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المنتدى : Interpretation of the Bible in a new era of Qmus Tadros Jacob Malaty
Q (25) Interpretation of the Gospel of Matthew chapter V Part IV

chapter, gospel, interpretation, matthew

Some may wonder Are sanctions contained in the Beatitudes rewards are a variety of things? Or in other words, do you enjoy the poor in spirit to the kingdom of heaven is not blessed with condolences or satiety or compassion or preview of God, etc.? Even if sanctions are all but one reward, why Mr. distinguishes them? In order to understand these benefits we need first to understand the meaning of "beatification." They really do not mean just a HB or happiness, but are characteristic affecting the nature of the person, this was Greece styled gods Palmtoban or "Makarios" and not Balsaadae. Beatification is a condition affecting the internal human life, not just happiness stems from the external envelope surrounds it. Mr. Balttuebat did not give us an external sanctions, but the rewards affect the nature of the Interior. As if we might ourselves the kingdom of God, the nature of compassion that we carry God has for us, safety and purity. This will be a variety of sanctions, but complementary, affecting our inner life per different aspects.

Perhaps this is what he meant when St. Augustine answered the question: Is Almtobon deprive others of a preview of God? He says: [do not understand from these commandments and its sanctions on the poor in spirit or the meek or the broken-hearted or hungry and thirst for righteousness, merciful or not shall see God. Thspoa not be pure in heart Sieanon God while depriving others of Almtobon preview, because all of these people for the same qualities. All Almtoban Sieanon God, but they do not Ieanoh because of their residence or in spirit and Daathm or grief or hunger or thirst for righteousness or mercy, but because of the purity of their hearts Ieinoh. For example, the human members. Multiple physical, each with its own work. For example, we say: Blessed are those who have the feet because they are walking, and for those who have hands because they work, and for those who have a voice Faisrkhoun, and those who have what Vihaddthon and tongue, and those who have Oaina they look. So also for the spirit ... Valtoada qualifies to possess the kingdom of heaven, and gentleness qualify to own land, and the sadness of Nawal condolence, thirst and hunger for righteousness, satiety, and compassion for Nawal also mercy of the Lord, and purity of heart to preview God [195].]

St. Augustine

Beatitudes and internal Jesusna

At a time when Mr. tells us Balodaah saying: "Blessed are the meek," as it says: "learn from me for I am meek and humble of heart" (Matthew 11:29), and while he says: "Blessed are the peacemakers" If the messenger announces the Lord of glory of Jesus that "making Monday and one overturned down the middle wall of hostility "(Eph 2: 14-15), and while Mr. says," Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness' sake, "as Mr. himself expelled outside Jerusalem to carry shame Cross. So, too, as he says, "Blessed are those who mourn," we see sad to Jerusalem mourned for the weight of our sins (Luke 19:42) ... in the shortcut say that the features in which we might receive the Beatitudes but are attributes of Jesus Christ himself, and not just the practices of struggle where Bzutna, so Our entry into the blessed life can only be through internal Jesusna which alone gives us the features the company in us, be the secret Daatna and our peace and our means distress and sorrow for our sins and the sins of others! To Nguetnyh company Venguetna in glories in Arbunha here and completeness in the great day of the Lord. Stick to it Vennam real blessed life!

3. Christian message

"You are the salt of the earth,

But if the salt salted how would ?!

After not fit for anything but because the cast out and trodden people. "[13].

After speaking about the Beatitudes spiritual ladder brings the believer by the Holy Spirit to enjoy the holy life in Christ Jesus our Lord explained the insurer's commitment to work in the lives of others, likening the salt, which is indispensable in every meal. Called salt of the earth, because it works in humans who have become fertile ground through their association with the thought of life.

To salt or sodium chloride unique characteristics and attributes apply to the life of the true believer, including:

A. Is the only salt between each species, which is characterized as when used within reasonable limits and in moderation does not taste and taste in food shows, but also highlights the food the same flavor, and if you put a large amount of it in the food loses its food to delight the taste and show salinity salt Thus, although it is fitting Balchrista that dissolves in the lives of others, but in moderation without lose their personalities, talents and traits of their own, it makes them a picture matching him, so like a template which hurt the other characters, and lose their vitality, which makes them such as food salty. Spiritual Christian is from the Pacific breeze crosses for others to inhale the breezes of love, not the emotions of the strong winds.

B. Sodium chloride of two components consisting of chlorine, sodium and both Sam and murderer, but Bathadahma Ikunan salt which is indispensable for us in our daily diet. Christian also consists of a racist soul and ****, that Anksma sin missing Slamanma, and have come to the sentence of death, human and became Mosra. This intervention of Jesus Christ and donations true peace with his Holy Spirit subjecting self as the **** in the indoor unit, to be a human whole secret of sweetness others, testify to the truth. If self take over the command of the **** in spirituality, the **** turn as hallowed assigns self-appointed, human and live a holy soul and ****, and declares his unit in the interior of the Lord God's work in front of others.

C. Salt of the cheapest types of foods easily extracted in most parts of the world, but you can not do without it. Thus befitting believers to live the spirit of humility Ksidhm, providing cheap their lives for their love of every human being in every position.

St. John Chrysostom and comment on the words of Jesus to his disciples: "You are the salt of the earth." So: do not send you to the cities or ten cities or twenty cities, nor to one nation also sent prophets, but send you to the land and the sea and the whole world, which has become a vicious case . Fbcolh: "You are the salt of the earth" means that the whole of human nature has lost its flavor, and that we may Vsdna because of our sins [196].]

But Mr. warns us, lest we spoil who we should be like salt, there is less of us tend Imlhana corruption. This modern prompt every believer in general, and in particular to the shepherds and the servants:

v If you are who you are by you reservation Nations of corruption, lose the kingdom of heaven because of fear of expulsion time, it is the Lord who sends them to the salvation of souls, that he had sent you for the salvation of others?! [197]

St. Augustine

v priest intercedes with God for the wrong people, but it is not intercede in the priest (Matthew mistake) [198].

St. Jerome

v The others fell perhaps they can receive their pardon, but that fell teacher, it is no excuse, and falls under extremely harsh retaliation [199].

St. John Chrysostom

After he spoke for the faithful as a salt land and our face to our Knorr to the world, saying: "You are the light of the world. You can not hide the set on a hill town, not light a lamp and put it under a bu****, but on a candlestick, it giveth light unto all that are in the house. Giveth light unto your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven. "[14-16].

If we in our love for human beings crave that we serve and melt them like salt in food to bring them through repentance delicacy rejoice in God, God does not leave us melt into the ground, but it brings us Ihspena Knorr brightens the world. It Iqimana moon, which receives the light of the Sun of Righteousness, to reflect glory on the ground, Vtstnar in love. Reflects the light on the insured, Faiser more splendor of the sun visible, no one can hide, even if he wanted insured himself with all his energies to disappear. No one can offend him, even their enemies villains, the Apostle Paul says, "that ye may be blameless and simple children of God without blemish in the midst of a crooked generation and warped Tadhaion them as lights in the world" (at 2:15), says the apostle Peter, "I ask you .. . be your conduct honorable among the Gentiles well, so that they speak against you as evildoers, glorify God in the day of visitation of your good works which they observe "(1 Peter 2: 11-12).

St. John Chrysostom says: [life that we provide to them is more splendor of the sun, the spoke we have a human beings, do not mourn like tarnished his image, but rather mourn the tarnished fairly [200].] This reveals Mr. saying this about the effectiveness of preaching, and he says St. John Chrysostom: [as if they were wings crossing all the earth more quickly from the sun, spreading the light of goodness [201].]

It is the word of God on the right declared publicly Church Ksiraj the subject of a lighthouse, and the heresies are deployed hidden crooked ways through the darkness. This was confirmed by Pope Athanasius [202] In his speech to the bishops of Egypt, where he explained to them and their style approach Arians prankster at work.

Jesus Ichbihna city-****d Mount, can not hide. What is this city which is ****d on a mountain, but the man who holds the Holy Spirit to the Lord himself, to sit with him on the mountain heard his commandments and his sermons? There cleave him sitting at his feet, like a Faiser holy city inhabited by God Himself, featuring the kingdom of angels and saints, and to meet with King Messiah sinners to repent. Become a believer is sanctified to the holy mountain Jerusalem, which sees all and rejoice. This concept reminds us of the words of Saint Jerome in one of his letters: What deserves praise not you in Jerusalem, but practiced holy life (sacred city) ... the city that we revere and we require, that this did not slaughter the prophets (Matthew 23:37), and shed the blood of Christ but rejoice streams of the river, and this list on the mountain do not hide (Matthew 5:14), talking about the Prophet as a mother of the saints (Gal 4:26), the Apostle and rejoices to have citizenship in the land (at 3:20) [203]. ]

This analogy too, city-****d mountain which can not be hidden, Mr. wanted to encourage his disciples on the gospel service, stressing the word to them that harassment can not hide right or negate the work of God. St. John Chrysostom says: [I think it can not be like this for the city to hide, so it is impossible to end what preach him to sleep and disappearances [204].]

Ichbihna also Balsraj who does not hide it under a bu****, but placed on the lighthouse, it giveth light unto all that are in the house. What is this basket which extinguishes Siraj inner light only undergo physical measurements in our spiritual life, it is "not by measure gives the Spirit of God" (Jn 3:34). Often stand human calculations physical obstacle to faith, which lose our prayers and our requests vitality and effectiveness, for this when Jesus sent his disciples to preach pull them all physical possibilities, not have them gold or silver or copper and scrip, and garments and shoes do not stick (Matthew 10 : 9-10), in order to take away all their material thinking, leaving all the accounts in the hands of the Lord himself, so is riches, food, drinking and clothed and protected!

And Peck also refers to the withholding of spiritual light, which encapsulates the spirit of human pleasures intensive physical and temporal, Faihbs spirit and deprive them of starting to fly in the eternal Alachtyakat. The **** turns into an obstacle for the soul, rather than to be certain it through exercise of worship, reverence in which each member to calculate the King Messiah.

If only we do not hold our spiritual light in us in the cover physical desires, but we proceed to put him over the lighthouse, which over the **** with all his senses, there is no **** to be in control, but a slave to the light of truth. The Apostle Paul has put his light on the lighthouse when he said: "Odharb if I do not hit the air, but my **** Suppress and Astabdh, even after he preached to others I myself do not I will be rejected" (1 Corinthians 9: 26-27). This OS shines at home. As St. Augustine says: I think that the House who was invited here is dwelling humans, any world itself, and therefore such as saying "You are the light of the world." However, if people understand what it is home to the church, it is also true [205].]

The comment of St. John Chrysostom on the OS fiery on the tongue of the Lord himself, saying: I'm really, who kindle the light, while continuing Aiviadh verifies through your Jihad you ... certainly calamities can not be disrupted Bhaekm if you are you still you live minute of life, Vtkonon reason to change the whole world. So, Show your life worthy of his grace, even as Tkrzn in any position Issahpkm this light [206].]

This brightens our light, which is not only the light of the Holy Spirit dwells in us, before men, that they may see the works of God in us, Vimagd Father who is in heaven. Not offer spiritual work request to the glory of ourselves, but for the glory of God. As St. Augustine says: [did not say "that they may see your good works" only, but added: "and glorify your Father who is in heaven," because human satisfy its work good of others, not to satisfy them in the same order, but to glorify God. He accepts people of God to be glorified in his work, because it befits those who admire the good works that glorify God, not man, and it also showed our Lord when healing the paralytic, as our teacher when he says: "amazed and glorified God, which people had given such power" (Matthew 9: 8) [207 .]

It must be remedied to God He calls his disciples, "Light of the World," students do not feel so otherwise have lost their modesty and extinguished the spiritual light in them, Moses the Prophet did not know that his face was shining, but in order to request the people he was covering his face burqa. What is not much need to see for ourselves, but God is the same and the others his light in us!
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