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المنتدى : Interpretation of the Bible in a new era of Qmus Tadros Jacob Malaty (5) Interpretation of the Gospel of Matthew chapter VII, Part II

chapter, gospel, interpretation, matthew, part

. Constant question

The believer hears the divine commandment: "Do not give Jerusalem to the dogs, do not you put Drrkm before swine" Maybe asks: Where is my Jerusalem and pearls? So complements: "Ask give valuation find, it shall be given you, because everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds and opens knocks him" [7-8].

v To understand what is meant by the question and demand, pumpkins, we assume the existence of a lame man, Such given his first healing, ie, the ability to walk, and this is what the Lord meant by asking. But what benefit by running, walking, or even use it in the way that the oblique? So the next step is to find the path to the desired position ... This is intended application. But what benefit that became able to walk and knew the way, while the door was closed ... for this to say: "it shall" [362].

St. Augustine

v The persistently question you certainly will take even if not in the case ... so the Lord is represented on the pumpkins. It does not give you immediately so that attends to the question. Permission to continue to question and demand surely take [363].

St. John Chrysostom

v If that does not wish to tender (the unjust judge if 18: 2), has given due Algajh, how those with the highest gives that good alone, which urges us to demand it, and who is not pleased when we ask him ?! God may slow in the tender in order to appreciate the value of good things, and not for lack of desire to tender. What to miss Viceroy jihad Bnwalh very happy, but what Nnalh quickly Venhsabh something negligible [364].

St. Augustine

v for ringing at the door of Christ, who told him: "This is the door of the Lord and the righteous walk in it" (Psalm 118: 20), even when we entered opens us to the hidden treasures in Christ Jesus, in which all of science, "in whom are hidden treasures of wisdom and knowledge" (Colossians 2: 3) [365].

St. Jerome

To Mr. Nwalna confirms what we ask says, "or anyone you asked him if his son gives him bread stone? If asked a fish give him a beard ?! If ye and ye evil, know how to give good gifts to your children how much more your Father who is in heaven gives good things to those who ask Him?" [9-11]

Comment St. John Chrysostom: So if you do not take what I asked him it's because you requested a stone. Not enough to take you son, but sometimes ask Aaoukk about to take, since you ask what is not Ibnaf. You need permission not ask is grounded, but spiritually, surely take [366].] And St. Augustine says: if we and we are evil know how to give our children are asking us not Nkhaddahm, but give them a valid things is not from us but from the Lord, how with the most is our hope in the Lord to give us when we ask him things valid [367]?]

Mr. sealed Talking about the response to our question commandment concerning our relationship with our brothers is in our hands the key to the response of our students: "Everything that you want people to do to you, do so you also for them, because this is the law and the prophets." [12] have not been placed as guardians policewoman abide by Nawal our question of God, but understanding as well as indirectly. He wanted to be our relationship with our brothers are not ****d utility, but rather on the nature of the internal love without charge, to die for love, and this is achieved in us end of the law. In order to understand the wisdom of this commandment we say that the Father loves his children demanding that the other one, and serve one another, to the brothers in the same. But the cap, as seen by loving reassuring to Ndugem and love, opens its vaults and gives no agent, aware that his children may become eligible for the love of their father through the nature of love for them. Indeed, the openness of our hearts to our brothers in the tender - of any kind - no charge is the way by which we see God's hands are open to Thba generously.

4. narrow door

The life of purity that qualify heart to preview God is not only the pain of a company with the crucified Christ, for this, says the Lord himself: "Enter through the narrow door, because a large door and welcomed the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. What a narrower door, and difficult is the way which leads to life, and few find it. "[13-14].

v invited distress and narrow the road in order to ease the Otabna, and to announce that the great security and a great way ... Pleasing anguish and the door tight, but the city still fit that is not so, that's not asking for comfort here as you do not expect there pain [368].

St. John Chrysostom

Corp. v is the way which brings us back to life, and also narrow, but the reward wonderful and great as to introduce it in the glory! [369]

St. Cyprian

v wide door is a global haven required by humans, narrow and the door is open during the jihad and fasts, such as those practiced by the apostle Paul: "In the strikes, in prisons, in the unrest, in fees, in watchings, in fasting" (2 Cor. 6: 5), "In the fatigue and diligence, in watchings, many repeatedly, in hunger and thirst, in many repeatedly fasting in cold and nakedness" (2 Cor 11:27). The Apostle Paul Timothy encouraged to practice: "Vtqo you, my son, the grace that is in Christ Jesus, and have heard from me among many witnesses deposited people Trustees are qualified to teach others also, Vastrk you endure hardship as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. Not one, which enlisted dither work life to the satisfaction of his soldiers, and also if he is struggling not crowned, if not legally struggling. " (2 Timothy 2: 1-5)

Note audited how to speak for both sections. The vast majority of intervention wide door, while few people who discover the narrow door. We are not looking for a wide door, there is no need for us at all that we detect, as it presents itself, we automatically. The narrow door do not find it all, and even those who find it is not all Adkhalouna, as many after the discovery of the right door attracted haven and minimum return from the middle of the road [370].

St. Jerome

Origen says [371] that contains a welcome way many corners, then stand hypocrites for prayers so that people see them Vinalon Ogerthm (Matthew 6: 5). On the contrary, the way the anguish does not contain the corners of the streets then stands insured, but also speeds up the platform to eternal life through the narrow gate. Does not find a believer in what way Ibajh Vistqr him, but he is moving towards the mystery of Christ and the joy of his life.

The narrow door is the door of the kingdom which will not enter the kingdom, but the Lord Jesus Christ, who is without sin alone, and the road is not only the anguish of his cross, which can not be only a crucified expressing. This will not enjoy enter through the narrow door, do not walk in the way of stress, but Pachtvaúna in Jesus Christ, crucified and Thbotna it. This turns distress and to the joy of union with the crucified.

5. false prophets

Jesus also warned of hidden wars and love emerge that spoil the purity of heart, and tend simply internal eye, also warns us of Foreign Wars, through false prophets and heretics against Christ ... those who carry a tinge of Foreign piety, while their hearts wolves. Mr. says: "Beware of false prophets, who Aotonkm clothes lambs, but from inside the wolves." [15]. Thus Mr. warns of scammers prophets who "wore a dress hair for fraud" (Zechariah 13: 4). Demonstrating life ascetic and formalities piety to deceive many, or as the Apostle says, "such as these are the messengers of a lie, deceitful raiders their shape to the apostles of Christ" (2 Cor. 11: 13-14), and that monster who pretends to be Christ's pregnancy, as Krishm his "two horns like a lamb" (Rev 13:11) has warned the Church Fathers lot of scammers. St. John Chrysostom says: [from screaming what is God, the voice of true humility and recognize the right of faith is carrying, but of utter blasphemies against the right and enmity against God is a wolf [372].] As St. Jerome says: [what is being said here about the false prophets understood all of utter without what exhibits it practically, but for those with the highest heretics who appear clothed Soamin Xie chastity and piety, and the spirit inside Vmmluh Sama, this deceive ordinary brothers [373].]

Mr. announce that false prophets are clear, you can distinguish them from the true children of God, saying: "You will recognize them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns? Or from thistles? Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but the bad tree bears bad fruit. No A good tree is estimated that made bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bears good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire, if by their fruits you shall know them. "[16-20].

Use some heretics these divine words to claim the existence of two natures opposing Some people by nature are good and others are bad, and that can make a good evil and evil to make a good, as if the human commandeered did not have any choice in the way, but the nature of being dictated to by his behavior. This is incompatible with the love of God and the sanctification of the freedom of the human will, as incompatible with the amended How Ajazana for the actions we have no freedom of behavior or omissions?

We excerpt here are some of St. Jerome Keywords: [to ask those heretics who affirm the existence of two natures opposing, as understood as if the tree can not come forth fruit poorly (even if skewed). How could Moses - the good tree - err when water rivalry? Or how Peter denied the Lord when the pain, saying: I do not know the man? Or How could Moses' father - a bad tree - who does not believe in the God of Israel to submit valid advice [374]?] This statement does not carry a conflict with the words of Jesus, arable The tree does not bear fruit, but what is good as long as the hand of God continues to validity, but The deviated albeit temporarily turned into an evil tree mistake to repentance comes back good Balthmr again. So also for the evil tree fruit give it remains rosy even when become valid Bakaddos good progress fruit valid. St. John Chrysostom says: [he did not say a bad tree can not become valid, but he does not bear good fruit is rosy as long as [375]!]

The trees were rosy Jesus came valid Apple, who told him: "apple tree among the trees of the forest as well as the darling among boys, under his shadow with great delight that I sit and fruit was sweet in my throat" (Songs 2: 3). Nttam it, Vnasir branches valid, come forth much fruit. For this to say: "I am the vine, you are the branches, which installs in me and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing" (John 15: 5). The show in which we carry with us, break Slahana and righteousness, as St. Gregory of Nyssa says: [I became obedient to the one who took our infirmities and carried our diseases, panacea disobedience humans to obey him. Fbgrahath heal the wound, and his death expels the year of death for humans [376].]

We were rosy trees bearing thorns and thistles, do not appreciate that bear fruit or grapes Tina, but we are in Christ Jesus our Lord turned Huckna to produce a new vineyard grapes, and Hskna to a new fig tree. Outside of Christ be us the nature of the land falling under the curse produces thorns and thistles (Genesis 3:18), such that Nkhalaha in the waters of baptism to hold the new nature that came to us in Christ Jesus to carry us grapes and Tina. This we understand the words of: "Make the tree good and its fruit good," (Matthew 12:33).

And Saint John Chrysostom beautiful comment on grapes, figs, grapes contain within the mystery of Christ, as the cluster contains a lot of berry threaded together through the cluster wooden branch, so many believers of Christ unite together through the cross. Figs and represents the church, which includes within it the masses of believers in the bosom of love, sweet, and it also contains many fig tree seed within a single cover. Valtina represent the sweetness of love and unity in the Union of the many seeds together. The grapes presents us an example of patience, since entering the winepress; also refers to joy as wine rejoices the heart of man; and refers to the dedication where no mixes with water; and sweetness to it is scrumptious. As and thorns Feacheran to heretics as carrying thorns from each side. So you see, Khaddam demons filled with risks of each hand. Like this and thorns of the Church does not offer fruit [377].]

On the Shortcut say we are in Christ Jesus our Lord, take off the old human acts of thorns and spines, any ground work, in order to carry us spiritual grapes and figs. Each of us becomes more like a grain of grapes that are linked through Bakhutea Cross (section wooden), which needs to pass the wine press and a narrow brook with the one who said: "I have trodden the winepress alone, and the people I had no one" (Isaiah 63: 3). And let every one of us - regardless of their talents or abilities or spiritual or social rank ecclesiastical position - it is not only seed in the holy fig tree, have no value in themselves outside the holy congregation, and the sweetness of her only Bthbutea in casing sweet love sweet that which includes everyone together in the spirit of the agreement and the peace!

This is what rejoices the heart of God that Naseer him wine spiritually passed the winepress, and walk in the spirit of love canon right, and not to hold the mere formality of worship or words theoretical faith, for this gentleman says, adding: "Not everyone who says to me Lord, Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven , but he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, not in your name we predicted? and your name out demons? and in your name done many? then I will declare to them, I never knew you. Depart from me, you evildoers " 21-23].

Mr. tell us about the last day of his coming, where it meets with the bad guys do not Kaaris delightful but Mrhb Kdian, not long prayers accompanied them false, nor Krazathm his name, do not get them out demons and forces their making his name ... he does not know them because they are the workers of iniquity.

God knows his children and servants holy, not the bad guys know the workers of iniquity, that's when Adam fell into sin asked: Where are you? As St. Jerome says: [If God knew that Adam in paradise, and he knows everything that has happened, but as Adam sinned God did not know, when he said to him: Where are you? [378] as if he can not see, because Adam retired from the divine light and the mainland, became under linear shadows and the darkness of death.] commenting St. Augustine on the words of Jesus: "I do not know you." Thus: [do not see you in Nuri, in the land that I know [379].] God does not see us in the light when linger prayers void or preach in his name or make forces, but when we live and walk with him and has his way. Here are some comments for parents in that:

v They marvel because they are punished even though they made miracles, but you do not be surprised because all the talent but you give them a free gift did not contribute to the their part with something, so they are punished justly, as they Jahdon of the most honorable ... for concealed Beloved and very care with our lives do not count evil because we did not make miracles now. Because miracles do not tell us something and also not to manufacture, and not bad for us, but take care of all virtue [380].

St. John Chrysostom

v writing our names in the sky proof of our virtuous, and cast out devils is a gift of the Savior, so he says to those who are proud of the work forces without exercising virtuous life: "I do not know you," because God does not know the way of the wicked [381].

St. Athanasius
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