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المنتدى : Interpretation of the Bible in a new era of Qmus Tadros Jacob Malaty (5) Interpretation of the Gospel of Matthew chapter IX

chapter, gospel, interpretation, matthew

Its majestic 2

Review our teacher Matthew the Evangelist aside from its majestic:

1. healing the paralytic 1-8.

2. When a call 9-13.

3. The concept of fasting 14-17.

4. establishment of the boys 18-26.

5. healing Oamyin 27-31.

6. healing crazy 32-34.

7. Evangelism in towns and villages 35-38.

1. healing the paralytic

"Entered the ship passed and came into his own city." [P 1].

What is his city?

First, from the spiritual side can understand his hometown of any City of God as the heavens, the Lord Jesus Christ after he healed crazed which offered salvation to the Jews and the Nations, although it has rejected by the people of Koura, ie, the people of the world who love to the world and bonded to Zmnaat, boarded the ship, which is the Holy Church of sailing during the waters of this world to divine his city, which is a heaven, there to rest in the divine cuddling.

Second: What is the City of God, but his church that lives in the middle, and declares the eternal kingdom within. The return to his hometown after Mr. rejection in Kaspersky Jergesaan but refers to the entry in the lives of believers after the rejection of the Jews. St. Hilary Bishop of Poitiers says: [in a confidential manner as the Jewish rejected returned to his hometown, the city of God is the faithful, as income to them by ship, during the church [428].]

Through this concept can be used to understand the mystery of the ship in transit to it, it was able to walk on water without sinking. But Recognizing the need to ship, pretending its need to, in order to accept it, Vestelm leadership and to express their eternal port safely. I came down to us holds our **** not to walk on water, but to enter the ship as one of us Vicodna, while walking on the water but is used when necessary to confirm the primacy on the evil of the world. If Mr. walked in all the time on the water because we made sure of his humanity, and some suspecting fiction does not hold our nature, Venahram of entry into the ship, and deprive the ship's ability to sail.

Third, in terms of geography, the hometown Capernaum is as it appears from the Gospel of St. Mark (2: 1), it was this city is the center of his services and his movements at that stage of his service. St. John Chrysostom says: [his hometown here means Capernaum. I received him in the city of his birth is Bethlehem, and then again later she Nazareth, Viiih where he was greeted as a citizen is Capernaum [429].] I before his birth in Bethlehem any house bread placement birthday, presenting himself bread each hungry, comes to the ordinary Kalraah and the wise humble Kalmjus, as Jews Nations. After returning from Egypt to accept Nazareth, any branch or despised as a home for him, until he meets with both accept union with him Cgsn in the vine (John 15: 2), and finally Capernaum accept his homeland, any Kafr condolence, or Alnaah, the place where you find all the same condolences and comfort his Holy Spirit comforter.

The irony is that the word Son, in whom everything was as before humanity Join us in all things except sin, before to be his hometown or home, a sacred this right "citizenship", Faltzm every Christian Secretariat about his homeland, advance to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God God. If the breadth of his heart to all mankind but is complemented by its commitment to national duties.

Why Mr. doing in his city?

"If they offer to the paralytic, lying on a mattress.

When Jesus saw their faith, said to the paralytic:

Trust My son, your sins are forgiven. "[2].

Mr. income to his city, which to their people in order to heal the internal Peleg them, and donations of Health to them that have lost all their vitality, and then recover their bodies from the virtual strokes. This is what made Mr. and make it in every generation. During his resurrection gave our souls - of faith - a new life, they come out of the waters of baptism built him enjoy the new spiritual birth, through these internal Resurrection walk in Please wait for the redemption of our bodies, according to the words of the Prophet: "We have the firstfruits of the Spirit We ourselves also, groan within ourselves, expecting adoption, the redemption of our bodies, because we are saved by hope "(Romans 8: 23-24). We received the resurrection of the soul to enter the millennial kingdom which we live now, waiting for the resurrection of our bodies in the great day of the Lord to Smoath, Fenrah face to face and live with him without sets.

St. Jerome comment on Mr. self-interest, saying: [in this example, we find the same patient is lying in her **** has been sapped of its forces, and now is offering to the Lord full doctor and donations them healing [430].]

St. Hilary Bishop of Poitiers in this miracle vivid picture of the work of Christ in the church sees as forgive sins and donations self-healing enjoying filiation of God, as he calls "Son", which is the inability of curse of the law, as St. says: [in the paralytic was brought to him all the nations to receive their healing ... I've called him "my son," because it is the work of God. I have forgiven him his sins, which he could not do the law, having faith alone (not law) is justified. It declares the power of the resurrection by carrying the bed to know that the sky will be the bodies without weaknesses [431].]

The attention of the Fathers of the Church have pointed out in this miracle interesting evangelical detects the effectiveness of the spiritual life of the company, the insurer is ****d on the brothers in Christ Jesus our Lord, is also assigns others, and all lives, such as building an integrated one ****d on the "Jesus Christ" the cornerstone.

We carry the paralytic believers, and the lips of the Lord for their faith, as the Evangelist says: "When Jesus saw their faith, he said to the paralytic, trust, my son, your sins are forgiven." [2]. What 'need to hold the faith of others, we hold others and our faith!

v If only the first echo everything above Vqlnah, that if a patient, let him ask the prayers of others so Ardoh to Health (Matthew 9: 2). During the intercession Full **** of our flesh weak, any steps reluctant to our health, treating the heavenly word. To accuse Asendwa self until you, this lying motionless in a weak external ****, it holds their aid through the whole human cast in the presence of Jesus, Fatahl to be the subject of a vision of Jesus.

v Have you lost confidence because of the serious sins? I ask the prayers of others! Call the church pray for you, the Lord is looking forward to it and Ahpk is rejected for you.

St. Ambrose [432]

If we compare between healing the paralytic and healing the paralytic of Bethesda (John 5), we find that Jesus is waiting at home, not to enter his loved ones, but also to Anaqboa ceiling and Ydlewh, while the other Mr. himself went to him asking him if he wants to be healed. This paralytic healed himself first from sin, and then carried the bed and walked, while the other healed his **** first, and then met with him to ask him not to make yet. Does God have favoritism, treats a man in a way, and the other in another way? It is undoubtedly a loving father who knows humans to submit each son what is its structure, it does not distinguish between humans, but distinguishes the vehicle to suit each one. Vamufloj here have friends who love Him and appreciate that after Ihamloh told him about the work of the Messiah that has spread. This Antzerhm Mr. carry them collective spirit of the Church, and they get the crown of collective love. And began to heal itself, because the patient understands a lot about Christ and his work, so he wanted to heal the internal addressed to strokes. The paralytic Bethesda he may Thirty-eight-year-old in the disease, not him nor conferred designee, crashed himself. He is in need of coming of himself to it, and heal his **** first, then addressed to the interior of his life [433].

Resistance scribes

If believers are holding each other, and **** their each other in order to enjoy all the divine presence, and the patient has healed the soul and ****, as did the holders of the paralytic, there is also the pride they destroy others. Was necessary for the clerks to carry the paralytic to master, because they are entrusted with the law, which purpose access to the infected souls Balvalj Savior Messiah, but instead of that of their brethren preach and witness to Christ Vinallowa healing, became critics are distorting the truth and resist the divine work. Became blaspheme the master of the ideas, but Mr. did not leave them in their wickedness, nor ignore their salvation, but in the paper and rebuked them, not to Evhmanm, but rather in order to save their own ideas of blasphemy deadly, saying to them: "Why do you think evil in your hearts, whichever is easier: to be told. Your sins are forgiven you, or to say: Arise, and walk? But that you may know that the Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive sins, then said to the paralytic, then take up your bed and go to your house. "[4-6]. I assured them that God the world of ideas, unveiling them what inside them, and assured them that forgiving sins in a tangible way fit the physical thoughts Bchweih paralytic immediately. I forgave the paralytic his sins, He is now opens the door for them to enjoy what they earned it.

Load bed

Undoubtedly to carry the memories of the bed once when the paralytic, it has slept for many years suffering from disease and deprivation; it represents a constraint which has been associated with a long while is him to lose the joy of life and vitality. Download the bed but refers to remember the past sins of human provides permanent thanks to God the Giver of life. Load bed assigns self not fall into pride, Recalling the years of slavery time for the disease.

St. Ambrose believes in getting this bed a picture of the resurrection of the **** symbolism, After it was self-carrying **** bed over the pain, it becomes in the resurrection secret of joy are not always exposed after the experience or pain, he says: [What does this mean bed, who asked him to be held, however, that provides the human ****? This is the bed that David was wash it every night as we read: "I wash my bed, wash my bed with my tears" (Psalm 6: 7). This is the pain that the patient lie down in it ourselves pains dangerous conscience bed. But if this one bed load commandments of Christ does not return after bed of pain, but for the rest. What was once Motta now become began to rest, and so by the tender mercies of the Lord that changed our death bed to grace the joy of the Lord [434].]

Back to home

Mr. ordered him: "Go to your house." [6], the evangelist confirms that it went to his house, what is this house, which deprived him paralytic throughout this time of his illness?

We have been deprived of linear rights of his first house, no paradise, came out of it carries the weight of bitterness, and the alternative in which eternal death, has remained in the natural law Vamoosoa someone who is sojourned in the streets, unable to return to his heavenly first, and comfort in the house who raised him Lord Himself . We can also say that the real home is the "God" itself, is subject only human like resting in the bosom of his father, and became a sin in a feud with his father's only son came to us, and get us in, to bring us to the bosom of his father children of God. This is a return to our home!

v did not just tell him to carry his bed, but also back to his house, which told him to go back to paradise, this is a real human house, which was received first, that this is not lost through the law but through delusion. I've really been to his house, as is the right came from smashes delusion and restores the right [435].

St. Ambrose

v created man so looking forward to his Creator, and dwell in its beauty, and live in the joy of his love, but disobedience lost his home and became a wandering in the dark roads, and went away from the dwelling true light.

v Creator himself is the subject of rights, but not a place, it had formed to dwell in it. Taking the human ear, the experimenter gave the abandonment of his home, abandoned the love of the Creator. Almighty to save us back to us physically, but I could say, it traced the human impact that deserted him and brought him to a placement which saves human lost.

Father Gregory (the Great) [436]
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Interpretation of the Gospel of Matthew chapter IX

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