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المنتدى : Interpretation of the Bible era of Old Qmus Tadros Jacob Malaty
Q (25) Interpretation of the Bible, chapter XVI

bible, chapter, interpretation

Conclusion and emigrated
Income conclusion in friendship with God himself, who assured him the promise that his descendants outside of the crucifixion be the heir to the land on which directed it, and years passed without a change thought Sarai she enjoys Bebnine during Hagar her maid, Vkdmtha for her husband, and before the conclusion of which a computer that God achieves his promises during his descendants migrated ... but it trod Sarai purely human thinking outside the circle of faith won the bitterness and loss.

1. Sarai received for her husband emigrated 1-5

2. Hagar escape from the face of Sarai 6-7

3. Back emigrated to Sarai 8-14

4. The birth of Ishmael 15-16

1. Sarai received immigrated to her husband:
It remained Sarai ten years with the conclusion in the land of Canaan did not give birth but was barren, used human thinking purely to achieve the promises of God, as I asked her husband to enter the Egyptian her maid Hagar, and she conceived emigrated smaller mistress in her eyes, she miscarried Sarai blamed the conclusion that the safest migrated between her hands Vozltha even escaped. This work represents the human dependence on the same plans for himself without reference to God and asked his advice.

St. John Chrysostom sees that Sarai thought that childlessness is due to her husband, so it was handed over to put to the test, and saw it had conceived Aghtmt too, as I realized that the mystery of infertility is where ...

In any case, that was the conclusion and Sarai are walking down the faith, even their weakness of God is used for the glory of his name, it became Sarai represents Nations Church (New Testament), which was formerly barren do not give birth to children of God and emigrated refers to the Jews who gave birth to slaves by refusing to sonship to God in Christ Jesus. .. In the fullness of time Sarai gave birth to Isaac came as bringing many sons of God. Sari born son was not by nature as it was barren, but by God's promise came a son, blessed, and emigrated Vonjpth came by nature a slave. This thought announced by the Apostle Paul clearly, when he said to the Christians who want to return to Jewish thought (Judaism) movement; "Tell me, you who want to be under the law, do ye not hear the law? For it is written that Abraham had two sons and one of the current and the other of the free, but that ongoing born according to the flesh, but he who from the free Fbmoad, all code, because these are the two covenants, one from Mount Sinai, the parent of slavery, which is Hagar, because Hagar is Mount Sinai in Arabia, and corresponds to Jerusalem which, they bondage with her children. the Supreme Jerusalem, which is safer (all), she is free, for it is written: "Rejoice, O barren that did not give birth, shout and cry, thou that did not bring the children of the desolate more than that her husband, Now we, as Isaac brotherhood children of promise, but as it was then who was born according to the flesh persecuted him that according to the Spirit so it is now, but what the book says, the ongoing drive out and her son because he inherits the son of the current with the son of the free, if my brothers are not going children but the children of the free "(Galatians 4: 21-31).

Sarai was or Sarah barren represent nations who were unable to provide the children of God; but she gave birth to Isaac, not the fruit of the law of nature and not through legal marriage as it was mauled someone who is under sentence of death, but gave birth to a son, through God's promise to her with her husband, Abraham bore a son in the Lord. As St. John Chrysostom says: [Isaac was born not by the law of nature and the marriage of a legitimate and strong ****, however it is really his son. He came in two bodies were dead, came from the womb of the dead, it was not his conception according to the flesh, nor was his birth for planting because the uterus was dead due to aging, infertility, but the word of God (divine promise) form (through the Federation of Abraham and Sarah as a fruit of the promise which their son from planting a ). It was not so in the ongoing son, as the result of the laws of nature came through coupling. However, that was not according to the flesh was more dignified than who was born according to the flesh [262].

It is also his words: [Church were not only barren crusher but also become like the mother of the sons of many, and she conceived them in the same way as happened with Sarah, it did not conceive through nature but through God's promise, which made it a pleasant either. [From this that was barren and bleak? It Nations Church, which was deprived of the knowledge of God. It is her husband? It synagogue of the Jews. But barren surpassed in the number of boys as the Greeks and the barbarians were collected in the sea, land and all around the inhabited. [As long as the children of the barren, we are free, but free to any of these Jews were arresting believers and oppress? If only we had no trouble this matter from the outset was the son of the current persecuted son free [263].

St. Clement of Alexandria believes that emigrated represent the wisdom of time and Sarai represent divine wisdom or knowledge of God, and Sarai handed her husband emigrated to signal to the knowledge of God, which recognizes the wisdom of time or culture or ongoing Ksbah serve human, and the wisdom of God Venkremaa as a wife and companion. I drove Sarai emigrated to the discipline even when subject to it, a reference to the man who refuses wisdom of the world that was not in the Lord.

Finally give us St. Augustine justification for the disposal of Abraham with Hagar, he says: [Ibrahim not guilty regarding applicable, it used not to lust, but for procreation only, not abusive to his wife, but in obedience to her, such that she thought in this act that tends mauled by using the womb Jarretha fruitful Awad nature (Alaagherh). Shara during the Apostle says, "as well as the man also does not have a shed on his ****, but for women" (1 Cor. 7: 4), Vkzojh used by her husband to give birth again when she failed to achieve this. Here there is no room for lust and despicable of Conception. We have handed over the pair's ongoing by the wife for pregnancy, all of them did not want to commit a sin but requesting growing fruit. So when the current despised pregnant mistress barren Sarah threw Bgertha women on her husband Ibrahim does not appear selfish love, but showed that he was a child asks a free (of lust) so although it has stuck with Agar upon not on account of his wife Sarah, the index reached its will ... So he told her: "Behold the handmaid in your hand, do what is good in the eyes." [6] [264].

Thus justify St. Augustine acted Abraham father parents that he did not ask for adhesion Agar upon to lust physical but atomic request as a request of his wife, showed exactly love for his wife going to leave her hands to do with it whatever you want, but we do not appreciate that accept such behavior, especially in light of divine grace, the Abraham and Sarah had a cord so for reproduction in anticipation of the coming of the Savior of their offspring, but now we are not asking for a seed, or children, according to the flesh. This is another aspect that was not the man shed on his ****, but his wife, it is not right to hand over the **** of her husband to another, whatever the motive, it has received a leg of the Lord as the man his wife received from the Lord to live the two shall become one flesh in the Lord, does not enter the **** of the stranger in the middle!

2. Hagar escape from the face of Sarai:
See St. Augustine [265] that "migrated" or "strange" refers to the non-exotic citizenship among the people of God, self, and represent all the strange thought about faith. We have conceived, Hagar and despised her mistress, so deserved discipline, even when subjected her heartily belong.

What more emigrated in our inner life, which is the most bizarre ideas about faith that despise her mistress (faith thought) or (knowledge of God) ... to expel us Hagar, any thought of all the strange and even Nzlh Itodb attributable subject to the life of faith Relay.

Hagar ran away, "the angel of the Lord found her fountain of water in the wilderness, the fountain in the way to Shur." [7]. Maybe it was heading to Egypt native, came down to the wilderness of Paran, where he has endured angel of the Lord when a spring of water, maybe "Eyes of Moses" near Suez, in the way of any Shore fence, a road convoys in the wild ...

It is not possible to Hagar be traced back to Sarai and conclude and give birth to a son, what did not meet an angel of the Lord when a spring of water in the way to Shur, it was the angel of the Lord refers to Jesus Christ has come down to us in Britna arid to meet us at the waters of baptism and have a wall "Shore" Verdna the trend towards Egypt any loving world to the heavenly Canaan. I've thrown out of Canaan any paradise because of our sins, and we became the bitterness and isolation, in the wilderness of this world, but the Lord will not leave us, but it takes us back Btgdadna in baptism. As St. James says Serugh in Mimar baptism: Baptism door takes us back to Paradise, where the man enters to God to be with him. Baptism new ship carrier of the dead, and by doing cross country to the immortals. Developed a baptism in the New World, where the crosses of the dead man to a country life [266].

3. Hagar return to Sarai:
Asked the angel of the Lord of the migrated be traced back to her mistress Sarai, as if it refers to the time that the wisdom that hallowed faith Bkhaddoaha serve him. It represents the philosophies of time before the insured spirit of piety and thought my faith, it becomes a maid in the Lord and not broken his faith in the spirit of pride and arrogance ...

Perhaps also migrated refers to human Algesdani, that despised Spirit (Sarai) was dashing to himself, but that sanctify the waters of baptism, and by the work of the Holy Spirit in it, and returned to Sarai subject to the spirit, the servant of the Lord. In this St. Augustine says: "Leverage your car" O Algesdanih self, a slave arrogant. If you have something Ahtmmelta of fatigue but for discipline, why Tthurin? Leverage your car and Enjoy peace of the Church [267].

Angel of the Lord telling her to undergo obedience to her mistress [9], which did not seem to Tzlmha in expulsion but emigrated were violent in contempt Bsidtha. Against this submission and counted heavily birth to her son, but he is a brutal does not stop resisting his brothers, who are also Ikomonh.

Hagar saw "angel of the Lord", as many commentators believe it is one of the visions of the Son of God, has promised Hagar "You Il are seen" any "god vision, God sees," in the sense that the Lord, who appeared to her and saw Amishqtha. The well, which had stopped Vdatha "beards are seen well" means a well that God visions of the neighborhood.

4. The birth of Ishmael:
Hagar bore her son and called him "Ishmael" is like the angel of the Lord, and means "God hears" and invited him to conclude it by the same name that God heard him and gave him a son inherit (17:18) ... because he did not think that Sarah gives birth to his son.

Abram was 86 years old when Hagar bore Ishmael, was a hundred years old when Isaac was born, as if Isaac Ishmael grow by about 14 years.


The covenant of circumcision

Sarah was a rush things a human way Considering the rich, who have been flooding them Schacht and her husband is not for them but Arthhma Lazarus Damascene Valzimt her man to come to her maid, which became her bitterness are the same and their offspring from the beyond. As God was looking forward to the conclusion of the faith to enter into a new era with an eternal place in the **** of every male (circumcision), as a way to enjoy the New Testament which is evaluated by our Lord Jesus Christ, reconciling his **** on the cross with us of his heavenly Father.

1. God has promised to conclude 1-8

2. Circumcision 9-14 mark

3. Enjoy Sarah blessing 15-17

4. Between Isaac and Ishmael 18-22

5. Circumcision achieve 23-27

1. God has promised to conclude:
"And when Abram was ninety-nine years LORD appeared to Abram and said to him: I am the Almighty God, the mystery in front of me and be perfect, I will make my covenant between me and you very much and multiply" [1-2].

God's story with a human is the story of a continuous and renewable covenants which God declares his love for man, and longed to human accept this love with love, and in this whole God asks man does not deficiency to something that does not desire to authoritarianism, but in paternity opens Ohoudanh him and accepted a son blessed company glories.

At the start of the creation of man - before the fall - the Covenant residence on the basis of love without any sign of the phenomenon, as human as an image of God was responsive to the creator of love, longing to him, being him to hear his voice and see him happy. After falling as human embarrassed internally and replaced curse the ground to get out thorns and thistles has become an urgent need to establish a pact between God and man is renewed every now and then, when the renewal of the world's water deluge God declared: "I do not come back I curse the ground for human ... Here I am my covenant with you a resident and with your seed after you, "(Genesis 8:21; 9: 9). Giving the Charter in nature marked "rainbow." Now that the Lord enters with the conclusion in the Charter makes a fixed mark in the **** of every male "circumcision" ... human and stayed through the generations see through this mark shadow of the Charter of the greatest offer us our Lord Jesus Christ in his **** for reconciliation on the level of eternity. He says the Prophet: "incline your ears, and come to me, Hear thou shalt live yourselves and I will cut off your everlasting covenant mercies of David sincere, Behold, I have made it a street of peoples and recommending to the people, Behold, the nation does not know invites the nation did not identify you run to you for the Lord thy God, and the Holy One of Israel, because it may glory" (Isaiah 55: 3-5). This call has been made to enter the Nations to the divine covenant when Jesus gave his blood a new era for the forgiveness of sins (Matthew 26: 28; Le 22:20; 1 Cor 11:25).

See St. Clement of Alexandria [268] that God did not ask the conclusion just to enter him in the era but pledged himself to his feet, as the book says, "Behold, I am the covenant with you." [4]. Covenant in the eyes of St. Clement pledges not written or accept the argument but it is God himself, in which we find our peace and our fill all of our needs.

When we say that Jesus Christ gave His **** and blood expended a new era for the forgiveness of our sins, but gave himself for us, we find the B us the Father, and the Father finds it pleased him, and so in Christ Jesus and the Father finds humans joy right. Father sees us in his son being justified his blood, we see the heavenly father opens Ohoudanh us ... and so is the Lord himself an everlasting covenant us.

St. چirom comment on the words of the Lord: "Do not named thicker after the conclusion even have your name Ibrahim" [5], saying: God called the conclusion of Abraham, was named in Ur of the Chaldeans "conclusion", while in the sky is called Ibrahim, the name was changed to Abraham while become a star [269].

St. Augustine believes that the conclusion and change my name Sarai came with mass circumcision as a sign of renewal, he says: [Why circumcision only mean the renewal of human nature to disarm the old man? What do they mean eight days (FGM), but Christ who completed after week, after "Saturday"? I have a name change of the parents, and everything has announced a new [270].

2. The sign of circumcision:
"This is my covenant which Thfezouna and between your offspring after me, circumcised you every male, Vtakhttnon in Grltkm meat, so the covenant between me and you sign, the son of eight days circumcise you every male throughout your generations ... shall be My covenant in your flesh an everlasting covenant, and the male uncircumcised who is not circumcised in the flesh of his foreskin shall be cut off from the souls of those people. he has broken my covenant. "[9-14].

Circumcision was of major importance is that which distinguishes the children of Abraham owners of Nations Covenant, and looks at the importance of the words of the Lord for uncircumcised who do not circumcise, "cut off from his people; he has broken my covenant." He was limited to male circumcision, because the holy woman in a man if he might sanctify the Lord. The lack of female circumcision does not mean disregard for God or not to cut interest covenant with them, but wanted to confirm the unity of the human family, which the male is doing but on behalf of both (male and female). Proof of this is that God is the circumcision of slaves, "Walid House and silver Alambtaa"
[13], and can not be slaves better than wives Sadthen, but wants to cut a covenant with everyone: rich and poor ... through every male circumcision. On the medical side, the circumcised men healthy and circumcision is harmful girls.

And also show the importance of circumcision in the Old Testament that every time offers people repent announce this return to God through three things: every male circumcision has never circumcised, read the law, keeping the Sabbath.

The topic of circumcision occupies the mind of the Jews as a strong, until they are called "the circumcision", and when they accepted faith in the Lord Jesus saw some of them need to Achttan Nations before entering the church membership, which for him the apostle Paul devotes a lot of chapters in his letters stressing that it is in Christ Jesus does not need to circumcise the flesh, but the Spirit circumcision, and that circumcision is achieved through baptism to take off the old man and the new human beings who enjoy the image of his Creator (Col 3: 9.10).

Are circumcised on the eighth day of the child's birth, because the number 8 refers to "eternal life", or to "other life", ranked No. 7 refers to the time of our lives (seven days a week), Valthamn meant going beyond the time of our lives. Valkhtan is crossing eternal life dislocated Elzimnaat love and acceptance of the work of Christ and the eternal heavenly kingdom.

If people have cared to circumcise the flesh, but the Lord was urging them to heart and spiritual circumcision circumcision ear ... (Deuteronomy 30: 6; 10:16; R. 4: 4), the following are some of the parents words about the spiritual circumcision, which affects all our lives.

v obtain God's people sign of circumcision in their heart from within, because the abundance of heavenly sword cuts mean linear mind unclean Gulf

St. Macarius the Great

v in the God of the law plan to have the circumcision of the heart not the ****, spirit, not the letter (Rom. 2: 9) ... even Moses said: "Achtnoa hardness of your hearts" (Deuteronomy 10:16 Septuagint).

Tertullian [271]

v circumcise your permission if they do not hear the insults and words blasphemers and Alnmamin, if they have Anglguet in front of the wrong slanders and lies and anger, "plugging his ears from hearing of blood" (Isaiah 33: 5), not open to hear the songs Slut and the whims of the theaters, and things require lower, but away from each fleeting experience. This is the ear circumcision provided by the church for their children, and in my opinion that this is the ear that are talked about in Christ as saying: "He who has ears to hear, let him hear" (Matthew 13: 9). No one can hear the word of the Lord pure, words of wisdom and right ear is not circumcised pure.

v When we refuse to talk and gossip and we hold our tongue Nqmah, we have a mouth circumcised.

v When Nstal appetites of sensuality, I say short, when Nzina in our hearts (Matthew 5:28) be non Mxtona heart. When we welcome the ideas of the heretics within us, and when Nhij ideas rowing in our hearts against the knowledge of Christ, we are not Mxtona heart. But when reserve the purity of faith in the integrity of conscience, then we Mxtona heart, and deserve to hear the voice: "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God" (Matthew 5: 8).

v We can say that our hands and our legs and Nzeratna and our senses and Msatna also need to circumcision. To be a man of God needs to be completely full Achttan all its members, Vtemtna hands for theft, murder and stretch to the Lord's work. Befitting the two men that Echtna not to speed up the shedding of blood (Psalm 14: 3), not to where the advice of the wicked (Psalm 1: 1), but does not aim to reach our Lord and accessible. Must not circumcised eyes Thsdan relatives on the good woman does not seem to see the Tsthyaha (Matthew 5:28) ... So even if we eat or drink or do something for the glory of God (1 Cor 10:13). See how the apostle of circumcision are required even in the taste? ...

In fact, when it serves our members are not Mokhttna injustice, be in covenant with God is not, but if they serve righteousness (Rom. 6:19) to reach holiness verifies the promise given to Abraham.

Origen [272]

If only we who then accepted the spiritual circumcision in the Holy Spirit in the waters of baptism strive to stay circumcised in all of our members and the interior of our lives, so we enjoy the divine promise and we are in the era of eternity with God.

Origen we see as we confess Jesus Christ lips did not show his reign in the flesh during the process of our lives be like the Jews who are proud of the circumcision of the flesh and deny their work [273]. He also commented on the divine words: "shall be My covenant in your flesh an everlasting covenant" saying: [If we are to succeed in finding a balance between the members and the establishment of unity between them, so the movement are all consistent with the law of the Lord, this is the era of the Lord in the flesh ... looking how to be the reign of our Lord factor in the flesh and fulfilled it? The nation that our members on the ground (2 Cor. 3: 5) achieve covenant of the Lord in our ****. If you are pregnant in the **** the dying of the Lord Jesus (2 Corinthians 4:10) The reign of Christ in my ****. If we endure, we shall also reign with him, this showed his reign in the flesh [274].

3. Enjoy Sarah blessing:
If the conclusion has changed his name to Abraham, Sarai also enjoyed the change its name to Sarah. The conclusion of a human being honored in the Lord, as the word "conclusion" meaning "father Makram," but it came with God in the covenant of circumcision on behalf of the whole Church is called "Ibrahim" any "Father of the public." [4]. And Sarai was also name means "My Princess", and now it carried the maternity of the faithful called the name "Sarah" any "princess." No longer a private Abraham (My Princess) but cherished by all believers as a mother to them and to each princess.

For the first time God expressly declares that the heir to Abraham to be his wife Sarah: "Ibarkha and also give them a son, Ibarkha Vtkon nations and kings and peoples of them are" [16].

Ibrahim could not bear this promise: "Abraham fell on his face and laughed, and said in his heart: Is born to a hundred years old Will give birth to a girl Sarah ninety years ?!" [17].

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