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المنتدى : Interpretation of the Bible era of Old Qmus Tadros Jacob Malaty
Q (25) Interpretation of the Bible, chapter twenty

bible, chapter, interpretation, twenty

Sarai and Abimelech
The turn to the tractor Ibrahim said of Sarah his wife that she his sister, sent Abimelech king of Gerar required by his wife, but the Lord prevented him from getting close to it:

1. Abimelech and Sarah 1-7

2. Abimelech summoned Abraham 8-13

3. Abimelech honors Abraham 14-18

1. Abimelech and Sarah:
After about 23 years left Ibrahim plain of Mamre and went to the tractor, perhaps because he had been influenced in Sodom and Gomorrah are burning and he wanted to leave the whole position, or because his cattle had abounded became asks another pasture, or perhaps a famine in the region have been solved. Whatever the reason to turn Ibrahim tractor and there she said of Sarah his sister, sent Abimelech king of Gerar take her to wife, and had reached the then ninety-year-old girl. He came of God "Elohim" to Abimelech in a dream by night reprimand him: "Behold, you're dead for a woman who took her, they married Baal" [3]. The Abimelech did not come close to it, and God answered: "O Lord, a nation righteous kill ?! Did not he told me that she my sister, and she herself said, is my brother. The safety of the heart and the purity of my hands have done this." [5] "God said to him in a dream: I also learned that the safety of your heart that you did this. I am also Omsktk from sinning, so I did not touch her. and now, the man replied a woman it is the Prophet prayed for you and you will live. if you do not restore her know that you shall surely die, you and all of you. "

The word "Abimelech" means (ABE King), was Abimelech king of the Palestinians and a pagan, has been marked by a beautiful qualities of kindness and wondrous in his interview with the God who appeared to him in a dream, in a meeting with Sarah and Abraham also.

Abimelech Sarah has asked his wife, but he ordered the safety and purity of heart hands ... This is why God says: "I am also Omsktk from sinning so I did not touch her." [6]. Maybe God illness injury in order to beat him, he can not meet Sarah, and this disease is not a divine anger him, but such care until God does not sin against God himself his meeting with Sarah Ibrahim Khalil, a woman of God. You have already sued Ibrahim treaty with his wife to hide the fact that they relate to him as a wife [23], many years ago when the conclusion to Egypt taken Pharaoh came down to make it to the same wife (12: 14-20) and the Lord struck Pharaoh and his house with great plagues so as not to prejudice the Sara, has rebuked Pharaoh conclusion due to hide the fact that his marriage to Sarah, however, Ibrahim remained weak in this matter, repetitive, even in his old age with Abimelech. If God warns us of ourselves that we though we stayed tens of years do not make a certain weakness, but perhaps in old age fall in the earlier fallen! The God of Abraham was a man after all these transactions with God fell, it not fitting for us to warn us of ourselves ?!

Ibrahim, who saw the salvation of God and sponsorship and clear in Sarah rescue from the hands of Pharaoh, and that God granted magnanimity to save his nephew Lot, from the hands of the kings (Genesis 14), has won the promise of divine that beget a son of Sarah blessed inheritance and blessing after the opinion of God and Mlakih and Astdhavhma ... it was fitting for him to be clear and does not hide the marital relationship with Sarah! In any event, the book did not hide the weakness of Abraham despite highlighting his cap to all believers and breadth Ohoudanh to include all children of God ...

Go back to Abimelech king of Gerar, the word "tractor" means (jar) or (ceramic vase) [306]. It is an ancient city on the southern side of the borders of Palestine, about 5 or 6 miles from Gaza, the Palestinians inhabited early (Genesis 26: 1). Perhaps the place now known as Khirbet or tractor (jars sites) or in the vicinity, and some believe that it is just 13 miles southwest of Cadiz, while others see it, about 19 miles south west of Beit Guvrin (Aijlirobolis) and about 14.5 miles from Tel Fri ... and it seems that the word "Abimelech" were not the king's name, but it was a nickname for most of the kings of the tractor, pharaoh of Egypt.

Origen give us an explanation for this event symbolically link him to the previous event (taking Pharaoh Sarah him). Opines in "Sarah," a symbol of spiritual virtue or divine wisdom, which acquired him Abraham as a wife to him, and that he could not Pharaoh and Abimelech be acquired, first because of counting the purity of his heart and the second leg because the neighborhood. The Abraham was a law, it is that no one can acquire spiritual wisdom, as long as the law is alive, and as the Apostle Paul says: "The law prevails on the human as long as alive, the woman under the man is bound by law to men neighborhood, but the man just died, was liberated from the law man "(Romans 7: 1-2).

Origen of words in this regard: I think that Sarah is a spiritual virtue. Hakim is a loyal man who is associated with this virtue and spoken. This is al-Hakim, who says his travel wisdom: "Taken Aptgat to me a bride" (Knit 8: 2). And also God says to Abraham: "All that tells you Sarah, listen to her" (Genesis 21:12) ... when the spiritual virtue in us (as a wife and bride to us), as Naseer full appreciate the fact that we know the others ... Venqdamha Sister us is coveted by others as a wife them ... those who said to them: "tell the wisdom you are my sister" (Knit 7: 4). For this reason, Abraham said of Sarah as his sister, like a full human virtue which offers those coveted. Ancient Pharaoh wanted to take a pleasant but not required by the "purity of heart" (20: 5), but the virtue of the man can not be acquired so without the purity of heart. So the book says that the Lord struck Pharaoh and his house with great plagues (Genesis 12: 7), it can not be a virtue to be living with the devastating (Pharaoh) ... As Abimelech Vbaklb pure wanted to be a virtue, as a wife, so why Scripture says that God did not let him untouched ? ... it seems to me that Abimelech represents the wise men in the world and lovers of philosophy without piety ... it was Ibrahim would like to give a divine virtue (Sarah) Nations sages (Abimelech), but the time was not ripe to receive the grace of God ... I've stayed with virtue Ibrahim, stayed with the circumcision, until a time when the college and full of virtue to reflect Nations Church comes [307].

2. Abimelech Abraham calls:
Although Abimelech and his men were pagans, but their hearts were willing to accept the word of God, in the early morning Abimelech called all his servants, and God told them to declare him "very afraid of men" [8].

If God has honored very Ibrahim in the eyes of Abimelech, saying: "it is a prophet prays for you and you will live." [7], but he was allowed to Abimelech pagan that castigate Nabih and Ietbh, saying to him: "What have you done to us? And what a mistake you even brought me and my kingdom linear great works are not working ?! worked me. "[9]. As if to say to him: What I meant me, I did not even abused, deceived me and brought outrage divine ?! If you tell the truth it is your wife to stay with you and us to solve all this.

The irony is that Ibrahim Awad to admit error in feet Sorry, "I said, not in this place, the fear of God at all, Fikthelonni for my wife." [11]. Judgment on the people of the region that they are never without fear, and they kill him, and so fell into sin and condemnation rush to judgment on others, even though he has appeared in Abimelech and his fear of God and clear. The second reason is that he did not lie because his sister Sarah from his father without his mother, but this does not justify to hide the fact that his relationship with her husband, as long as this concealment displays to other fault with it.

3. Abimelech honors Abraham:
Ikram Abimelech Abraham was not great in the gifts given by, but also to declare his love and appreciation to him, saying: "Behold, my land is before you, I live in what seems good to you." [15].

If he had rebuked him for he offered his life and his kingdom in danger but showed generosity in the tender is not taken from him while his wife as Pharaoh did (12:16), but when the response to him in advance of his heart as his home! Abuse has responded to the practical love, which is difficult for some believers to achieve.

In reproach full of love for Sarah said: "I have given your brother alpha silver. Here is your eye lid from the point of all that you have and at every one, Vanceft" [16]. Ibrahim called her brother reprimanded thin, has Wahba alpha silver lid to be appointed to you, any honor you mentioned honor, in recognition of you and your spouse in front of everyone. Some argue that the saying: "Here is your eye lid" does not mean the silver but Ibrahim himself to be the protector of her and it covers them from each eye is looking or thinking about taking it.

Finally, as Abraham prayed for Abimelech and his wife, and the Lord healed Jawarah.

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