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المنتدى : Interpretation of the Bible in a new era of Qmus Tadros Jacob Malaty
Q (25) Interpretation of the Gospel of Matthew chapter VI Part III

أمدح, genesis, interpretation, part, sixth

Father Isaac

v complement Angels will of God, do we Ntmmha? ...

The angels do not Ieradwnk, If only we also do not Nardk ...

Serve you as the angels in heaven, we also Flankhaddmk on earth, the angels, saints obey. They do not make mistakes to him, but carry out his commandments to love it. Let us pray so that we also carry out the commandments of God in love! [288]

St. Augustine

v Ttiek as angels in heaven and serve you a heavenly creature, so humans also to serve you [289].

St. Jerome

v If only we who are still on the ground and realize that God's will be in the sky by the inhabitants of heaven, we pray to be his will by us we are also on the ground in all things ...

v When God's will be realized by us who we are on the ground, as realized in the sky who imitate Balsmaúaan hold just as heavenly image (1 Cor 15:49) and inherit the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 25: 34). And those who come after us and they arrive on the ground in order to imitate us, as are we in heaven (paradise) [290].


Second: **** and soul

Heaven refers to the soul or the mind, and the word "mind" when parents carry a wider range of sanity and just thinking about the meaning of the process, but are intended to spirit or inner life as a whole, including the thinking and feelings and emotions etc. The word "earth" refers to al-Turabi ****, which weighs on the soul when it is sacred, but we recognize the **** as in the hands of the Holy Spirit dwells in us this hallowed flesh fundamental ways in which the will of God, as in the spirit, the human and the whole works in harmony and integration.

v When the **** is consistent with the mind, and swallows death to the predominance of (1 Cor 15:54) so as not to remain after the lusts of physical struggles with the mind, the ground conflict ends and express heartfelt war written by: "Because the **** craves against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh. These irresistible the other one so you do not what you want "(Gal 5:17). I say, when the conflict ends and turn all desires to love, do not stay in the **** is contradictory to the spirit, and it remains in it something to suppress or restrain or tread under foot, but it becomes an all-in ES heading towards the mainland ... then be the will of God in the sky as well as on the ground ... as we pray for these students crave perfection ... but rejoices in our minds as commandments If only our bodies also satisfy them, and this conflict, described by the Apostle ends ... and turns the conflict to victory receptor! [291]

St. Augustine

v us as the **** of the earth and the spirit of the sky, we ourselves land and sky, and in both of them - ie, in **** and spirit - we pray to be God's will. There is a conflict between **** and soul, on the conflict, as if one does not agree with the other, so that we do not appreciate the fact that we do what we want (Gal 5: 17-22). Ask Spirit heavenly things divine, while the **** craves things earthly, so we ask God's help and assist him until the compatibility between the two natures, is up to the will of God in spirit and in the flesh, and the reservation of self-born again by him [292].

St. Cyprian

Third: the spiritual and human rights Algesdani

v human spirituality in the church is the sky, the earth is Algesdani. So let the will of God, as in heaven, so on earth, like also serve you spiritual Vlakhaddmk Algesdani fix it ... All Saints patriarchs and prophets and apostles and spiritual but they Azure ... and we are for them the earth, so Thy will be done, as in heaven, so on earth [293] .

St. Augustine

v If the will of God became on earth as in heaven, we Fsnasir sky, because the **** that does not work (Jn 6: 63) and blood associated with it, can not inherit the kingdom of God (1 Cor 15:50) but said they Arthanh when evolve of the **** and blood of the dust of the ground and to celestial things [294].


Fourth: the believers and non-believers

If believers may become non-believers, the sky, representing the earth, we ask of God, who accepted the sky him succumb to his will, to work in the non-believers - no matter how evil or even atheism or hostility - to announce itself in them and they become their sky Btaatmam them to his will.

v Church is the heaven and the earth are the enemies. What do you mean: "Thy will be done, as in heaven, so on earth"? To believe in your enemies as we are. They land for this are against us, the sky became they become us! [295]

St. Augustine

v We need to ask for those who still did not start after the ground to be sky to be the will of God, even in these ... as are the will of God in the sky - any of us as we are, we were sky our faith - Are on the ground, in any who did not believe yet, those who are still fertile due to the first birthday of them, Violdon of water and the Spirit and begin to be sky [296].

St. Cyprian

E. Our Daily Bread

St. John sees the golden mouth that after praying for heavenly things in previous requests asking us to ask even for the physical needs and necessities of life because of the weakness of our nature, we ask for our daily bread, any bread one day only and does not ask for tomorrow.

By St. Augustine this interpretation, adding to interpret the daily bread integrated treatment of the sacraments: the Lord's **** and blood, who in his day was served daily [297], though some object to it, because they do not participate in it every day, or even who share the day they arrive this prayer until after communion, how can they ask him what had obtained it? [298] as St. understand being spiritual food through the implementation of the divine commandment, in order to satisfy the soul and feed to meet the desires of time. We ask this food as long as it is called "Today," as long as any in the present life, because we are in the other life, we do not need to ask for food, but we meet in Jesus Christ our food which Nntash by [299].

In this shortcut refers to the bread: daily sustenance, and the Eucharist, and the word of God.

First: the daily diet

v Grant us eternal things (previous requests), Give things time. I promised Balofot not reluctant us a way of life. Statna It gives us an eternal glory yourself later, on the ground Give us time rations ... no doubt these students understand the daily bread of two ways: sustenance necessary for the **** of the necessary spiritual and provisions. There pantry necessary for the **** to save our daily lives, without them do not appreciate that we live a food and clothing, but the remembrance of the (bread) we mean all [300].

St. Augustine

Second: the mystery of the Eucharist

v (in his interview with asylum Gen.)

If you understand what this bread, he bestowed the believers, and what you Tnalonh after baptism, it is important to ask and ask, "Give us this day our daily bread" that we should walk a certain life is not deprived of the Temple ... Give us your ****, our daily diet ... let live good so as not to deprive the altar [301].

St. Augustine

v Christ is the bread of life for us and for all human beings. As we say "Our Father" as it is the father of both understands and believes in, so we call Christ our bread, because bread to all those who defy his ****. We ask to give us this bread every day, we who are in Christ and we take daily Eucharist as food salvation, never would like to prevent from the company due to conquer slip occasional deprive us from heaven, bread, and separates us from the **** of Christ, I've already cried and warned: "I am the living bread which came down from heaven, that one eat of this bread, he will live forever, and the bread that I will give is my flesh for the life of the world "(Jn 6:51) ... therefore, we ask that our bread - the Christ - gives us every day, even we, who live in Christ and live in it do not deny it [302].

St. Cyprian

Third: the word of God and his wisdom

v Is it because of the righteous and the wicked take the bread of God do ye imagine that no other bread asks boys, who tells him that the Lord in the Gospel: "It's not okay to take the children's bread and put to the dogs" (Matthew 15:26)? Certainly no other bread, what is this bread? Why were invited daily bread? Because the other necessary as bread, without it we can not live ... it is the word of God, which distributes a daily basis.

Daily bread, our souls do not live by our bodies, it is necessary for us who are still working in the vineyard. It's not the food fare. It is hiring a worker is committed to providing food to him so as not to Ejor, the taxi came to him for the pleasure. Our daily diet in this life is the word of God, which are distributed always in churches, but Ojratna that we take action after they called eternal life ...

What treated him before you now is the daily bread, as well as chapters of the Bible, which Tzmonha day in the Church is the daily bread. Hymns that Tturnmon them are also daily bread. Because these are all necessary for us during our trip [303].

St. Augustine

v is the true bread which Icot real human who created the image of God (Genesis 1: 26-27), and fed him also become an example of the Creator. But anything *******ing but "word", and anything valuable to his mind the wisdom of God? ... Anything for rational self more than the "right"?

v To our souls do not get sick because of the lack of food to them, and in order not to die because of a famine in the word of the Lord, let us ask the Father, living bread Kbz daily, obedient Savior as a teacher, and Oadaan our faith in Him, walking more wisdom.

Origen [304]

v when this life ends are not asking for bread that is hungry to him, nor take from the sacraments of the altar, as we are with Christ, who take his **** here, and you need to Ihdzqm of what I speak with you now, do not read the Bible as the word of God inspect the himself, who do everything and has fed the angels and Istneron and they become sages, without the need for ongoing discussions ... they drink from the only word, filled with so that it burst in praise without interruption, as the Psalm says, "Blessed are those who dwell in the never home Asobhonk "(Psalm 84: 4) [305].

St. Augustine

This, says St. Jerome: The [Hebrew Bible according to Matthew Thus reads: "our daily bread Give us this day." In other words, that the bread that Sthbh us in the kingdom give it us of today [306].] Mentions Origen in his commentary on the Lord's Prayer that word (epiouios ) taken from the "ousia" ie, "the essence of [307]." While some see it as derived from "epienai" [308] which means "tomorrow." The same thought James Strong mentions in his book: "The Greek Dictionary of the New Testament" that the word is derived either "epiousa" or "epi" or "eimi", and it means: a basic, fundamental, essential, daily, tomorrow [309].

And. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us

It's a daily students, but provided believer in prayer Alsoai any at all hours, as if aware that constant need of forgiveness. Therefore, use of St. Jerome [310] This statement to respond to followers Geoffnaan Jovinianus those who say that man does not sin after baptism. Saint says: [that this prayer practiced by believers not Moauzawn, those who ask for forgiveness every day.

The door opened to us by Mr. forgiveness during the holy blood, these free-Attiyah does not provide for the overthrow of Egypt's cruelty against his brother.

v of not forgive his heart for his brother, who offended him not bring himself to prayer forgiveness but this judgment [311].

Father Isaac

v "And forgive us our our debts ..." We owe sins, not money. But perhaps you say: Do you also owe sins? I answer in the affirmative. Are ye bishops owe? Yes, we also owe! What is this, O Lord ?! This deported from you (any condemnation bishops) do not sin, I do not make a mistake, however, I say that I owe the right. "If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us" (1 John 1: 8).

We have earned the sacrament of baptism, however, we owe it, not because the baptism did not forgive certain linear but because we do in our lives what we need to forgiveness every day ...

Anyone live here and does not need this prayer ?! It's arrogant can not be justified. Better for him that is not Bashar flaunts Kalfreise who ascended to the structure boasting depends claims, secret wounds, and who said: "Oh God, have mercy on me the sinner" (Luke 18:13) knew where to climb.

Look Brothers ... has learned the Lord Jesus disciples, who are the first two of the great messengers, leaders Kotaiana, to reach these students. If the leaders are praying for the forgiveness of sins, how much more should we we Lambs! ...

Prayer invoking the sins with charity, provided they do not commit those sins for which he deprived of daily bread (the Eucharist). To avoid all sins that deserve harsh Tadibat ...

v It is the era of the Charter between us and God! Lord our God says: Forgive forgive you, it did not forgive our sins against stay in ourselves and not against it ... forgive from your heart that God sees, as sometimes human forgive his mouth but he kept in his heart. Forgive his mouth for humans, and kept it in his heart is not afraid of the sight of God [312].

St. Augustine

v After ordering food ask for forgiveness for the sin, because of Ikute God is required to live in God, there is hope he only present life time, but also eternity, that we come to it when forgiven sin, this invited by Mr. "debts," he said in his Gospel: "All that debt left you because you asked me to." (Matthew 18:32).

It is necessary and appropriate and beneficial to us that reminds us of the Lord that we are sinners, as we need to question forgiveness for our sins, Vbaltmasna forgiveness by God remember the linear case by our conscience, and lest Atgrv a suspect in himself that bar perish Bkipriaúh to the end, so we learn from these students, we make mistakes every day. Thus the Apostle John warns us in his letter: "If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us, if we confess our sins (the Lord) is faithful and just to forgive us our sins" (1 John 1: 8-9) [313].

St. Cyprian

G. Do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from evil

Here the believer asks Mr. not enter under the weight of the human experience through his weakness, and on the other hand, asking him to save him from the evil enemy, ie the devil. The believer really realize the potential of his father's God working in it for the predominance of the victory of Jesus Christ against sin and the devil, but it rushes towards the experiment, and coveted, but in humility asks that conferred internally so as not to fall apart and conferred from the outside Vinqzh villain of the devil.

God does not want lofty soul that is not necessary precautions in the recklessness of the experiment, but wants to humble self, so supporting it in God more glory, and the defeat of Satan more emphatic.

v Ayoub try, but it did not enter into the experience, as did not utter any blasphemy against God, not surrendered a desire mouth evil villain himself. Ibrahim Try, Try and Joseph, but did not enter one in the experience, because they did not surrender to the experimenter Arzia [314].

Father Isaac

v of predominantly from experience commits sin, this apostle James says, "at least one if tempted, I am tempted of God, because God can not be tempted by evil, nor does he tempt anyone. But every man is tempted when he is drawn and deceived by his desire. Then when lust has conceived gives birth sin, and sin if finished, bringeth forth death "(James 1: 13-15). Therefore, since no Tnjzbon to Shahutkm not you accept ...

God does not tempt anyone experiences that mislead us and Tdilna, but without a doubt in the depths of the amended abandon the other, the experimenter finds his chance, because he does not find the resistance. Taking God abandon them lead the experimenter himself as the owner of them. To this we say, "do not lead us into temptation," so that God does not abandon us ... What does the Apostle Jacob! It teaches us to fight desires ...

Does not intimidate you any external enemy! Victorious on yourselves, overrunning the whole world! Because what is the Sultan tempter outside you, whether it be the devil or his servant? The situation before you hope to gain intent Igraúkm written does not find you, greed, he can not do anything to you ... As if any of you greed, you Tanrkon when Igraúkm winning or Tstadon taste corrupt ... but before you put women Vaúqat beauty, the chastity found in you Nglpon outer darkness within you. Fought inner desires not Iktanskm taste of a strange woman.

You do not understand your enemy, but you realize desires ... Feltsatroa what Telmssouna within you [315].

St. Augustine

v in these words opponent's inability to do anything against us unless God allows him to do so appears, this turns our fear and Tqguana and obedience to God, as in our experience does not happen to us if something did not give the authority of God. This is confirmed by the divine book he says: "Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon came to Jerusalem and Spaha and the Lord delivered into his hand" (cf. 2 Kings 24: 11).

Sultan gives the wicked because of our sins, as it is said: "pay to pillage Jacob and Israel to the looters? Is not the Lord who sinned against him, did not they wanted to walk in his ways, and did not listen to his law, Vsakb the fierceness of his anger?" (Isaiah 42: 24). When Solomon made a mistake and left the commandments of the Lord and the way it was said: "The Lord raised adversary to Solomon" (1 Kings 11:14).

Gives the Sultan against us in two ways: either to death when a mistake, or for glory when Ntzaky, as we see it in Ayoub is because, says the Lord: "Behold, all that he has in your hands, but it does not extend your hand" (ie 1:12). The Lord says in the Gospel during his Passion: "you do not have power at all if it were not given from above" (Jn 19:11).

As we ask not to enter into the experience but remember our weakness, for which they ask lest characterized by a humiliated in Pride and arrogance thinks himself as something, attributing to himself the glory of recognition (the center of the narrow) and stamina, with the Lord teaches us humility, saying: "Watch and pray lest ye enter into temptation. The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak "(Mk 14:38) [316].

v When we say: "deliver us from evil" Do not stay after everything we ask for. As we ask God to protect us from the evil one gives us, we stand in safety and peace against all made by the devil or the world against us. It anything bullied - in this life - of God is his ****guard?

St. Cyprian [317]

H. Because you kingdom, the power and the glory forever, Amen.

This Alzksologih which is concluding praise to the Lord's prayer, sing out with joy insured declaring that God kingdom, the power and the glory forever. This Tasbeha should be haunted praise the work, the insurer declares the kingdom of God and his power and glory through his behavior, which is consistent with Alzksologih. As if to say with the Psalmist: "rivers to clap with hands" (Psalm 98: 8), the Saints do not like rivers clapping praises issued by the mouth, but also issued by the hands, during their working lives. As we say, "You are the King" Bolsntna offer our heart in order to have it fully, not be subject to the other. Yet we say, "you force" accept the work of the Holy Spirit fiery declared strongly through continuous sanctification. However Turnmh "You Glory" by the Spirit enters into union with God in His Son, groping for the glories of filiation, aware of the glorious eternal inheritance!

St. John Chrysostom comment on this phrase or timeless Alzksologih, saying: If a multi weakness, but trust that you have from him the strength to complement everything you easily ... It's not only free you from the risks that come close to you, but it is estimated that makes you glorified and famous [318].]

The church was used to seal the Lord's Prayer before Alzksologih at hand by saying "Christ Jesus our Lord", and as if to say with St. Jerome: [aspiration to us you see your son's finger in us [319].] We pray to you through your son, the subject of gladness.

Mr. concludes his prayer by saying: "For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also, though not forgive men their trespasses, your Father will not forgive your trespasses." [14-15].

After introducing the Lord's Prayer Mr. chose this phrase alone to pray, saying that forgiveness for the sins of others against us is the response key to the requests of the Lord's Prayer, the God who opens Ohoudanh for all and desires to give free no account does not hear a closed heart about the brothers, and does not forgive those who do not forgive.

It directs us to practice our commitment to Jesus Christ even appreciate that analogy blessed by God himself, as St. John Chrysostom says: [We remain as children of God not only through grace alone, but also by our (the remission of sins of others). Nothing makes us almost like God's willingness to forgive all the bad guys and the makers of sin, so as previously Flmna when he talked about the same sun that shines on the righteous and the wicked (Matthew 5:45) [320].]

St. Augustine says: [to keep in mind the interest of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of students sins of others above all other requests, He wants us to be merciful, even walk away from the misery the forgiveness of our sins. Only in this students alone get into a covenant with God [321].]

St. Cyprian says: [I have related the law of a certain condition and vowed that we ask to waive the debt that we have, if we give up our debtors us ... so it says in another place: "with the measure you use, it will be measured to you" (Matthew 7: 2). Servant, whom his lord forgive all debt, which, as it did not want to be forgiven for his colleague Abdul returned to prison again, who lost his forgiveness and the gift him his master ... so you have no excuse in the day of judgment, when you govern. The same government that its control on others, what do you fall back to you [322].]
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