything does not live deprived, but to enjoy the promises of God, it does not enjoy what only for himself, but what is to calculate the whole congregation, but human and expense, as it is said to conclude: "blessed through you all the tribes of the earth", which verify the coming of Jesus Christ descendants of the conclusion that it blessed the people, and can be achieved in other ways in the life of every believer enjoy the reflection of Christ on the Mount of internal heart shall be blessing to many. This is what was announced by Jesus in the Sermon famous words: "You are the salt of the earth ... You are the light of the world" (Matthew 5:13, 14).

St. Augustine is talking about this pond obtained by the conclusion, saying: [to note that Abraham received and Aadin, the first that his descendants will inherit the land of Canaan has been pointed out by saying: "... make you a great nation," The other very time greatest promise is not as physical promise but spiritual, which becomes the father of the nation of Israel is not alone, but to all nations that trace his faith [237].

3. practical conclusion in his faith:

Did not conclude in his faith depends on God when you know the ideas of the theory of saves and defends it, and does not depend on translation of knowledge when providing certain acts of worship, but his faith in God obeyed his greatest friend. Divine Revelation says: "So Abram left, as the Lord said unto him, and Lot went with him, and Abram was seventy-five years old when he came out of Haran, Abram took Sarai his wife and Lot his nephew all their substance and the souls that they had gotten in Haran, and they went out to go to the land of Canaan" [4- 5].

The Apostle Paul says: "By faith Abraham obeyed when he was called to come to the place, which was to receive for an inheritance, obeyed" (Heb 11: 8). Zap the heart of the faith of Abraham out of Ur of the Chaldeans as outside of Haran later, as I was looking forward to "the city which has foundations creators and blessed by God" (Heb. 11:10).

It was a really complete obedience of Abraham in his heart, but it was partially implemented in the first went out of Ur of the Chaldeans, and his father, Terah, we do not know why Terah came out? Is it relates to his son Abraham? Mother found the opportunity to leave the pagan worship? ... In any event Terah with Abraham came to Haran, and stopped the procession in Haran about 15 years, since Abraham was not able to build on them only after the death of his father Terah, who often Astthagl move toward Canaan Voaaq procession whole.

If only we do not have in our exit from Ur of the Chaldeans Tarha escort us do not even stop in Haran long years, but proceed with haste towards the heavenly Canaan, we enjoy God's promises unhindered.

If the word "Ur" means (Dia) [238], and the word "Terah" often means (mountain goats), and the word "Haran" means (a mountain) [239], it is fitting for us to get out of Zia Chaldeans and Braiqam attractive departing without link trivial matters such as: "mountain goats" so as not to proceed to Haran E. mountainous areas even accelerate toward Canaan flowing with honey and us.

Finally, as Matt "Terah" After about 15 years in Haran was able to conclude that obey the call of God is not a partial level, but very quickly, heading towards Canaan, and it seems that the whole journey did not take more than a year.

Ibrahim reached the first country in the land of Canaan is "Shechem" which means (shoulder), was inhabited by Canaanites shoulder resist God; and shoulder resist leaving Joseph's brothers Shechem departing to Dothan, which means (revolution) (Genesis 37: 14-17) ... but later became represent curved shoulder with love of God carrying weights, as has become a part of the Promised Land, the city belonging to the tribe of Levi, and one of the cities of refuge.

City of Shechem, a wall (Genesis 33: 18; 34: 20) at the foot of Mount Gerizim (Judges 9: 7), in the days of Jacob, as he returned to Canaan found Hivites reside (Genesis 34: 2), where he bought a piece of the field where his tent erected (Genesis 33: 18.19), and the burial of the **** of Joseph (Joshua 24: 32). Taking Shechem the son of Hamor Hamwi offended Dinah the daughter of Jacob, Simeon and Levi, two brothers killed every male in the city (Genesis 34: 25-29). Near Shechem grazing their flocks Joseph's brothers (Genesis 37: 12.13). There are at Mount Gerizim and Mount Ebal read Joshua travel Torah (Joshua 8: 30-35). Was chosen as a city of refuge (Joshua 20: 7.21: 21). There was called Joshua tribes to hear his farewell address (Joshua 24: 1). Shechem became the capital of Israel during the reign of Jeroboam, who revolted against the ten Balospat Rehoboam (1 Kings 12), and after the fall of the northern kingdom remained Shechem (Jeremiah 41: 5), and became the capital of the Samaritans [240].

Shechem, or Nablus, about 41 miles north of Jerusalem, 5.5 miles southeast of Samaria. Located at the top of the valley, surrounded by Mount Ebal to the north and south of Mount Gerizim, and the valley was known "Mapartha" any (corridor), being a conduit from the coast to the Jordan.

It seems that the conclusion did not enter Shechem but tents next to and across to the "oak of Moreh." [6], which means (oak teacher) or (plain of the fortune-teller); it took its name from the "teacher" or "fortune teller" It looks like he lived there, and people were met him under the oak tree.

In this place set up the conclusion of "an altar to the Lord." [7] for the first time in the land of Canaan, said that there was buried Jacob all the strange gods that in the hands of his family and earrings in their ears (Genesis 35: 4), which came out of Haran; and there was a "take (Joshua) a great stone and set it up there under the oak by the sanctuary of the Lord, then Joshua said to all the people that this stone shall be a witness to us because he has heard all the words of the Lord, who has spoken to us by shall be witness against you, lest Tgehdoa your God "(Joshua 24: 26.27).

We were blessed position as presented to conclude the sacrifice of thanks to God, who entered the land of Canaan, which it promised to be his descendants after him, where he glorified God and buried strange gods position turns into a real place preaching to Joshua, people will hear the voice of the divine word.

This is the first time we hear that the Lord appeared humans [7], stressing his promise to conclude: "To your descendants I give this land." [7], was not before the conclusion, but to build an altar to the Lord offers the sacrifice of thanks to the one who called him and was accompanied by the way confirmed sponsorship him .

Moved toward the conclusion of Bethel ... "So he built there an altar to the Lord and called upon the name of the Lord." [8]. Then traveled Arthala toward the south, "the Negeb".

4. conclude in Egypt:

"There has been a famine in the land went down into Egypt to sojourn there, because hunger in the land was severe." [10].

Was repeated famines in the land of Canaan, and the treatment is to go down to Egypt, where the Nile River.

Had not yet established a conclusion Sheikh elderly in the Promised Land so much famine occurred, however, did not feel the conclusion that it was wrong to act on his release from his land and his clan and his father's house, not grumbling against God, and mocks God's promise to him that he gives this land to his descendants being ground exposed to famine .

Egypt has been blessed to receive the conclusion of the father of parents to support him the time of famine, and receives his grandson Jacob and his family to set off the people of Israel from Egypt, and What is the greatest of all resorted to Jesus himself in his childhood bless (Matthew 2:13) achieving what predicted by the prophet Isaiah (Isaiah 19). But many feel that Abraham made a mistake Banhaddarh to Egypt, as it came without the explicit message from God, as happened with his grandson, Jacob, where the Lord said to him: "I'm down with you to Egypt" (Genesis 46: 4). The revelation of Abraham is a man who entered the Promised Land, but he soon Trust in the human arm came down to ask for humanitarian aid is not divine, it was said Isaiah: "Woe to them that go down to Egypt for help and lean on horses and trust in vehicles because they are many and the horsemen because they are very strong and they look to the Holy One of Israel nor seek the Lord "(Isaiah 31: 1).
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